Gifts To Buy Yourself on Amazon

18 Little Gifts To Buy Yourself on Amazon

gifts to buy yourself on amazon

Simple & Really Cool Gifts For Yourself

These little gifts to buy yourself on Amazon are definitely worthy of you hitting that “add to cart” button. 

You don’t always need a specific reason to get yourself a little somethin somethin. Just you wanting something is a good enough reason. 

Now, these gift ideas would be great for other people as well. As long as you make sure you go with a “one for you, one for me” approach. (kidding…kind of)

Let me just say that I am not all about just buying frivolously and cluttering up our spaces. No way. But I am about being kind to ourselves and not holding these rigid boundaries of only buying things you absolutely can’t live without. 

Peruse these gifts and see what catches your eye. 

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Here Are 18 Little Gifts To Buy Yourself on Amazon

1) Glass Mugs


There’s just something about a cute mug, right?! I am also slightly obsessed with this one

2) Coffee/Tea Spoons


Adorable and useful!

3) Coffee Mug Warmer


OK, this one might teeter on the line between want and need but I’m leaning towards a need. (at least for me)

4) Milk Frother


Here is another thing that straddles that line for me. I will say that I have one of these and love that I can make my at-home coffee a little fancier. 

5) Sleep Mask


Anything having to do with sleep is a yes in my book.

6) Blanket


A nice, soft blanket is always a good choice. 

7) Stress Balls


I love that these have encouraging messages on them.

8) Book


This book is my latest obsession. But the options are truly endless when it comes to books.

(here are some more I love)

9) Stationery Set


So simple and pretty. 

10) Scrunchies


So glad that scrunchies came back in style!

11) Claw Clips


I bought these for my 9-year-old and she wears one almost every single day. But I also love how they elevate my daily outfit of leggings and a t-shirt. 

12) Baseball Hat


I have this hat in black and white. The fact that these have an extra hole for a high ponytail or bun is amazing. 

13) Sunglasses


Having a few cute, affordable pairs of sunglasses is a must. (mainly because I have this annoying habit of losing mine)

14) Tote Bag


This bag is not only beautiful but it serves an actual purpose!

BTW: These library book tote bags are perfect for any book lover. I’m a massive book lover so I guess I have to buy them for myself ASAP. 

15) Crossbody Bag


This really is such a staple piece for any wardrobe. 

Here is another bag that is a total winner.

16) Back Scrubber


Elevate the shower experience. You can even go a little wild and add these shower steamers

17) Scalp Massager


I love that this one is made of silicone.

Also, this head-scratcher is absolutely amazing. Seriously. 

18) Headband to Wash Face


Washing your face never looked so good. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration. But there’s no denying these are super cute. 

I truly hope you fell in love with some of the ideas on this list. 

Don’t ever feel like you have to earn buying yourself something. You deserve things. No justification is needed and no strings are attached.

Which one of these gifts to buy yourself on Amazon was your favorite?

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18 Little Gifts To Buy Yourself on Amazon

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