Gifts Under $15 For Her

15 Must-See Gifts Under $15 For Her

gifts under 15 for her

Cool Gifts Under $15

OK, I have to admit something. I am seriously considering buying myself every single one of these awesome gifts under $15 for her! 

Affordable gifts that also rock are too good to resist, right?! But I will do my best. I make no promises though when it comes to #2! There is a pretty good chance I will be ordering one (or five) of those ASAP.

I won’t spend too much time talking about why we all like gifts that keep our bank account happy. That is kind of just a no-brainer.

These gift ideas prove that inexpensive gifts can be really awesome! 

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Here Are 15 of The Best Gifts Under $15 For Her

1) Planner


This planner is not only beautiful but it is also extremely useful!

I know I am not the only person that NEEDS to write everything down or I will forget it in about 2.3 seconds. 

There is also just something about a brand new, empty planner. I like to look at it as pages full of opportunities.

2) Plant Basket


Baskets are one of my love languages.

They can add character to any space and they actually serve a purpose!

3) Coffee Mug


When in doubt, humor is always a great choice!

4) Ring Holder


Could this be any cuter? Jewelry deserves a special place too!

5) Magnetic Dry Erase Fridge Calendar


I have three dry erase boards in my kitchen. One on the fridge and two on the walls. And yes, I use them all. 

Organization lovers will appreciate this simple gift. 

6) Candle


I love the way a home feels and smells when there is a candle burning. 

7) Slipper Socks


Give the gift of comfortable (and warm) feet!

8) Puzzle


Puzzles can be challenging but it is oh so satisfying when you get one all put together!

9) Coloring Book


Know any cat lovers? This gift is for them!

10) Beanie


You can’t go wrong with this beauty!

11) Tea Variety Box


This is a great gift for any tea lover!

12) Wall Decor


This simple and beautiful piece of wall decor would be such a nice addition to any room. 

13) Picture Frame 


Look at how sleek and modern this picture frame is! 

14) Cookie Cutter


This gift is definitely for someone with a pretty good sense of humor!

15) Scrunchies


Can we just give a round of applause for the comeback that scrunchies have made! And these are just pretty as can be. 

I hope you found some great gift ideas on this list of gifts under $15 for her!

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15 Must-See Gifts Under $15 For Her

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