Habits of Confident People

12 Must-Read Habits of Confident People

habits of confident people

Behaviors of a Confident Person

We are going to talk about some habits of confident people. But first…

Let’s break it down a little. What does it mean to be confident?

It’s trusting yourself. Believing in who you are and what you are capable of. Feeling secure in the choices you make. It can help you to gain and maintain a sense of control in your life. 

It is also a skill, which means that it requires some effort to build it. We may have to give it a little attention. Water it from time to time. 

This list is not the end all be all to building confidence. 

These are merely ideas to get you thinking. A starting point. More often than not, reading something or doing research on a topic will inspire you in some way. Or present you with an “aha” moment. Or even make you question some things in your life.

Those are all good things. 

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Here Are 12 Habits of Confident People

1) Positive Self-Talk

The way we talk to ourselves has a significant influence on how we go through life. 

This makes total sense. It’s a no-brainer. Of course, speaking to ourselves and about ourselves in a positive and uplifting way is a good thing. 

Does all of this mean that confident people have become immune to negative thoughts completely? That’s a big nope.

We can so often assume that a confident person never doubts themselves. Never experiences negative thoughts or emotions. But that is just not possible. 

Confident people are not exempt from feeling the full spectrum of well…life. 

However, experiencing negative thought patterns does not mean we accept them as factual. And that is where confidence comes in. 

Confident people challenge negative thoughts. They push back. This is not to say they change every negative thought to a positive one with a snap of their fingers. (wouldn’t that be nice?)

It’s more about putting a spin on things. Making negative thoughts more constructive.

Reframing them in a less harsh light. 

*This positive daily affirmations flip calendar is a small way to inject some uplifting messages into your day.*

2) Seek Out Learning Opportunities 

Who doesn’t like some good old personal growth?

Learning and growth. These are good things. Life is literally a lifelong journey of learning and growing. 

Confident people are open to improving and expanding their knowledge and skills.

They are curious.  Not just taking things at face value or taking on an “it is what it is” mindset.

Isn’t it so cool that there will always be things to learn? No one will ever know it all. 

When it comes to personal growth books, these hit the spot big time! And you won’t have to look far to find some good podcasts or audiobooks on any and every topic under the sun. 

3) Goals

We all know that setting and achieving goals can be a powerful driving force. From our relationships to our careers and every other piece of life you can think of. 

Goals play a role.

Confident people are goal-oriented. They are driven. 

There are no super special secrets when it comes to goals. But here is the closest thing to a secret.

Set small goals. Clear goals. Attainable goals. When accomplished, tiny goals stuck up. They build momentum.

And the more broken down a goal, the more equipped we are to tackle those goals. A clearer plan can be made. 

You know what else is crucial when it comes to goals?

Celebrating successes. Big to small and everything in between. Celebrate achievement no matter the size. 

Here’s a more in-depth look at achieving goals!

4) Take Care of Themselves

What better way to show yourself love and respect than to take care of yourself?

Do not underestimate the power of getting adequate sleep. (when you can, I know life happens)

Drinking water. Feeding your body nourishing foods and spending time with people that make you feel good.

Making space for joy. Having fun. Relaxing. Spending less time on social media. (snuck that one in there)

When we feel good on the inside, it shows. 

This leads us to things like body language and appearance. Taking care of yourself is connected to it all. 

5) Prioritize

Prioritizing is the spice of life. 

In life, everything can not be on the same importance level. We have to place more or less value in different areas. 

Because if everything is important then nothing is important. Have you ever heard that before?

Confidence is knowing that you can’t do it all. No one can. 

There is no award given out for trying to do it all and being beyond stressed. At least, I don’t think there is. 

This directly relates to time management as well. Confident people know that it is imperative to use their time efficiently. 

(When prioritization is lacking, it also leaves the door wide open for procrastination.) 

6) Set Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries can change your life. 

