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Date Night Movies

 Date Night Movies That Everyone Will Love

date night movies

Best Movies For Couples

Let’s talk date night! More specifically… date night movies!

Everyone loves movies. And it is definitely at the top of the list for date night ideas.

But what happens when it comes to picking the movie?

You want something both people will enjoy.

I get annoyed by the “chick flick” and “guy movie” thing.

I happen to think a lot of men enjoy a romantic comedy. Just like a lot of women enjoy an action film.

Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

best outdoor toys for toddlers

Best Outdoor Toys For Kids

Wondering what the best outdoor toys for toddlers are? We got you covered!

Summer is almost here! About time.

That warm weather means more time spent outside. For my little family, we spend every minute we can outdoors.

After months of cold weather, we are ready to soak up every bit of sunshine we can!

So, how do we keep little ones entertained out in that sunshine?

These best outdoor toys for toddlers are the answer. These are also great for older kiddos. My daughter is 5 and still loves most of these things. And actually plays with them!

How to Save Money Each Month

How To Save Money Each Month

how to save money each month

How To Save Money Tips

Looking for some simple advice on how to save money each month?

Do you want to save money?

Better question. Do you need to save money?

Thinking about how to save money each month can feel overwhelming.

Making a plan with these how to save money tips is not the hard part. The hard part is sticking with it. Staying motivated.

And there is no one size fits all for this when it comes to saving money tips.

Different options and strategies will work for different people.

Board Games for Adults

The Absolute Best Board Games for Adults

Best Board Games for Adults

Fun Board Games For Adults

These board games for adults are a necessity for any game night! And who doesn’t love a good game night?

Game nights are my jam. And a perfect way to kick back and have some fun with friends.

I can’t think of a board game I have met that I didn’t like.

Family game nights have a special place in my heart.

But I am always down for an adult game night. Friends, food, and fun. This is what grown-up game night is like in my house.

Family Board Games

Family Board Games

The Best Family Board Games

Game nights! My favorite nights. Playing family board games really is my idea of a perfect, Friday night.

Well, most Friday nights. This mama needs a night out with adults every once in a while!

And to be honest, our game nights are really happening in the late afternoon. My daughter can’t hang too far past seven.

But when it comes to the best games for families to play together, my family and I are the experts.

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

This ultimate summer bucket list is full of easy ways to have fun during those beautiful summer months.

Ah, summer. Oh, summer. I love you. Everything about you.

Summer is my favorite time of year. Pretty sure that was obvious. But I just wanted to say it again!

Being able to leave the house without a jacket on is magical to me. Not having to warm the car up. Driving with the windows down.  I could go on and on. This seems sort of like a love letter to summer.

This season only lasts a few months for my family. So bring on all the outdoor activities.

At Home Date Night Ideas

11 At-Home Date Night Ideas to Try This Week

 At Home Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

Looking for some at-home date night ideas? You know those dates that don’t require a babysitter. Or leaving the house!

I have a confession to make. My hubby and I drop the ball way too often when it comes to date nights. I know! We need to up our game.

These at-home date night ideas make things a bit easier!

The worst part is I have to take equal credit for this issue. I can’t even blame 80% of the problem on him. Not that I would ever do that anyway. I know I’m flawed. Maybe just a tiny bit less than him?

The planning portion is a piece of cake. The execution is where it all goes downhill.

Indoor Activities For Families

15 of The Best Indoor Activities For Families

Best Indoor Activities for Kids

Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

On the hunt for some fun indoor activities for families? We got you covered.

Indoor activities for kids are especially necessary when the weather is less than perfect.

Why is January 47 days long? FOR REAL! You know what I mean, don’t you? February is not much better but dang that January is evil.

Christmas has come and gone. You have to take down all the decorations(or not..no judgment here). UGH! The weather is cold and blah.

Coming up with fun indoor activities for families becomes an absolute necessity!

Best Books for Preschoolers

15 of The Best Books for Preschoolers

15 Books Parents and Preschoolers Will Love

Best Preschool Books To Read Aloud

Looking for the best books for preschoolers? You’re in the right place!

We love books! We are a book-loving family. Well, I take that back. I really should say a book-loving duo. My husband is no book worm. He does, however, have a deep love for video games. To each their own, right?