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  • Relationship Advice For Women

    The Very Best Relationship Advice For Women: 7 Insanely Valuable Tips  Advice on Love and Relationships  OK, friends! Get yourself all comfy and let’s chat.  I am pretty excited about this. Relationship advice is my jam.  Relationship advice for women is even better! This stuff is good. Life-changing. Check. Marriage changing. Double-check. 

  • How To Have a Long Lasting Relationship

    How To Have a Long-Lasting Relationship Rules For a Long-Lasting Relationship Does happily ever after exist? I think it does.  But when it comes to the idea of how to have a long-lasting relationship, happily ever after is not just a given.  Relationships are like onions. Lots of layers.  And relationships require us to keep…

  • How To Have A Happy Relationship

    How To Have A Happy Relationship: Are You Doing These 7 Things? How To Keep A Relationship Happy & Healthy When it comes to how to have a happy relationship, it’s not rocket science.  First, you fall in love. Then you live happily ever after.  Wait! I think we missed something!

  • How To Have a Great Marriage

    How To Have a Great Marriage: 14 Things That Will Definitely Help You How To Make Marriage Better Married life is great. How many times have you heard someone say this? Let me rephrase that. How many times have you heard someone say that and sensed they were being a little sarcastic? 

  • How To Have A Healthy Relationship

    How To Have A Healthy Relationship: 9 Must-Know Tips  Healthy Relationship Tips For Couples A healthy relationship.  Yeah, I’ll take one of those. How about you? Silly question. Of course, you want to be part of a healthy relationship.  But when it comes to how to have a healthy relationship, it takes a little more…

  • Marriage Advice

    Marriage Advice: 12 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When was the last time you read some really good marriage advice? I’m talking about that feeling you get when you read something and it feels like it was written just for you. You find yourself nodding your head very aggressively. Almost shocked that…

  • Marriage Tips

    9 Marriage Tips You May Have Never Considered (But Definitely Should) Give me all the marriage books. Give me all the marriage podcasts and TED talks! I am all ears when it comes to any and all marriage tips!  How about you?

  • Transform Your Marriage

    3 Ideas That Are Sure To Transform Your Marriage What’s the first thing you think of when you see (or hear or read) the word transform?  When I see that word I immediately think of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.  But don’t worry. We are not about to start a deep discussion about butterflies.…

  • How To Have A Better Marriage

    How To Have A Better Marriage: 5 Powerful Tips Steps To A Better Marriage A better coffee maker. A better phone.  Better sheets for your bed. Better face lotion.  Most of us have thought about things like this. Things in our lives that may be in need of a little upgrade. Has the thought of…

  • How To Have A Better Relationship

    How To Have A Better Relationship: 7 Tried and True Tips To Help You  How To Make A Relationship Work Let’s talk about relationships! One of my favorite things to talk about. OK, I actually love to talk about anything and everything. The only problem I have with talking is stopping.  Sorry, not sorry! But…