Cool Gift Ideas For Women

32 Really Cool Gift Ideas For Women

cool gift ideas for women

Must-See Gift Ideas For Her

This is all about cool gift ideas for women.

 And you know what’s cool?

Anything you think is cool. Or anything you know someone you are buying a gift for would think is cool. 

What’s that saying about beauty being in the eye of the beholder?

Well, I say coolness is in the eye of the beholder. 

I spent much of my younger years letting others tell me what was cool.

No way am I doing that in my adult years. And you definitely shouldn’t either.

If you think something is cool then it is. End of story.

Gone are the days when we feel the need to justify or defend things we like. (at least I hope they are mostly gone for good)

Wow, I kind of went on a little rant about the ins and outs of coolness.

But we have access to so much through our phones. And we definitely get so much thrown our way of what’s in or not in anymore and things we absolutely need to buy or not buy. 

So… I just had to remind us all that it is ok to like, love, be obsessed with, or even despise whatever you want. 

Now, I happen to think that all of the gifts on this list are extremely cool. And all for their own unique reasons!

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Here Are 32 Super Cool Gift Ideas For Women

1) Tote Bag


I just bought this for my niece for Christmas and she loved it. I think I need one of these for myself.

2) Body Vase


This is such a cool and really unique gift idea. (I got this for my own mama last Christmas)

3) Square Wine Glasses


These would be perfect for any wine lover. 

4) Book


Books are one of my favorite gifts to receive. If you know a bookworm, a book is a cool gift choice. And this book is just really really good.

5) Wearable Blanket


This turns the dial up on some serious comfy and cozy vibes. 

Also, this beautiful blanket would be perfect for cuddling up on the couch. (and don’t knock a blanket as a gift… I was gifted a blanket for Christmas 4 years ago and I literally love it and can’t sleep without it)

6) Glass Cups


Does iced coffee taste better out of an aesthetically pleasing glass? I think so. 

7) Headbands


8) Crossbody Bag


Bags like this are a staple piece for women!

A backpack purse is another way to go. Especially if someone needs to carry an unreasonable amount of snacks for their kids every time they leave the house. Just me?

9) Macrame Plant Hanger


These are useful and double as cool room decor. 

10) Adult Coloring Book


11) Bathtub Caddy


This a perfect gift idea for bath lovers. 

12) Neck Massager


13) Plant Terrarium


14) Outdoor Blanket


A blanket that is easy to carry? Yes, please!

15) Charcuterie Board


16) Affirmations Book


17) Slippers


You also can’t go wrong with a classic such as a robe. Gifts that promote comfort will always be cool in my book. 

18) Indoor S’mores Maker


19) Lunch Bag Tote


20) Funny Coffee Mug

This one is another pretty awesome option. Oh, and definitely this one!

21) Travel Book

22) Trivia Book


This might seem like a weird gift idea but I know someone who is obsessed with things like this. 

23) Makeup Mirror


24) Monogrammed Tote Bag


25) Funny Hand Towel


26) Wine Tote


27) Ring Dish


28) Ramen Bowl


29) Cookbook


And check out this super cool-looking cookbook stand!

30) Cake Stand


31) Jewelry Organizer


32) Hat


I hope you found some gifts that ranked high on your cool-o-meter!

Do you have any cool gift ideas for women? Definitely share!

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32 Really Cool Gift Ideas For Women

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