Best Journals For Women

9 of The Very Best Journals For Women

best journals for women

Best Daily Journals

Are you a journal girl? Do we like that reference? Journal girl?

I’m torn.

But anyway… we are going to look at the best journals for women so I guess stick around if you’re into that!

And we’ll circle back to the “journal girl” thing.

I happen to really love a good journal. 

That may have something to do with my love of writing. Any type of writing.

I mean, making a list is fun for me. Literal fun!

This may be due to the fact that I can become overwhelmed quite quickly. (and writing is my helpful outlet)

I’m not a fan of clutter in my physical space so clutter in my mind is definitely a big no thank you. 

Journals can be a great tool for not only staying organized but they also can provide a way to have a release. To let things out. 

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Here Are 9 of The Best Journals For Women 

1) The Five Minute Journal


This journal is all about beginning a practice of noticing and acknowledging the good things in our lives. 

Now, let me make it very clear that I am not all about the “be positive” or “look on the bright side” vibes. I am more into “all feelings are welcome” vibes.

However…working to shine a spotlight on positive things in our lives can’t be a bad thing. 

2) Lined Journal


This is a great basic journal to have on hand. 

With all the color options, you can grab a couple and designate certain colors for certain things.

I have one for all things food-related. (grocery lists, meal planning, etc.) And then I have one for just everything random. (books I want to read, restaurants to try, my daughter needing new socks…again)

Then I have one that I keep on the nightstand next to my bed which is for all my inner thoughts. Sometimes at night, I need a good old reflect and write-it-out session.

3) Tree of Hearts Journal


I don’t know why I like this elastic band page holder so much! Such a cute design. 

4) To-Do Planner/Notebook


This one definitely has a strong organizational aspect. It’s the perfect way to keep day-to-day life (somewhat) in check. 

5) Tree of Life Journal


I love the simple wording on the cover of this one. 

6) Hardcover Journal


This one is so simple and elegant. And all the classic color options are just perfect.

7) Modern Journal


How sleek is this beauty?

Not only does it comes with a pen but it has a built-in pen holder.

8) Refillable Journal


The unique closure piece on this one makes it that much more special. 

It also is similar to a binder inside so you can take pages out and add pages which is a really cool feature. 

9) 3 Pack Spiral Journals


These covers are so pretty. (And who doesn’t love a multi-pack?)

Journals may not seem like things that could change our lives. And on their own, they aren’t.

It’s all about how you use them. 

If we use them in a way that serves us, then they can absolutely positively impact our lives. 

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt when they are nice to look at. 

*And circling back to the “journal girl” talk from earlier…I’m into it*

Which one of these best journals for women is your favorite?

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9 of The Very Best Journals For Women

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