Board Games for Adults

The Absolute Best Board Games for Adults

Best Board Games for Adults

Fun Board Games For Adults

These board games for adults are a necessity for any game night! And who doesn’t love a good game night?

Game nights are my jam. And a perfect way to kick back and have some fun with friends.

I can’t think of a board game I have met that I didn’t like.

Family game nights have a special place in my heart.

But I am always down for an adult game night. Friends, food, and fun. This is what grown-up game night is like in my house.

These are our favorite games to bust out when it is adults only around the table! Some of these are extremely inappropriate. So, kids should really not even be in the same room!

A few of these definitely go on the list of best board games of all time!

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Here are 11 Fun Board Games For Adults

1) Utter Nonsense

Some friends brought this over and it instantly became one of my favorites!

This game is all about funny accents and phrases. Put the two together and the laughing will not stop!

2) Cards Against Humanity

When it comes to adult games, this one is my favorite. But be warned. This game is very inappropriate!

One player asks a question from a card. Everyone else puts down a card they think has the funniest response.

Or I should say the response that will make some people blush!

3) What Do You Meme?

Christmas was a blast last year with this game!

I was next to my husband’s grandma and my face hurt from laughing so hard!

A photo card is played and you are trying to create the best meme by matching up a caption card!

4) Joking Hazard

Those same friends who brought over Utter Nonsense also brought this over. Safe to say I like their taste in board games.

Players take turns adding a card to build a comic. Sounds innocent enough. But these comics are equal parts hilarious and inappropriate.

5) Watch Ya Mouth

Put a mouthpiece in and say the words on a card. Super simple and super hilarious!

This game is so dang fun. And I especially get a kick out of watching people drool.

You know what else I just thought of? This game is actually not inappropriate. It would work for a family game night!

6) The Game of Nasty Things

Each player writes a response to one of the many hilarious and raunchy adult topics.

Now for the best part. Trying to guess which friend said what!

7) Scrabble

Ok, this game is not inappropriate(unless you make it that way) but it can definitely get intense.

My husband gets so serious when we play this one. This game is great to bring out the competitive side in everyone.

Don’t forget to keep a dictionary on standby!

8) Taboo

Every card has a word at the top that your teammates need to guess. But underneath that is a list of words you CAN NOT say. This is harder than it sounds.

The best part is the squeaker you get to use when a no-no word is said!

9) Never Have I Ever

The name of this game pretty much says it all.

Be ready to learn some juicy details about people!

10) Drunk Stoned or Stupid

This game is all about calling people out. Read a card and decide which person it applies to.

And then this person gets a chance to defend themselves!

The more people the better for this one!

11. Hearing Things

Are you good at reading lips? I thought I was before I played this game.

The speech cancelling headphones are no joke. They take a minute to adjust to.

But after that, it really is a laugh out loud good time!

Do you like adult game nights?

Share any board games for adults you love!

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Best Board Games for Adults


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