Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

15+ Must-See Simple & Cozy Fall Decor Ideas 

cozy fall decor ideas

Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Fall is upon us. And Fall and coziness go hand in hand.

That’s why these cozy Fall decor ideas are a must-see.

Now, I have a confession to make.

Decorating my home does not come naturally to me. I do a lot of scouring the internet looking for inspiration. And in order for it it be a win in my book, it has to be simple.

I am a big fan of the “less is more” vibe.

When picking pieces to add to my environment, I put a lot of thought into how any certain piece adds to my home. I try not to add things just for the sake of adding.  

These pieces we are going to look at can help you create a warm and inviting space. 

It is all about little touches that bring you joy and enhance the feeling of your home. 

I also love things that work for multiple seasons. It can be very pricey to fill your home with seasonal decor. That’s why I gravitate toward items that work throughout the year. 

There are things that can really take it up a notch for creating those cozy Fall vibes but you don’t necessarily need to pack them up after only a few months. 

These ideas cover a wide range of ideas. Some of them hone in a little more than others on the Fall theme so they might not work all year. (But who says you can’t rock pumpkin decorations year-round?)

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Here Are 15+ Super Simple & Cozy Fall Decor Ideas 

1) Candle Lamp Warmer


2) Throw Blanket


This plaid fleece blanket is another nice option. 

3) Wicker Storage Cubes


This large woven basket is another great option. 

4) Throw Pillow Covers


And here are some pillow covers that are definitely heavier on the seasonal aspect. 

5) Pampas Grass


6) Faux Indoor Plant


7) Ceramic Matte Vase Set


These orange rustic vases are really unique too!

8) Over The Door Hanging Basket


9) Round Tray


And check out this two-tier tray! I love pieces that are useful and decorative. 

10) Wall Art


11) Drink Coasters


These woven placemats are great as well!

12) Rustic White Pumpkins


13) String Lights


14) Mini Cloche Glass Dome


15) Wooden Wall Sign


Which one of these cozy Fall decor ideas was your favorite?

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15+ Must-See Simple & Cozy Fall Decor Ideas 

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