Best Gift Ideas For Women

The Absolute Best Gift Ideas For Women

top gift ideas for her

22 Top Gift Ideas For Her

This list of gifts is all about the lovely ladies in your life. And trust me, these best gift ideas for women are good!

We have simple gift ideas. Classic gifts. Quirky gifts. Helpful gifts. Unique gifts.

This list is just chock full of awesome gift ideas that are sure to please. 

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Here Are 22+ of The Best Gift Ideas For Women 

1) Blanket


Can you ever have too many beautiful and cozy blankets? Absolutely not! 

Especially if you live in a colder climate like me. (I call Wisconsin home)

*UPDATE* My family now lives in Tenessee and while I still love a cozy blanket…I do not miss cold weather one bit. 

And there are so many color options with this one. 

By the way, you don’t have to go in the comfy and cozy direction.

Weighted blankets are another option that has become extremely popular. I have one and I really enjoy using it. 

2) Book


This is one of my favorite books. It is such an easy read but also every page is oozing with inspiration and truly helpful information.

The best thing about books is that there are endless possibilities. 

Personal growth books. (I love these)

Marriage books. (These are awesome)

Cookbooks. This one and this one are my personal favorites!

Romance novels. I just finished this one and highly recommend it. 

Books on specific things like organization or gardening or traveling.

I could go on and on. You can literally find a book on anything.

A book or two along with these bookmarks gets two thumbs up. 

3) Mini Waffle Maker


I just bought this for a family member! 

I love to give gifts that are useful and super cute. Double-duty gifts for the win!

Also, I can not show a gift for the kitchen without mentioning this amazing charcuterie board! It is a great gift option for someone who likes to entertain.


4) Crossbody Bag


This bag comes in SO MANY color options. 

And I truly think something like this is a staple piece that anyone will appreciate. 

5) Claw Clips


I have these and use them daily. 

These are some of my favorite things because you can put your hair up so quickly and look put together!

6) Cold Brew Coffee Maker


I’m sure we all know some coffee lovers. 

This gift could help save them some serious cash. I know those drive-thru’s get the best of me (and my wallet) quite a bit. 

7) Measuring Spoons


When in doubt, go for the unique gift. And these cat spoons are definitely unique.

I also always like to get someone a gift that they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. 

And if you don’t know any cat lovers then use this gift as inspiration and search for some other fun animal gifts. (like this sloth calendar!)

8) Slippers


This has become one of my go-to gift ideas!

Simple, useful, comfortable, and cute. 

9) Lounge Set


I love that lounge sets rank high in the comfort category but are still stylish and can make someone feel put together.

10) Planner


Who doesn’t love a beautiful planner? And this one has motivational quotes on every page. 

11) Bathtub Caddy


I got this for my mom a couple of years ago! She reminds me quite often how much she loves it and uses it of course!

Such a cool and unique gift idea.

12) Robe


This is one of those classic gifts that you can’t go wrong with. 

13) Funny Door Mat


I strongly support humor gifts!

14) Plant Hangers


These would be a great addition to any home.. inside or outside!

15) Succulent Pots


I mean! Come on! Could these be any more adorable? The answer is NO!

16) Journal


Everyone could benefit from some positivity!

17) Mug


A good coffee mug will always be one of my favorite gift ideas. 

I also like to eat ice cream out of mugs so they do have more than one purpose!

18) Reading Pillow


Ok, this thing is a game-changer. And a lifesaver for backs and necks everywhere. 

19) Headbands


These are so fun!

20) Wearable Blanket


I had to add this to the list because

the only thing better than a blanket is a wearable blanket. 

21) Coloring Book


Who says coloring is only for kids?

This is also supposed to help with stress relief.

22) Fun Decor

What a great addition this would be to any bathroom! 

This toilet paper holder is another really good choice. 


And these shelves would look amazing in any room! 


This bucket list scratch-off poster would be a really cool and unique piece of decor but it would also be an awesome conversation starter. 


I hope you found some goodies on this list of the best gift ideas for women!

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The Absolute Best Gift Ideas For Women

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