At Home Date Night Ideas

11 At-Home Date Night Ideas to Try This Week

 At Home Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Looking for some at-home date night ideas? You know those dates that don’t require a babysitter. Or leaving the house!

I have a confession to make. My hubby and I drop the ball way too often when it comes to date nights. I know! We need to up our game.

These at-home date night ideas make things a bit easier!

The worst part is I have to take equal credit for this issue. I can’t even blame 80% of the problem on him. Not that I would ever do that anyway. I know I’m flawed. Maybe just a tiny bit less than him?

The planning portion is a piece of cake. The execution is where it all goes downhill.

When was the last time you had a date night? If you can’t remember, I feel ya. It is so easy for date nights to become few and far between. A little thing called life is going on. And before you know it you are screaming at your husband that if a date night doesn’t happen soon you may end up on Dateline! Just me?

Are we sensing a theme here?

Date nights need to be made a priority!

Date your spouse. Your relationship will thank you.

These at-home date night ideas are simple but it still takes effort. It really is about scheduling this time in your calendar. Then committing to the follow through.

Believe me, I know this is easier said than done. I can’t even count how many times my husband and I have mentioned needing a date night. The next thing you know, a few weeks have passed and still no date night.

Honk the horn on that struggle bus!

I brought my hubby in on this one. Taking over and not always asking his opinion may be something I am guilty of from time to time. So, I wanted to have a man’s touch here.

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Here Are 11 At-Home Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

1) Video Games

My husband loves himself some video games. Like, really loves! I am more into chick flicks and ice cream. But I have to admit we have had some really fun nights doing this. This always ends up bringing my competitive side out just a tad.

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

2) Fondue

This is great for making you feel like you are out at a fancy restaurant. You can even get a little dolled up if that’s your style. Or you can rock some leggings and a messy bun. Do whatever your little heart desires.

A meal like this is also great for conversation. You can only cook a few pieces of food at a time. Now, normally this would bother me. This lady loves her food. And I may not be the most patient person around. But, this forces me to slow down a bit and really enjoy the moment.

A fondue set is an easy way to create the feel of a restaurant without leaving the house.

3) Plan A Trip

How fun is it to think about a future getaway together? I am a planner so this is right up my alley. You could each make a list of places you’d love to visit and then compare. Each of you might be surprised by the other person’s choices.

This can be simple one-day trip ideas or that dream trip you want to take for a special occasion coming up.

4) Take A Bath

Light some candles, throw some bubbles in the tub, and relax. No distractions here. You just get to focus on each other.

5) Romantic Dinner

Order some favorite takeout or choose a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try and get in the kitchen. I am the main chef in the house since my husband works A LOT. But he is actually a great cook. He comes up with some creative concoctions.

This is another idea that could involve you both making a list. Write down restaurants or recipes you have been wanting to try.

6) Date Night Games

Make sure to keep this friendly. Arguing on date night is a no-no. We love Scrabble but this may have been the culprit behind some small disagreements.

7) Movie Night

This may seem like an obvious choice but it is another favorite of mine. We all have different tastes in movies. So, take turns picking what to watch.

Here is the kicker. You have to watch what the other person chooses. No exceptions. Most of the time I end up really liking something that I normally would have thrown a fit about watching.

Also, we love to get boxes of candy. The same kind they have at the movies but we don’t pay five dollars for them.

Cuddle up in a cozy blanket and you are all set.

8) Massages

Yes, please. I love to have my back rubbed. And so does my husband. It is so relaxing.

Just try not to fall asleep during your massage. Especially if you took your turn first and have not yet reciprocated. You can even set timers. I like to do this since sometimes we seem to have very different ideas of what 30 minutes is.

9) Talk About the Future

Have a REAL talk about how you are feeling. Talk about goals for the future.  The things that normally get put on the back burner because well, life.

This can be as light or as heavy as you want. I like to just start talking and see where things go. Just don’t let it turn into an interrogation.

This fits the bill for cheap date night ideas at home!

This doesn’t cost a thing!

10) Netflix

Get comfy on the couch and binge-watch a show. If there are no shows that stand out, watch a comedy show. There are some really flipping funny ones out there. No downside to sharing some laughs.

11) Find Out Your Love Language

Okay, this may sound silly. But if you are familiar with love languages then you know how awesome this is. If you don’t have any idea what this means then you are in for a treat.

Get your hands on this book! You will not be disappointed.

Which of these at-home date night ideas will you do first?

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11 At-Home Date Night Ideas to Try This Week

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