Gifts For The Homebody

The Very Best Gifts For The Homebody in Your Life 

gifts for the homebody

Homebody Gift Guide

Do you know a homebody? I bet you do. Or maybe you are one. Either way, these best gifts for the homebody are a must-see.

Homebodies will be happy to open any of these gifts!

This list is all about cozy and homey vibes. 

And let’s be real, 2020 has been the year of the homebody! 

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23 of The Best Gifts For the Homebody

1) Pajamas


This comfy and cute loungewear set is sure to be a winner!

2) Robe


How comfy does this look? There are also so many pretty color options. 

3) Joggers


You can get dressed and still be cozy in these joggers!

4) Slippers


These would make someone and their feet very happy!

5) Slipper Socks


Check out all the cute design options these come in! (The owl ones are my favorite!)

6) Blanket


The homebody in me just had to order this blanket for myself. Does it get much better than curling up with a soft blanket?

7) Weighted Blanket


My sister just surprised me last week and sent me one of these. I am in love with it! SERIOUSLY!

8) Coffee Mugs


This coffee mug set is so classic and beautiful!

9) Wine Glasses


Beautiful wine glasses are just as important as beautiful coffee mugs!

10) Cookbook


I have this cookbook. I love this cookbook! This gem is full of delicious and relatable recipes. 

11) Book 


There is no shortage of really good books out there! I am currently reading this one and thoroughly enjoying it. 

Also, this book is full of feel-good and funny stories which is always a winning combination!

Here are some more books that I HIGHLY recommend!

12) Journal


This is a journal with a real focus on gratitude! What’s not to love about that? 

13) Body Scrub


This awesome scrub can be used from head to toe! It can even be used as a lip scrub.

14) Bathtub Tray


I got this for my mama last year! This is a perfect gift for a homebody and bath lover! 

15) Bath Pillow


Another great option for a bath lover!

16) Bath Bombs 


These bath bombs would go great with the bathtub tray or bath pillow!

17) Candle


There’s just something about the way a home feels when a candle is burning.

18) Sleep Mask


This would work great as a stocking stuffer or small gift idea! You could also combine this with something else to make a basket type of gift. 

I love to put baskets together for my mom, my sister, or my best friend! You just pick a few items that go together and stick them in a nice basket. 

How perfect would a blanket, book, and sleep mask look in this basket?! 

19) Plant Stand


Just sent a pic of this to my husband. I’m all about dropping subtle hints! 

But really, this is functional and could add so much character to any space! 

20) Calendar


A calendar full of funny life hacks? Yes, please!

21) Home Sign


Love a great decorative piece! 

22) Door Mat


I truly believe that you can’t go wrong with a gift that has some humor to it! 

23) Hammock Chair


OK, I had to add this gift to the list! I mean, come on!

I hope you found some great gift ideas for the homebody on this list!

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The Very Best Gifts For The Homebody in Your Life 

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