Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

Gift Ideas For Women Who Have Everything

Wracking your brain to think of gifts for the woman who wants nothing?

“I don’t want anything.”

“I don’t need anything.”

The dreaded answer when you ask someone for gift ideas.

These gifts for the woman who wants nothing are here to help!

We all know we are not going to just accept that they don’t want anything and leave it at that.

Maybe they really don’t want anything. Or they don’t need anything. Which, let’s be honest. Most of us don’t.

If I tried right now, there is not one thing I can think of that I actually NEED. And you know what? It would be a little difficult to think of something I really want.

That is a very different response than I would have had 10 years ago. I could have thought of a boatload of things I wanted and needed.

But this lady has gotten smarter over the years. And I’m not really into becoming a hoarder. My habit of buying everything in sight was leading me down that path.

Now, I really have to love something or truly NEED something to spend the money on it.

But I would be a pretty happy lady if I received any of the gifts on this list.

This list is full of some really great small gift ideas for women!

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Here are 20+ Gifts For The Woman Who Has Everything!

Storage Baskets

Who doesn’t love a good storage basket? These are stylish and functional.

I may have a little bit of a basket obsession. These can be decorative accents or amazing organizational tools!

Refrigerator Organizer Set

Just looking at that image makes me happy.

Not only does this keep things organized but it can cut down on waste. No more finding those random things at the back of the fridge! How fun is that guessing game?

Plant Hanger 

Dress up an indoor or outdoor space with this beauty.

Dry Food Dispenser

How flipping cool are these? Maybe it is the mom in me that wants to go a little crazy and cover my countertop in these.

Perfect for cereal, but you can also put nuts and granola in them.

Measuring Cups and Spoon Set

Am I the only one that has missing measuring cups and spoons? It’s like socks. I know I start with a full set but over time they just disappear.

This gift in a basket with some oven mitts and a recipe to try would be so cute.

Wall Mount Organizer

This not only organizes but is great for saving space.

Yoga Pants

Can anyone have too many pairs of black yoga pants? The answer is no.

Ceramic Vases

These would look great in any space. Such a simple and sleek design!

Plastic Apocathery Jars

These would be great for a bathroom or kitchen pantry.

And they are plastic! Perfect for kids.

Monthly Wall Calendar

I would be lost without my wall calendar!

My husband will tell me to remind him of something and I just point at my wall calendar!

Wine Rack

Know any wine lovers? Pair this with a nice bottle of wine and you are set.

These square wine glasses are really great as well.  

Bathtub Caddy

Take bath time to the next level with this awesome gift!

Wood Photo Frame

How cool is this? So many pictures in one spot!

A home can never have too many photos on display.


A staple for any woman! Am I right?

What is better than being cozy?! Especially on chilly nights.

These slippers would also be winners!


Where my candle lovers at? Such great little decorative pieces. Oh, and they smell amazing!

Coffee Pods Storage Drawer

Any gift that involves organizing is a winner in my book.

Gel Pillow

My pillow is nothing fancy. My husband, on the other hand, can take a day to just shop for the right pillow.

These are very highly rated on Amazon. Give a small luxury gift without the luxury price tag.


If you haven’t read this book, you need to! And if you get the chance you should gift this book to a lucky lady.

This book encourages and inspires you to believe in yourself and dream big. And to not for one second apologize for who you are or the things you want!

*I just finished this book and it is a must-read*


How beautiful is this journal?

Encourage some self-care with this thoughtful gift.


Any woman would be happy to grab this beautiful blanket and get cozy. Whether she is binge-watching a show, reading a good book, or drinking some wine!

Mason Jar Wall Decor

These are so unique and absolutely gorgeous.

Photo Album

I know most of us just keep all our pics on our phones and share them on social media.

A photo album seems a little old school but in the best way possible.

Looking through a photo album reminds me of being little at my grandparent’s house. I would look at photo albums for hours. An amazing way to look back on amazing memories.


Such a fun little accessory!

Experience Gift

This is perfect if you really can’t land on a gift that you feel awesome about giving!

So many options with this. Bowling, comedy show, mini golf, lunch date, try a yoga class, massage, facial and so many more. Plan one of these things to do together and you are not only giving an awesome experience gift but also the gift of time. With how busy people are these days, the gift of time can mean so much.

Gift Card

I am a strong supporter of gift cards!

If you want to give a gift card but are worried that it is not enough there is a solution. Put together a cute little basket.

A little coffee basket with a Starbucks gift card would be great.

How about a Target gift card with those white earrings? Then she can pick a new shirt to go with them.

So many options!

What do you think of these gifts for the woman who wants nothing?

Got any great gift ideas for women who have everything? Share away!

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Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Wants Nothing














Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

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