Gift Ideas For Women

14 Gifts Ideas For Women

The Best Gifts For Women

Best Gifts For Women

On the hunt for the best gift ideas for women? We got you covered.

Gift-giving can be stressful. We obsess about giving the right gift or the best gift. Sometimes we want to have a unique gift or worry that what we chose will be too simple.

I say, there is nothing wrong with simple. There is also nothing wrong with something a little more out of the box.

Don’t even get me started on people going way above their budget. No one should go broke trying to show their love or appreciation for others. You may have given out the most extraordinary gifts but now you have to eat peanut butter and jelly for 2 months.

Chances are if you are buying a gift for someone you know them. I hope at least a little bit. So, you most likely have some idea of what they are into. Or maybe you picked some random lady you barely know out of the secret Santa hat at work. No worries. This list still has you covered.

You will find gifts that work for all those lovely ladies in your life. Even Pam from work who is basically a stranger.

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Here Are 14 of the Best Gift Ideas For Women

1) Book

Books make great gifts. This is especially perfect if you know a book worm. I happen to be a major book lover and receiving one as a gift is the absolute best.

These personal development books are also amazing!

2) Yankee Candle

My sister may have a problem when it comes to these. But I can’t really blame her. Yankee Candles are the best! Who doesn’t want their house to smell amazing?

I have two dogs so I burn candles quite a bit. Dog fur scent is not my thing.

3) Scarf

A scarf can completely change an outfit. I love a good oversized scarf.

This is a great accessory that works for everyone.

4) Sweater

I love buying nice sweaters for my mama. She doesn’t buy herself new clothes very often.

And a nice shirt or sweater is a staple piece in any wardrobe!

5) Coffee Mug

Why does coffee taste so much better out of an awesome mug? The options are literally endless with this gift.

You can lean more towards humor or find something more sentimental.

6) Blanket

Everyone needs a blanket on their couch, right? Perfect for cuddling up to watch some TV or taking a little cat nap.

7) Journal

There are some gorgeous journals out there. It is similar to the feeling a coffee mug can give you. The right journal can change the game. I don’t want to write my thoughts in a plain notebook. Do you?

I want other journals to be jealous of my journal!

8) Cookbook

Do you know any Food Network junkies? A cookbook is a great gift for people who love being in the kitchen.

9) Tumbler

Tumblers are super convenient when you are out and about all day. So much better than a plastic water bottle.

And there are so many different styles and colors to choose from. Drinking water(or wine) never looked so good!

10) Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser is a great gift for anyone interested in using essential oils. It is also a humidifier so it does double duty. 

11) Essential Oils Set


These essential oils go right along with the diffuser. I have heard so many good things about essential oils recently. They are said to help with sleep, pain, boost energy, relieve stress and much more. 

12) Salt Lamp

My sister has 4 of these in her house. Safe to say she is a fan. And she just got me one for my birthday.

They are said to clean the air in your home. Check it out here.

13) Heating Blanket

I can not stand being cold. It’s the worst. A heating blanket is great for those nights when you want to be extra toasty.

14) Gift Card

This may not be the most exciting gift but pair it with a sweet card or letter and you have a winner. Do you know a coffee lover?  How about giving them a Starbucks gift card in a funny mug! Maybe you know someone who loves going to the movies. Fill a basket with popular movie theater snacks and their gift card. The possibilities are endless.

This is also a really great option for those people you don’t know super well. I don’t know any woman who wouldn’t be excited by a Target gift card.

This list works really well if you are looking for small gifts ideas for women!

Would these best gifts for women work for the ladies on your list?

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14 Gifts Ideas For Women

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