Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

11 of The Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

best outdoor toys for toddlers

Best Outdoor Toys For Kids

Wondering what the best outdoor toys for toddlers are? We got you covered!

Summer is almost here! About time.

That warm weather means more time spent outside. My little family spends every minute we can outdoors.

After months of cold weather, we are ready to soak up every bit of sunshine we can!

So, how do we keep little ones entertained out in that sunshine?

These best outdoor toys for toddlers are the answer. These are also great for older kiddos. My daughter is 5 and still loves most of these things. And actually plays with them!

Now, I have become a big fan of experience gifts lately. But I am also a fan of fun outdoor toys that will get years and years of use.

My daughter has a Fall birthday. So, I am always thinking ahead to Summer when it is gift time.

She has received almost every one of the outdoor toys on this list for either her birthday or Christmas.

And she has loved every one of them. These are tried and true toys. Toddler approved. Preschooler approved. And parent-approved.

The best part about all of these awesome toys? They can also be used indoors.

Say goodbye to technology and hello to fun and fresh air!

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Here Are 11 Of The Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

1) Water Table

When it comes to outdoor toys for kids, this one is the best. It is definitely the favorite in my house.

Last summer, I think we got this out at least 5 days a week!

My daughter received this for her 2nd birthday. She will be 6 in November and she still loves it.

The recommended age for this awesome water table is 18 months to 8 years! Talk about years and years of use!

2) Sand Table

This is another great gift that will be used for years.

Who doesn’t love sand?

And it works as a great indoor sensory table during the cooler months. Fill it with shredded paper, feathers, or plastic bugs and kids will be entertained for hours. We love the bugs!

3) Playhouse

Kids love to role play and this is perfect for that!

Your little one can have their own little backyard barbeque with a few friends.

The recommended age is 24 months to 8 years!

4) Wagon

We go for a lot of walks. And this definitely comes in handy.

This may be for adults just as much as for kids.

As kids get older, they can pull their own toys around. My daughter loves to take her baby dolls for a walk in this mini wagon.

5) Picnic Table

Little ones will love having their own table!

Perfect for snacks or lunch outside.

6) Slide

What is the world record for the most times down a slide in a row? I have no idea. But I do know kids will be more than happy to go down this slide over and over again!

This is also great for indoors.

7) Basketball Set

Play a little one-on-one with your kiddo.

Great for encouraging sharing and taking turns.

8) Chalk

Little artists will love to create masterpieces in the driveway!

Chalk is cheap, simple, and fun for all ages.

9) Roller Coaster Ride On

This roller coaster is sure to be a huge hit!

Little ones can work on their balance while enjoying hours of backyard fun.

And this would also be a great addition to any playroom!

10) Play and Shade Pool

Little ones will love being able to cool off in this perfectly sized pool.

11) Lawn Mower

Kids want to do everything they see grown-ups do!

Pretend play really is the best.

What are your favorite outdoor toys for toddlers? Share away!

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Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

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