Birthday Gifts For Her

The Very Best Birthday Gifts For Her: 24 Must-See Gift Ideas

birthday gifts for her

Happy Birthday!

This is one of my favorite things to say! And to hear of course!

Shopping for birthday gifts is also one of my favorite things. If it is not one of your favorite things, don’t worry!

These birthday gifts for her are about to change all that!

Birthdays are important, right? I think birthdays should still be celebrated no matter what age you are. 

Does this mean we have to go out and spend an obscene amount of money to show someone we care? Heck to the no!

Gift giving is not about a price tag. We all know it is the thought that counts. 

I love it when I see a gift and I instantly just know it is the one. All of the gifts on this list made me think of someone in particular.

I hope these unique gifts do the same for you!

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Here Are 24 of The Very Best Birthday Gifts For Her

1) Canvas Tote Bag


Know any bookworms? This is pretty much the perfect gift for them. 

2) Motivational Pencils


These pencils are so pretty and who doesn’t love a little bit of motivation!

3) Coffee Mug


I guarantee you can think of someone you want to buy this for! Heck, I want to buy it for myself. 

There is no such thing as too many cute coffee mugs.

4) Pajamas


Give the gift of some comfy pajamas! Check out all the color options these come in.

5) Face Mask


This face mask along with a bottle of wine would be a simple gift that is sure to please!

6) Nail Polish


This nail polish along with a bag of popcorn sounds like the perfect friend date! Throw in a romantic comedy and I would be set. 

7) Bathtub Caddy 


Take baths up a notch with this awesome gift. Eating or reading in the bath will be a breeze!

8) Wine Tumbler Cups


Perfect gift for the wine lover in your life!

9) Daily Planner


This daily planner is a gift that is cute and helpful!

10) Water Bottle


Does a cute water bottle make people drink more water? I think so!

11) Bracelet


This simple piece of jewelry has a hidden message of encouragement!

12) Book


This beautiful book feels like a conversation with one of your besties! This is a great gift for any and every woman you know!

13) Crossbody Bag


This bag is stylish, inexpensive, and comes in SO MANY color options!

14) Foot Massager


Know someone that is on their feet all day? This may be just what they need!

15) Beanie


The bigger the puffball, the better the hat!

The pompom is also removable which is pretty cool. 

16) Bag Set


These little bags are practical and quite possibly the most adorable things I have seen all day!

Perfect to use as a makeup bag or even to organize coupons. 

17) Coffee Mug


I know there is already a mug on this list! But I saw this one and just had to add it!

18) Lunch Tote

Lunch never looked so good! 

19) Jade Roller


This is what I got my BFF for her birthday! She absolutely loves it. 

20) Candle


Basically the perfect birthday gift, am I right?!

21) Eye Pillows


Eye pillows? Yes, please! 

22) Travel Toiletry Bag


Perfect for anyone you know who loves to travel!

23) Portable Mini Humidifier


This would be the perfect addition to any room or desk. 

24) Personalized Keychain


We all know someone who would appreciate something personalized.

I really hope you found some gifts on this list that were perfect for the special people in your life!

Have any recommendations when it comes to birthday gifts for her? Drop a comment!

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The Very Best Birthday Gifts For Her: 24 Must-See Gift Ideas

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