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12 Amazing Gifts To Buy Yourself Right Now

gifts to buy yourself

Must-Have Gifts To Buy Yourself on Amazon

OK, this is all about gifts to buy yourself.

But we are not just talking about buying a bunch of random things that will leave you with major buyer’s remorse.

Heck no. We don’t want that. 

This is not at all about making purchases to just fill every empty nook and cranny in your home. That can be tempting to do. Especially with social media putting products in front of our eyes constantly. 

But fight that temptation!

This is really about decluttering and replenishing with some really good basics. Some staple items. Things that you will use and love. 

Things that will add a few extra sprinkles of joy to your life.

Do you know what I think so many of us have? Too much stuff. 

I think many of us also keep things that we know will never get used again. But we keep them for that teeny tiny just-in-case scenario. 

Squash that mindset like you would a bug skittering across your bathroom floor.

Try out a new idea. Give the less is more way of thinking a try. (because less really is more)

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Here Are 12 Really Great Gifts To Buy Yourself ASAP

1) Lounge Set


Are these fancy pajamas? Basically. 

But they are also nice enough to wear out and about. They are proof that we can get dressed and still be extremely comfortable. 

Normally, I wear mine to lounge around the house. Go figure.

But they make me feel put together enough that if someone knocked on the front door I wouldn’t duck and hide. (ok, I still might hide…I know I am not the only one that doesn’t like answering my door)

These also come in so many fun color options. 

2) Robe


We all deserve a simple, comfortable robe to wrap up in. And the reviews on this one are pretty stellar. 

3) Slippers


Do me a favor. Go smell your slippers. (gross, I know)

Chances are you might be in need of new pair, though. I know I was!

Sometimes it’s funny how long we are willing to have old, stinky slippers but we can’t imagine not grabbing our favorite coffee on a regular basis. (I am so guilty of this)

4) Sweater


I have this in yellow and red. And I plan on ordering more. (and by more I mean every single pattern and color)

It really is such a great staple piece for your wardrobe. 

It is vital that your closet be full of pieces you love and will actually wear instead of just plain full. 

5) Claw Clips


These bad boys have come back with a vengeance. And I am here for it. 

This pack has you covered. There are two different styles here with eight clips in all. And the colors are this beautiful neutral tone. 

Throwing your hair up has never been so easy or looked so good. 

Perfection. (these beauties really are the bee’s knees)

6) Crossbody Bag


Check out all the color options this little gem comes in. 

This bag is obviously functional but it also adds a little something to any outfit. 

I am also a big fan of the fanny pack. (which has also made a huge comeback)

7) Book


I literally finished this book 2 days ago and I already want to read it again. 

It is bursting with helpful and practical tips and ideas to help our mental health and really just every aspect of our lives. So so so good!

Now, most books I just rent from the good old library. But there are some that I do buy when I feel like they are worth it. (or if I want to highlight parts or write notes in the margin)

This book is definitely worth the investment and I promise you there are countless highlight-worthy passages.

I also HIGHLY recommend this one and this one. Both are for sure worth the read. 

8) Cookbook


OK, remember how I mentioned the library just a minute ago?

Well, I rented this from the library and I decided very quickly that I needed to own it. 

This book is chock full of extremely delicious and extremely doable recipes.

We could all use a go-to cookbook like this one. (also the dessert section of this book is too good not to try)

9) Journal


Writing of any kind can be really therapeutic and just a release.

Whether you are writing how you feel, your struggles, or your grocery list. Getting things out of your head and onto some paper is always a good idea. 

10) Coffee Mug


A handful of coffee mugs you love is the way to go. And how could you not love this one?

Also, it may seem silly to some but I think drinking hot coffee out of a mug that you love can really set the tone for your day. 

It’s one of those small choices that can really add joy to your day. 

I also am a sucker for a beautiful tumbler. 

11) Blanket


This blanket comes in so many fun colors. (I have the burgundy but I’m pretty sure I also need the gold one)

Get this blanket just for yourself. You don’t have to share this one with anyone. Nope. This is all yours. 

At the end of a long day, wrap up in this blanket, turn on a show you love, and relax your little heart out. 

12) Basket


This is a simple piece that would add some personality to any room in your home. It’s also super functional. 

Home decor is one of those categories that can easily break the bank. So it’s really important to take our time and work on not making impulse buys.

But rather really considering the pieces we bring into our homes and why we want them in our homes. 

I truly believe everything on this list will serve you and your life in some way. 

Am I encouraging you to get rid of half your stuff and move into a tiny home? No. But some of those tiny homes do look pretty cool, right?

I am however encouraging you to take a deeper look at your home (and really life in general) and make sure you like what is taking up space. 

Which one of these gifts to buy yourself is your favorite?

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12 Amazing Gifts To Buy Yourself Right Now

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