Advice For Starting A Blog

Advice For Starting A Blog

advice for starting a blog

Do you have blogging on the brain?

If the answer is yes then this is all for you.

This advice is all about giving you encouragement. Hopefully, the little nudge you need to jump right into this new adventure.

Or maybe you are in the beginning stages. The real thick of it. It can be kind of like going through a maze. With a blindfold on!

I am not here to give you information on all the technical stuff. This is all about the mental game.

This is me supporting you and rooting for you from afar!

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Here Are 13 Pieces of Advice For Starting a Blog

1) Just Start

If you are anything like me, you will go back and forth about this a million times. Literally. I did not keep an exact count. But if I had to guess it would be close to a million.

One day you will be completely positive and ready. The next day you will feel like this is an impossible task.

But you know what? That is just life. We all have good and bad days. Days where it feels like we can take on the world. And days where we want to hide under the covers all day.

Your brain can do a great job of talking you out of things. My brain did this for months.

So learn from me and just start.

2) Be Open and See Where it Takes You

Blogging is a fun ride. Be open to anything and everything.

This will be an amazing and frustrating learning experience. It is important to keep an open mind.

Do not dismiss any ideas. Do not shut out things that would push you out of your comfort zone.

I know this is so much easier said than done. Everything is, am I right?

3) Things Won’t Make Sense

Until they do. And I promise you one day they will. You will look back at something that seemed impossible. Something that had you doubting yourself. And it will make sense.

In my early days, I felt like I was learning something foreign. None of this came to me naturally. And I still feel like I need the dummy version of everything explained. But I’m ok with that now.

This is a perfect thing to keep in mind when you are on the verge of having a meltdown. Tell yourself that one day you will be a pro at this. Or at least semi-pro!

4) Don’t Give Up

And believe me when  I say you will want to. Your brain will feel like it is overloaded with information. So many things to do. So many things to learn.

You will get there. It may not always feel like it. But you will get there. As long as you keep at it.

Do not let frustration get the best of you. Have the mindset that giving up is not an option.

5) What Do You Love?

What inspires you? What are you passionate about?

You want to write about things you truly care about. This will make it all much more enjoyable.

But you also need to consider what other people will be interested in reading.

What you write is important.

In the beginning, I had all these ideas of what I wanted to write about and in my mind, they were all amazing ideas that my(future) readers would love.

But after a month or two I changed my tune. I am not saying I completely changed who I was and what I was passionate about. I expanded.

Write down everything you would love to write about. And then think how those things would help a reader.

You can write about your passion and still produce content people are interested in reading. A few little tweaks are all it takes.

6) Things May Change

Ok, so you have an idea in your head. And you are dead set on it.

I understand. Isn’t everyone like this?

Try to not be so set on something that you shut out other ideas. Tunnel vision is real, friends. I had it. 

7) Take it One Day at a Time

Starting a blog is a long road. More like a bumpy road with some huge potholes.

When you start, you may feel like you are ready to go go go. And that is great. But be careful to not fill your plate with 100 things. This will without a doubt leave you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Again, I am speaking from experience here.

Make your full plate a little more organized. Read about how I use time blocking to accomplish this.

8) Take a Break

Do not make yourself miserable. Having a day where the thought of looking at a computer screen sounds absolutely dreadful. Take a break.

It is ok to take some time away every now and then. Take a step back. A day or two away will leave you feeling refreshed.

And you may be surprised. Those days when you take a break may be the days when new ideas keep popping into your head.

9) Try to Stay Positive

It is perfectly normal to have hard days. But really make an effort to stay positive. The rabbit hole of negativity can do a great job of sucking you in.

“I can’t do this.”

“I’m not getting anywhere.”

When things get rough it is easy to throw the towel in. Don’t! 

10) Do Some Research

And by some, I mean a lot.

Read about other people’s journeys. Have a journal handy to keep all your ideas in.

What are your goals?  Article ideas?

To me, this is the fun stuff!

Planning and organizing thoughts and ideas can make things feel a little less intimidating.

11) Work Hard

Are you ready to work hard?

Now, for the really hard part. Are you ready to be patient and wait for your hard work to pay off?

Man, this is tough. And it can seem like forever.

You can do it.

Isn’t it the best feeling to watch your hard work pay off?

12) Have FUN

A lot of work goes into creating a blog. But don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy it. Yes, it can be frustrating. You may shed a few tears. Let out a few screams.

You will also have big victories. And little victories. Tiny victories.

Celebrate every success. No matter how small.

13) Time Will Pass No Matter What You Do

Whether you are getting work done or binge-watching Netflix. Time moves on just the same.

You get to choose how your time is spent. If starting a blog is important to you. Then do it. Right now.

What do you think of this advice for starting a blog?

Ready to jump in?

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2 responses to “Advice For Starting A Blog”

  1. Susan Avatar

    This is great advice! I just started a blog a few weeks ago, and am still in the “Things Don’t Make Sense” phase. I am going to push forward though, it’s nice to know blogging isn’t super simple for everyone. I shared one of my posts on Facebook and while over 30 people viewed my blog the only feedback I got was on a grammatical error I made. So frustrating!

    1. Chelsey Avatar

      Thanks so much for stopping by! Blogging is definitely not super simple to me. It is challenging and frustrating but it is also very rewarding. Keep pushing through! By the way, I feel like I am still dealing with things that don’t make sense to me all the time so you are not alone! You got this!

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