Best Marriage Books

 5 of The Best Marriage Books That Every Couple Needs To Read

best marriage books

Best Relationship Books

Books! Oh, how I love books. And these really are some of the best marriage books around.

Now, this list is pretty short but the list of books out there that will help your relationship is not short. There is definitely no shortage of relationship advice available to us. 

But these specific books really had an impact on my marriage. And I truly think they will have a positive impact on any couple that chooses to crack one of these babies open!

There was something about the words on the pages of these books that spoke to me. 

Marriage is no joke! It is moments of bliss mixed with moments of doubt. Moments of pure joy with a splash of someone please remind me why I married this person!

It’s a wild ride to say the least.

These books will not make marriage smooth sailing. But they can definitely help you and your partner navigate the twists and turns of marriage with a little more ease.

In terms of what these books bring to the table, it is a flipping lot. Look at that sophisticated word usage. Flipping!

These books are heavy hitters. They are chock-full of practical tips and advice you can apply to your own relationship. And you can start today! 

My absolute favorite thing about these books is their ability to help you understand your marriage more and take a deeper look at the behaviors that go on in your marriage. This is life-changing stuff!

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Here Are 5 of The Absolute Best Marriage Books Around

1) The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts


This is one of those things that should just come attached to your marriage certificate. 

I strongly feel that it is a must read for anyone in a serious and committed relationship. 

It is all about the different ways people give and receive love. And trust me when I say that finding out the way you and your partner give and receive love will be a game changer for your marriage. 

My husband and I have very different love languages so reading this book really opened our eyes on so many levels.

I actually read this book about every 6 months for a refresher. Come to think of it… it is almost time to bust this lovely little book open again.

2) The Good Fight

My favorite thing about this one is that it is written by a husband and wife that have been through the ringer.

They have faced countless trials and tribulations and this book is all about how they are working on their marriage on a consistent basis.

Now, I love a good expert written book just like the rest of us. But this book brings such a fresh perspective. 

It is packed with not only helpful advice but real and raw relatable moments. 

3) Marriage Rules


This one is SUCH an EASY read! It is broken up into sections that are only a couple of pages long! That is a definitely a win! 

This makes it not only easy to read, but also super simple to actually digest what you have read. 

This book is short, simple and sweet. I love how it gets right to the point. 

4) The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work


If you want a heavy dose of practical advice then this book is for you. 

I am currently reading this one. AGAIN! 

This book is bursting with marriage wisdom. So much good stuff in this one.

And I love that there are exercises for you to do and questions to answer at the end of each chapter. It’s such a great way to actually apply the information you are reading.

5) Eight Dates


This book takes an in depth look at topics and issues that most couples have dealt with. 

And when it comes to helpful advice, this book definitely delivers!

It can be so easy to feel like your marriage is the only one suffering. I know I have been guilty of truly believing that other relationships had less struggles than mine did. 

This book serves as a great reminder that while no marriage is the same, there are very common marriage issues that many of us have gone through.

Picking up a book will not make marriage easy. There are no words you can read that can make all right in the world. 

But I do think there are books out there filled with words that can help you through a rough patch or help you deal with an issue in a better way or just help your marriage grow and thrive even more than it already is! 

Which one of these best marriage books will you read first?!

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5 of The Best Marriage Books That Every Couple Needs To Read

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