Your time and energy is valuable. You are allowed to say no or pass on things that don’t serve you. 

There is a catch to this though. It’s not easy. If it were easy, then there would be no need for the abundance of information out there. (there is A LOT)

This book is the holy grail on boundary setting. 

7) Gratitude

Gratitude is one of those things that can feel like a buzzword or viral trend. Everyone come jump on the gratitude train. But…

This is a train you might want to jump on and stay on for the long haul. The popularity of this topic may ebb and flow yet I believe it will always hold an immense amount of value. 

It may not be this giant life-changing thing at first. Think more like a slow burn.

Being thankful sounds lovely in theory, but life is a lot. And the good stuff does not always stay at the forefront of our minds. Confident people can see that while life is not rainbows and sunshine, there are always pockets of goodness to be seen and appreciated. 

A gratitude journal is a small way to start this habit and hopefully make it stick. 

8) Listen

We all know the importance of communication. Being able to effectively communicate will play a role in every area of your life.

One giant part of this can be listening. 

Listening and considering the thoughts and opinions of others shows confidence. 

Another aspect of this is asking questions. Being able to listen and ask follow-up questions is a huge signal of confidence. There is no shame in seeking clarification from someone. Not fully understanding something is not a sign of weakness.

You know what? The world might be a different place if actively listening and asking more questions were the norm.

9) Speak Up

They share their ideas. Their opinions. 

They acknowledge that what they have to share holds value. Even when it is different. Especially when it is different. 

Confidence is essential to being comfortable in a variety of situations to use your voice. Now, even with confidence, this will not always be the easiest thing. 

But it’s one of those things that the more you do it, the more speaking up will feel natural and not a forced thing. 

BTW: This idea goes hand in hand with the listening tip we just talked about. Being able to share the input you have and listen to others are invaluable traits. 

10) Resilience

Being able to bounce back is powerful. Especially since the chances of everything going perfectly in life are pretty rare. (maybe even impossible)

It is crucial to be able to adjust when faced with challenges or setbacks. 

Failures, while not pleasant, are also usually not the end of the world. The word failure can make things feel so final. When it is a reality, something not working in the way you wanted it to or the way it was supposed to can be an opportunity for learning and growth. 

Now, it is easy to look at it this way after some time has passed. Much more difficult when you are in the thick of it. 

Feeling defeated at some point in life is part of being human. But being confident can be crucial in working through and recovering from disappointments. 

Resilience can also play a role in taking risks. It helps you to know that you are capable of overcoming challenges or obstacles that may pop up when going outside of your comfort zone. 

11) Ditch Comparison (mostly)

Here’s a question. Do you think everyone on the planet compares themselves to others at times?

I am not a fan of assumptions at all. With that said, I think my answer to that question is…yes.

Comparison is one of those things that is very easy to do and a very human thing to do. 

The key here is the degree to which you do it. Right? Being consumed with what other people are doing in their lives only causes you to miss out on your life.

Comparison is not this big bad monster, though. It can sometimes motivate or inspire us. It is all about how much we let it in and how much space we allow it to occupy.

12) Support Others

Confident people are willing to help someone out. Give advice. Support. Guidance. 

If true confidence is present, then there is no need to look at others as a threat or the enemy. Everyone is not your competition. 

This might seem strange in a world that can often seem so cutthroat. And healthy competition is definitely not a bad thing.

But this really boils down to putting kindness out into the world. Part of being confident is knowing that you don’t have to put others down or only be out for yourself to live a fulfilling life. 

Confidence is a beautiful thing. It’s also not an easy thing.

I bet when you look back on your life, there are so many stages that were especially tough in the confidence department. (hello middle school)

And to be honest, I don’t think it is realistic to expect self-doubt to be banished forever and confidence rays to be shooting out of your entire body. 

But these habits can play a role in continuously learning to flex your confidence muscle. 

Which one of these habits of confident people stood out to you?

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12 Must-Read Habits of Confident People

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