Cool Gifts For Women

26 Really Cool Gifts For Women

cool gifts for women

Unique Gift Ideas

I’ll take cool gifts for women for $300!

Where should you look if you need some serious gift inspiration for the women in your life?

Right here!

OK, I think I just made it abundantly clear that I could never be a category or question creator for Jeopardy. 

Oh well, I still have these awesome gift ideas to offer up.  

Finding gifts for others should be a fun experience. But I think it can also be overwhelming at times. 

There are so many choices. SO MANY. 

One thing I like to do is really think about who I am buying for. Maybe even write down a few things about them or a few of their interests or personality traits. 

This can help you hone in more on what they would want or even need.

Another perfect thing to do is look at lists of gift ideas (like this one). Lists can inspire you. One thing you see can make you think of something else and so on and so on.

Before you know it, you have found a super cool gift that wasn’t even on your radar when you started your search. 

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Here Are 26 Super Cool Gifts For Women

1) Weekender Bag


This is so chic.

2) Fanny Pack/Chest Bag


Fanny packs are back!

3) Wallet


Stick a gift card or two in there and this gift is sure to please!

4) Letter Board


I love putting funny sayings on my letter board!

5) Macrame Plant Shelf Hanger


A beautiful gift for a plant lover. 

6) Body Vase


Love the uniqueness of this!

7) Front Door Mat


Door mats can really add such personality to a home. 

8) Book


This one is another amazing choice. 

9) Reading Pillow


This would go perfectly with those books I just mentioned.

10) Funny Mug


This one is also pretty awesome!

11) Bath Pillow


A lovely gift for bath lovers. 

12) Bathtub Tray


I bought this for my mom a couple years ago and she still talks about how much she loves it (and uses it)!

13) Shower Steamers


A little spa experience at home. Yes, please. 

14) Shiatsu Massager


Who wouldn’t love this?

15) Body Pillow


Pair this with a beautiful and soft blanket and you’re good to go. Nothing like a gift that encourages a nice mid-day nap. 

16) Slippers


Everyone out there deserves some super comfortable slippers. 

17) Headbands


These claw clips are also back in a big way! 

18) Foot Massager


Another gift that I bet anyone would love and also use the heck out of. 

19) Personalized Keychain


Anything personalized is a winner in my book. 

20) Wine Rack


Know any wine lovers? 

21) Journal


Such a simple, beautiful, and classic gift idea.

22) Engraved Cutting Board


Another gift that can be personalized. This one is so dang cool.

23) Cupcake Stand


I love a gift that can actually be used for something and it can serve as a cool piece of decor for any kitchen.

24) Cookbook


Let’s be real. Books are not cheap. And most of us have a library near us we can rent these bad boys from.

But sometimes you use a cookbook so often that you feel like it has earned a spot in your home. This one has definitely earned its place in my house.

And it is, of course, filled with simple and delicious recipes. (the dessert section is top notch)

25) Charcuterie Board


Snack in style with this beauty. 

26) TableTopics


These are so great. They actually have a few different themed ones (this one is specifically for couples).

This is a gift that can be enjoyed by many due to the fact that it is meant to start conversations. 

I hope you found some gifts on this list for the women in your life. (or for yourself!)

If not, I at least hope this list led you to other great gift ideas. 

Which one of these cool gifts for women is your favorite?

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26 Really Cool Gifts For Women

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