Best Housewarming Gifts

13 of The Very Best Housewarming Gifts

best housewarming gifts

Awesome & Unique Housewarming Gifts

Ok, I am too excited to talk all about the very best housewarming gifts. 

Moving is such an exciting time for someone (and maybe a little stressful).

But let’s focus more on the excitement here. 

There is one huge thing I focus on when it comes to housewarming gifts!


I really love to take my time when picking out a gift for someone’s home. I want them to actually use and appreciate what I got them. 

None of us want to spend our hard-earned money on a gift we think might end up in the back of a closet covered in dust and cobwebs. 

None of us buy a gift thinking… “I would really love it if this gift ended up in the basement or the attic.”

There is always a chance that could happen but I think these gifts are almost foolproof!

These gifts ideas are so good, I may or may not have ordered one (or three) things for my own home.

In my defense, my family and I just relocated after 11 years of living in one house so I was due for an upgrade in some areas. 

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Here Are 13 of The Very Best Housewarming Gifts That People Will Love & Appreciate

1) Wine Rack


This can sit right on the countertop. I love gifts that serve a purpose and are also room decor. 

Check out this wine cork holder which is also pretty cool!

2) Doormat


Doormats really can add so much personality to a home. And don’t worry if they already have a doormat out.. they will need to replace it at some point and then your gift will come in handy! 

3) Basket


I know many people that have a basket obsession!

And how cute would it be to put a few fun snacks in here and maybe even some toilet paper?!  

4) Blanket


Can you have too many comfy, cozy blankets? Absolutely not!

5) Cookbook


Cookbooks are such a fun gift idea!

Books on organizing or really anything home-related would be awesome options to go with too!

Check out the amazing reviews this book on organization has!

I love the idea of a few books on a coffee table or end table. It really creates that homey feeling. 

6) Coasters


Check out all the color options these simple coasters come in! 

7) Charcuterie/Cheese Board


This might be my favorite gift on the list. I feel like this is one of those gifts you can’t go wrong with. 

8) Vase Set


These are so simple and beautiful!

9) Plant Stand


This is a really great and unique option for plant lovers!

10) Tea Kettle


I just bought this as a gift for someone!

11) Outdoor Game


This game looks like a fun time! 

Here is another cool game that has really great reviews. 

12) Personalized Cutting Board


A personalized gift is so meaningful. 

13) Gift Cards

When in doubt, search for local restaurants in the area and grab a gift card or two.

I really love this idea for someone that has moved to a new area or just someone who loves to try new food.

OK, I think that last part applies to everyone. Who doesn’t like to try new food?

You could even find a nearby bakery and put together a basket of yummy treats.

Bottom line is that food is always a good idea!

What is your favorite gift on this list of the best housewarming gifts?

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13 of The Very Best Housewarming Gifts

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