Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

gifts for kids who have everything

Gift Ideas For Kids

Struggling to find some gifts for kids who have everything?

These gift ideas for kids are here to save the day!

Buying gifts for kids can be fun but oh dang can it also be stressful.

Have you ever watched a child open a gift only to see them throw it to the side without even looking at it? I know I have!

I love buying gifts for kids but I also like to know that my gift will actually be used or appreciated.

The problem is so many kids have so much stuff. Lucky little turds. A gift I took days to decide on may very well be looked at once. After that, it will take up permanent residence at the back of a closet.

This has definitely happened in my household. Just the other day I found a gift my daughter had received for her 4th birthday. She turned 5 four months ago. Oops!

The inspiration for this post came from a list I had written down for my little lady. I wanted to have something to say when I had people asking for gift ideas. I thought it might be rude to say that she doesn’t need anything but mama could use a new blow dryer.

The struggle is so real when it comes to deciding on a gift. This list of gifts is sure to become a go-to when you are looking for some fresh ideas you can feel really good about giving.

Now, I am no miracle worker.  I can not guarantee these gifts will get given a second look during the gift-opening process. Is my child the only one who seems like she is in some kind of race against the clock? How many presents can be opened in 23.2 seconds?

These gifts are great for Christmas, birthdays, and everything in between!

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Here are 15 Unique Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

1) Membership

How awesome would a yearly membership to the local zoo, museum, or aquarium be? This is a gift that benefits the entire family. One gift providing an entire year of family fun. Yes, please!

You will also be surprised by how much of a deal these really are. Most often they pay for themselves in less than 2 to 3 visits.

2) Gift Card to the Movies

Going to the movies can get expensive. Especially considering the cost of snacks! I try to convince myself (and my daughter) that we don’t want that overpriced food. Then, I am salivating like a wild animal as soon as I sit down and the scent of popcorn wafts my way.

My daughter loves going to the movies. And snacks may be her favorite part.

Now, I, of course, go to Dollar Tree and buy candy. I shove the boxes in my purse and that’s that. I have not mastered sneaking popcorn or nachos in just yet. It is definitely on my to-do list though.

When we receive a gift card to the movies I do a happy dance. This means we can splurge and get the popcorn or nachos or maybe even BOTH!!

3) A Monthly Box Subscription


These are awesome for trying something new and they are very reasonably priced. These boxes are full of crafts, science experiments, and much more. There is also almost always a discount code out there to save some cash. This gift is creative and cost-effective.

KiwiCo is a great option to try. You receive a box full of things to do an experiment or engineering project. They offer boxes for ALL age ranges!

Little Passports is another option. This is a fun way to teach kids about the world around them.

4) Magazine Subscription

My daughter got a Highlights subscription from my parents for Christmas last year and she loved it. In every issue, there is a kid-friendly craft and recipe. They also have poems, stories, and hidden picture puzzles. 

Check them out: Highlights for Children – Kids Magazines, Clubs, and Shop!

This year they got her a Ranger Rick Jr. subscription. This is an awesome choice for animal lovers. The pages are full of awesome animal facts and photos.

Major plus, kids love receiving their own mail.

5)  Something Personalized

There is just something about having your name on stuff. This is a cool gift with lots of different options.

This can be anything from a cup or chair to pajamas or an apron. A personalized gift is a unique gift that is sure to make any kid feel special. It can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.

6) Groupon

My daughter received a Groupon certificate for her 4th birthday that allowed her to try karate for a month. This gives children the opportunity to try things out before fully committing.  The options really are endless on this site. Between gymnastics classes, music lessons, mini-golf for the family, or a variety of live shows there really is something for everyone.

7) Book

A good book will never go out of style. I dare anyone to walk into a bookstore or library and not find at least one book they could read over and over. This is a go-to of mine. I try to include a book in every gift I give.

P.S. There are also personalized books!

8) Gift Card to a Favorite Restaurant

Does your kid go crazy for a Happy Meal from Mcdonald’s like mine does? She got a gift card from her preschool teachers for Christmas and she about lost it! A five-dollar gift card made her day.

This is a great option if you know a kiddo’s favorite place to eat or a favorite place they like to go for treats.

9) Swim Lessons

What is more fun than jumping into a pool on a hot summer day? Or making memories building sand castles on the beach. Taking your first dip in the ocean.

Do you know what is better than all these things? Being able to swim.

This is a gift that will benefit children for years to come and will provide some peace of mind to adults.

10) Disney On Ice Tickets

I still have memories of my Grandma taking me to these types of shows when I was little. We are talking about 25 years ago. I can only imagine how spectacular they are now. This is a great experience gift!

11) Money

Money!  When all else fails, throw some money in a card and call it that. Some people are saving up for something in particular. A big family trip. Maybe a weekend stay at an indoor water park. I have no problem giving money since I, of course, have no problem receiving it!

12) Board Game

Why not give a gift that will bring the family together? We look forward to Wednesdays at our house. That is game night for us.

The classics are still around and relevant as ever but there are plenty of new choices to keep things exciting. We love Candyland, Guess Who, Sequence, Yeti in My Spaghetti, and Silly Street.

13) Kinetic Sand

This stuff is awesome! It is easy to mold but will also flow freely through your fingers. It never dries out and it doesn’t make a mess!

This is a great sensory activity. I have a feeling adults might enjoy this just as much as kids. Playing with this sand might become your new favorite activity for relaxation.

14) New Bedroom Decor

This is what my daughter is getting for an early birthday present this year. She will be starting Kindergarten and her room has been the same since she was born. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to give her power or just surprise her with my choices!

A new bed set or wall decals are affordable and can really transform a room. We know how quickly kids’ tastes can change. How dare we assume they are into the same thing they were last Tuesday?!

15) Luggage

iPlay, iLearn Unicorn Kids Luggage, Girls Carry on Suitcase W/ 4 Spinner Wheels, Pink Travel Luggage Set W/Backpack, Trolley Luggage for Children Toddlers
  • 【Suitable Size】Lightweight hard shell kids luggage and backpack, hard shell made from ABS Plastic. Luggage size is 18.0” x 11.5” x 8.0” (includes wheels and handle). Backpack size is 13.0″ x 10.0″ x 4.5″.
  • 【Light Weight Design】 Is not overly heavy and will not be an extra burden to children. This luggage set to bring on Airlines, Weekends Away or Sleep-Overs. Easy for kids to carry this backpack and to pull the rolling luggage themselves, allowing them to cultivate independence.
  • 【4 Multi-Directional Wheels】 Supports 360 degree rolling, super easy for mobility. You and your kids will find it very easy to pull and push.
  • 【Extendable handles】 Telescoping handle makes handle height adjustable for parents and children or different sizes. 3 step-adjustable telescopic rods made of aluminum allows for comfortable pulling and easy grabbing for little hands.
  • 【Fun Designs】Kids enjoy travel, so let’s make their travel time enjoyable! They will love the playful designs on their luggage and want to pull their own luggage like a little traveler.

Why is little luggage so adorable? Brooklyn got the cutest unicorn luggage for her birthday and she is obsessed. It is the perfect size for her to pull around all on her own. She is so excited to use it for our Disney trip.

Even if a kid is not a world traveler they will enjoy this gift.

 What do you think of these gift ideas for kids?

Have any go-to gifts for kids who have everything? Please Share!

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Gift Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything














Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

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