Family Board Games

Family Board Games

The Best Family Board Games

Game nights! My favorite nights. Playing family board games really is my idea of a perfect, Friday night.

Well, most Friday nights. This mama needs a night out with adults every once in a while!

And to be honest, our game nights are really happening in the late afternoon. My daughter can’t hang too far past seven.

But when it comes to the best games for families to play together, my family and I are the experts.

Turn the TV off and bust out some games.

These games are our favorites. They have provided us with hours of family fun.

The games on this list are all perfect for preschool age kiddos. But my husband and I love them too.

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Here are 17 of The Best Family Board Games

1) Sequence for Kids

You pick an animal card and place one of your chips on that animal on the board. This game is straight forward and simple to play. But also loads of fun.

My husband loves this game because there is some strategy behind it. There are two of each animal on the board. So, he loves to play defense and try to block others from getting four in a row.

There is also a unicorn card which allows you to place your chip anywhere. And there is my daughter’s favorite, a dragon card, which lets you remove another player’s chip!

2) Candy Land

This is a classic. I have memories of playing this game as a child.

And this is a great one for teaching younger kids about following the rules. It took my daughter some time to get over almost being at the end and picking a card that sent her back to the beginning!

3) Guess Who

Good old fashioned fun! I love this game because it encourages little ones to ask descriptive questions.

Guess the mystery person your opponent has and you win!

4) Where’s Olaf?

One player hides Olaf while the other players have to try and figure out where he is. There are cards that say things like, “in a room with a dresser” or “in a room with a tub”. These cards get put into a hot and a cold pile. When you pick a card that says “go look” a timer will be flipped over and you only have a short time to find the missing Olaf.

5) The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Players take turns spinning the spinner and using the squirrel squeezer to pick up acorns. Be the first player to fill up your log. Be careful though. You don’t want to land on the sad squirrel.

6) Charades for Kids

Charades is fun for the whole family. This version is great for little ones since the cards have picture clues so there is no reading required. Get creative and be silly trying to get your family to guess what you are acting out.

7) Silly Street

This game is all about being silly! The sillier the better!

The concept is simple. Pick a card and do what it says to make your way across the board. But these are no ordinary cards. They can be anything from making up a story about a giraffe, doing karate like a kangaroo or singing a song in a deep hippo voice. I love that last one!

8) Pie Face

I love this game. Even when I do get a face full of whipped cream.

Not much description is necessary. The name pretty much says it all.

9) Hungry Hungry Hippo

You know the best part about this game? The hippos names! My favorite is Bottomless Potamus!

Make sure you are ready to chomp, chomp, chomp to get the most marbles. And keep an eye out for the golden marble. Chomp that one and you are the winner.

10) ABC Letter Game

This is a great game that is very focused towards learning. Kids can practice identifying letters, rhyming and learning to read basic words.

The cute characters make it even more fun!

11) Yeti In My Spaghetti

You set it up by placing all the noodles on top of the bowl. Then sit Mr. Yeti right on there. Take turns removing the noodles one by one. Be very careful. Don’t be the one to make the Yeti fall!

12) Hedbanz Junior

What animal am I? That is what you will have to figure out.

13) Don’t Break The Ice

Be very careful where you tap. Don’t be the one to make the poor penguin fall through the ice!

This is another one that reminds me of my childhood!

14) Zingo

Kids will be learning to spell and read. But they will be having fun doing it. And when their card is full they get to yell Zingo! That’s the best part.

15) Operation: Doc McStuffins Edition

The classic game of Operation is great! My daughter just happens to love Doc McStuffins so this version is right up her alley. Same idea as the original!

16) Twister

This is a go-to for a laugh out loud good time! The goal is to be the last one standing. This is definitely easier said than done!

17) Monopoly Junior

My husband is a Monopoly fanatic. It is his absolute favorite game. Our five-year-old is not quite ready for the original version but this one is perfect!

What are your favorite family board games?

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The Best Family Board Games

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