Fall Bucket List Ideas

35+ Fall Bucket List Ideas to Try This Year 

fall bucket list ideas

Before we get to all the awesome Fall bucket list ideas, there is something I have to share!

I was cold today! 

It’s not really cold. But those first cool days in September really get to me. I can feel Summer slipping away and I don’t like it. 

I feel like I am saying goodbye to an old friend that I won’t be seeing for about 9 months! 

Goodbye tank tops and sweaty foreheads. So long to awkward tan lines all over my body. 

I know SO MANY people that gush about Fall. When it comes to seasons, it seems to be the cream of the crop. Kind of like the best designer dress at the party. 

But I love Summer. There is just something about it. It makes me feel alive. The sun says hello super early and stays up late. Almost as if it just can’t (or doesn’t want to) leave the party. 

Do you know what it really is?

My issue is not with Fall at all. It is with what comes after it.

WINTER. More specifically snow and ice. 

If you live somewhere that does not see snow or ice, let’s be friends. Mainly so we can FaceTime and I can live vicariously through you!

When September comes, I jump the gun and get a little dramatic. I tend to act like those bone-numbing temperatures are right around the corner.

This year I’m going to focus on slowing my roll. Appreciating all the wonderful things Fall has to offer. 

Not treating September like it is my sworn enemy. 

This list is full of things you can do by yourself or with other members of your family. 

I will be trying to make the most of these next few months with the ideas on this list. And I hope you do the same!

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Here are 35+ Fall Bucket List Ideas

1) Bake something pumpkin

And YES.. it can be from a box!

2) Burn a candle that makes your home smell delicious and feel warm

This scent is sure to get you in the Fall mood!

3) Try a fancy pumpkin drink

4) Make your own pumpkin drink

It can get expensive buying them every time!

5) Throw that hair into a messy bun and rock a scarf

You need this scarf in your life!

6) Try out a new style

I am going to give hats a shot. (who wouldn’t want to rock this awesome hat?)

7) Make a list of books you want to read

Start with these personal growth books!


(don’t forget the s’mores!)

9) Write goals

Check out how to set and achieve those goals!

10) Rock some plaid

This shirt is sure to become a staple piece!

11) Make a gratitude list

(gear up for Thanksgiving with this gratitude journal)

12) Declutter your home

(follow these simple tips)

13) Visit the apple orchard

14) Try a new crockpot recipe

Soups and stews are my go-to in the Fall!

15) Have some hot chocolate

And don’t forget to add at least 52 mini marshmallows!

These mugs may be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

16) Write a love letter to Summer

This is a great way to remember all the awesome things you did!

17) Try a new coffee shop or bakery

Does it get much better than fresh-baked treats?

18) Plan Halloween costumes

This way you are not resorting to black eyeliner on the face and calling it a day… which there is nothing wrong with of course..my daughter makes an adorable cat!

19) Start a journal

This helps my mental state during those months when less time is spent outside!

20) Go on a hayride

Maybe even a haunted one!

21) Eat a caramel apple

They are messy but I can never say no to caramel!

22) Try an apple cider drink

Not everyone is pumpkin-obsessed!

23) Attend a Fall Festival

I’m going to one today.. actually, I should be getting ready right now..oops!

24) Watch Football

(or at least attend a party and eat some yummy food)

25) Pumpkin Patch

(just picking “the right” pumpkin is fun)

26) Carve a pumpkin

I consider this a workout for my arms!

27) Draw on a pumpkin

This is so much simpler than carving! And definitely a lot less messy!

28) Apple picking

(try a few while you are out there)

29) Bake a pie

(or buy one and say you baked it!)

30) Scary Movie Night

I could watch Hocus Pocus on repeat! Really. It is a classic and I know every word!

31) Go for a hike

You get to be outdoors and not sweat through your clothes!

32) Make yourself sick on candy corn

Will I ever learn?

33) Go for a drive

It really is a beautiful time of year.

34) Picnic

Maybe even take a nap under a beautiful tree.

If you are serious about picnics, you have to check out this picnic basket!

35) Rock those Fall color outfits

I’m going to be wearing this mustard cardigan every other day!

36) Family movie night 

Any old movie will do. This is great to do on a weekly basis. Make sure to include snacks. 

37) Get crafty

There are a million ideas on Pinterest!

38) Decorate your home

You can find great stuff at Dollar Tree!

39) Game Night

What better time than Fall to start having regular game nights? 

Check out this and this for the absolute best games! (there are some for kids and some for adults only!)

I hope you make this the most fabulous Fall you’ve ever had!

What would you add to this list of Fall bucket list ideas?

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35+ Fall Bucket List Ideas to Try This Year 

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