Gift Ideas For Best Friends

37 Unique Gift Ideas For Best Friends

gift ideas for best friends

Creative Gift Ideas For Friends

I have no idea what to get her.

How many times have you said that exact sentence? 

These awesome and unique gift ideas for best friends are going to help!

The searching is done for you here. All the best gifts in one spot. There is something for every type of lady on this list. 

Shopping for our favorite gal pals should be fun and exciting!

But sometimes it is pretty much the opposite of fun. I bet you know what I’m talking about!

Those times when you are drawing a complete blank in the gift ideas department.

The gifts on this list range from practical to thoughtful to funny and everything in between.

My absolute favorite thing is when I am more excited about giving the gift than the person is about receiving it. And you will feel really dang good giving any of these kick-butt gifts!

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Here Are 37 of The Most Unique Gifts Ideas For Best Friends

1) Blanket Sweatshirt


A wearable blanket! Need I say more? This is one of those gifts everyone would love. 

2) Throw Blanket


This is no ordinary throw blanket. It will warm your body and your heart.

It is especially perfect for anyone going through a rough patch.

3) Memory Foam Slippers


Simple, cute and comfortable! These house slippers are sure to be a winner. 

4) Slipper Socks


These may just be the perfect winter accessory!

5) Journal


This pretty little journal is all about gratitude. 

Here is another really cool journal you should check out!

6) 52 Lists for Happiness


OK, this is another journal but the list lover in me just had to add it! 

7) Book


Know any self-help book junkies? They need this book. 

These are some of my other favorites! Oh, and I recently read this one and I highly recommend it!

8) Cookbook


This cookbook is a winner! The recipes are simple and delicious. 

9) Gift Book


This is basically a fill in the blank book about your BFF.

If you want a super unique and thoughtful gift, this would definitely top the list!

10) Adult Coloring Book


A glass of wine and this coloring book might be the perfect ending to a long day!

11) Wine Tumbler


This will keep your wine (or water) perfectly chilled. Oh, and your coffee nice and hot!

12) Aqua Notes


This is one of those gifts that’s a little goofy! But some people do have their best thoughts in the shower. 

13) SipCaddy


I can think of a few friends who would get a laugh out of this gift. But you bet they would also really use this nifty little thing. 

14) Bath Pillow


Stiff neck be gone! Baths are just better with pillows. 

15) Bath Tray


Know anyone who would love to have some snacks in the bath? They need this!

16) Body Brush


Ever heard of dry brushing? Check it out!

17) Jade Roller


This is what I got my best friend for her birthday and she loves it!

18) Facial Steamer

Facials at home? Yes, please!

19) Travel Pillow 


This bendable pillow is a must-have for travel lovers!

20) Scratch Off Map


Such a cool and unique gift!

21) Felt Letter Board


These are so fun! I have one and I love to put inspiring quotes or funny sayings on it. And they are a really great decorative piece. 

22) Coffee Mug


Is there such a thing as too many coffee mugs? Definitely not! 

23) Milk Frother


This would go perfectly with that funny coffee mug!

24) Oven Mitt


Have a friend who loves to be in the kitchen and is also kind of inappropriate? This is the gift for them!

25) Ear Climber Earrings


So simple and beautiful.

26) Harry Potter Earrings


Any Harry Potter lover would be happy to receive these. Check out all the variations they come in. 

27) Taco Shirt


Who doesn’t love tacos? Ordering this for myself and everyone I know!

28) Pizza Socks


A gift with a little humor is always a good choice!

29) Crossbody Bag


This bag comes in so many colors and I want all of them!

30) Hat


This would be an awesome addition to any wardrobe!

31) Hair Clips 


Look at these beauties! They would add an elegant touch to any outfit. 

32) Headbands


What’s not to love about these? They are super stylish and super affordable. That’s always a winning combination. 

33) Scrunchies


How amazing is it that scrunchies are back in style!!

34) Bedside Shelf


How cool is this? This shelf is sleek, convenient and practical.

35) Tea Infuser


OK! Come on! This might be the most adorable thing ever. And the cherry on top is that it is actually useful. 

36) Trinket Dish


Someone would get a laugh every time they go to take their jewelry off!

Be sure to check out all the other saying this comes with. 

37) Plant Hanger


Perfect gift for plant lovers! And they would be a nice decorative addition to any room.

I really hope the gifts on this list made shopping a lot more fun and a lot less stressful!

Anything you would add to this list of unique gift ideas for best friends? Make sure to drop a comment!

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37 Unique Gift Ideas For Best Friends

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