Best Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls

24 of The Best Gifts For 10-Year-Old Girls

best gifts for 10 year old girls

Unique Gifts For 10-Year-Olds

We are going to talk about something very fun!

The very best gifts for 10-year-old girls. And it is so fun and exciting for me since I myself have an (almost) 10-year-old little lady.

Double digits. It feels like a big one. 

It feels like a big transition is on the horizon. A crossover into the land of tweenhood.

How fun! (she says with a slight sense of sarcasm and loads of nerves)

The age range of these gifts is fluid. Every child has different interests at different ages. I remember still playing with Barbies well into my tween years but kids these days have access to a much grander world of things.

So many options!

Let’s get to it and dive into this list that is packed with an array of fun and exciting gift ideas. 

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Here Are 24 of The Best Gifts For 10-Year-Old Girls

1) Jewelry Making Kit


This exact gift is hiding in my closet right now. It looks like so much fun for my daughter and for myself.

I am always looking for gift ideas that we can connect over. 

2) Temporary Tattoo Markers


OK, these are also hiding somewhere in my closet waiting to be gifted. 

I love gifts that encourage creativity and these definitely fit the bill. 

3) Hoverboard


My daughter saved her allowance and bought herself one of these bad boys. Safe to say she is obsessed and spends every afternoon vrooming around the house.

Also safe to say that I have tried (and failed) at being able to do any vrooming. 

4) Scooter


This is another thing my daughter owns and loves. I also love it since unlike the hoverboard I can actually use it.

Also, I am a big fan of gifts that can be used for years to come and also passed down. 

5) Wearable Blanket


Who doesn’t want to be cozy? And this has a front pocket that is perfect for snacks. 

A good old soft and cozy thrown blanket would be great as well. (this one glows in the dark)

6) Karaoke Machine


I can think of quite a few young ladies I know who love to put on a show. This would be a hit at sleepovers or any kind of get-together really.

This wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone is another option! (the rose gold color is my fave)

7) Personalized Name Necklace


I’m always a fan of a gift with some personalization involved. 

This initial necklace is another nice option. 

8) Backpack Purse


Girls love a cute accessory and this bag is perfect. 

9) Cloud Slides


These are too cute. I kind of want a pair for myself.

I also just stumbled upon these fluffy tie-dye slippers and am strongly considering adding them to my cart!

10) Books


These books have become my daughter’s newest obsession. We love to read them together before bed. 

We also rent the audiobooks on an app from our library and that has served as a great way for her to decompress after a long school day. 

I am a massive book lover so I will always suggest a book of some kind as a possible gift idea. 

11) TableTopics


My almost 10-year-old loves to talk. More specifically, she loves to ask questions. About everything. 

These are great to bust out at any time to help bring about new and exciting conversations. 

12) Kids Pod Swing Seat


I love how unique this gift is. 

13) Card Game


This game is a huge hit in my house. It’s a no-frills super fun game for all ages. 

(we actually just played it tonight before bedtime)

14) Roller Skates


Check out all the bright and beautiful colors these come in. 

Also, these bring up so many memories of my younger years.

15) Jewelry Box


Look at all those compartments!

16) Reading Pillow


This is perfect for creating a cozy nook or calming area in any space. 

(These fidget toys are a great addition to a calming zone)

17) Tie-Dye Kit


This gift comes with loads of fun and creativity. 

18) Make Your Own Wall Collage


Kids love to personalize their space and this is such a cool way for them to do that. 

19) Pink Cinema Light Box


Such a nifty little piece of room decor. 

20) Science Experience Kit


Gifts that combine fun and education definitely deserve two thumbs up. 

21) Jumbo Slime Kit


My kiddo is still very into slime. (and I know she’s not the only one)

22) The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs


This is a perfect option for girls who love spending time in the kitchen. The recipes are simple and don’t require much adult assistance. 

We also have this cookbook for young chefs which we actually turn to quite often for easy and delicious family dinners. 

23) Fun Pajamas


These come in so many fun design options. 

24) Faux Fur Saucer Chair


My daughter is definitely entering a new era of the design she has in mind for her room. 

This chair is a great piece that can be used for a long time and fit in with all the mini room makeovers kids love to do. 

Which one of these best gifts for 10-year-old girls was your favorite?

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24 of The Best Gifts For 10-Year-Old Girls

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