Habits of Happy Moms

Habits of Happy Moms: 12 Things to Start Doing Today

habits of happy moms

We all want to be happy. This is not a new or earth-shattering concept.

Yet with everything going on that is not always the case.

These habits of happy moms are not a magic cure.

But they can definitely help you on those days when you are stuck on the struggle bus.

How are you feeling right now?

The first word that comes to mind may not be happy. And that is OK. We are not living in a fairytale world. Every day will not be amazing. But we can try to make the best of our days. Even the ones that give us a run for our money.

I truly believe this comes down to choices. The choices we make for ourselves. And the choices we make for our kiddos. Like making the choice that my daughter needs to go visit her aunt ASAP.

Let’s make choices that make our days a little easier and hopefully a lot happier.

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Here are 12 Habits of Happy Moms

1) Organize their days

To a point. Basically, this is just laying things out to get an idea of what needs to be done. And then prioritizing all the tasks for the day.

And yes, having your morning coffee can be the first thing on the list.

Doing this in the morning is a great way to have your day go as smoothly as possible. And this can be a perfect way to mentally prepare yourself if you have a super busy day ahead of you!

2) Have a schedule

I love a good schedule. And kids love a good schedule too.

This can be great for keeping you sane. It is not always possible. Life happens. But when it comes to meals and sleep, having a schedule in place can save the day.

3) Make time for themselves

You are allowed to want to be alone. Some days sitting is silence is all I want to do!

Many of us spend the majority of our time with little to no privacy. Even in the bathroom. Heck, especially in the bathroom.

It is not selfish to think about yourself every now and then.

We need to look at “me time” as a need and not a want. And just knowing that it is important is not enough. We need to make it a priority. And make it happen!

Do you struggle with this? Here are some super simple self-care ideas to try!

4) Have friends

Now, it is not enough to just have friends. Make time to actually spend time with those friends. A couple of uninterrupted hours of girl time can make you feel like a new person.

And how amazing does it feel to talk to other moms who know exactly how you feel. This is priceless.

5) Sleep

Moms with young babies, I see you. And this too shall pass.

But to those of you that are able to get sleep. Do it.

Sleep really is a beautiful thing. And having enough of it can make all the difference.

How do you act when you are tired?

My sleepy self is usually snappy and not very pleasant to be around.

Find the amount of sleep that has you waking up feeling good. And really try to get close to that amount a majority of the time.

6) Have a hobby

You are a person too. The title mom is not the only thing you are.

Learn something new. Do you like to sing, dance, garden, cook or read? Do it.

Want to start meditating or doing yoga? Do it, mama!

I actually started this blog as a hobby. But it has turned into so much more! (Interested in blogging.. read this to start and don’t miss this encouraging advice)

7) Grateful

It is easy to think of all the things you have to do. Or all the things you have going on.

What about all the positive things you have? Make it a point to be aware of these things.

Start writing down a few things you are grateful for every single day. 

8) They do more of what brings them joy

We all know there are more things that bring us joy than just our kiddos.

Maybe this is something as simple as reading for a little while every day. Or grabbing your favorite coffee and taking a walk.

Maybe this is organizing and making lists. There are no right or wrong answers here.

Looking to find your passion? Read this!

9) Know when they need a break

We all need breaks. And it is important to know when a break is overdue.

We all know that feeling? When everything is either driving us nuts or making us cry. It is crucial that we take a step back and recognize that we need some space.

10) Mental health

Take care of yourself. This is a very personal thing. And only you know how you are really doing.

It can be very difficult to be completely honest about mental health. But we need to do this not only for ourselves but for our kids.

11) Have fun with your kids

Kids have this amazing power to drive us bonkers while at the same time making our hearts so full.

Make time every day to slow down and spend time with your little ones.

It goes by so quickly. How many times have you heard that?

But it is so true. Some days it definitely doesn’t seem like it. Those hard and long days are no joke.

But the great days make up for it.

Find out here how to have more fun with your kids!

12) Don’t compare

Girl, stay in your lane. I say this to myself often. The comparison bug just loves to bite me!

But it does no good.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, try being inspired by others.

And always remember that no one is living a perfect life. Put your focus toward living your best life.

Don’t waste your time looking at other people’s lives. You will end up missing all the amazing things right in front of you.

Need some help with this? Here is a deeper dive into how to stop comparing yourself to others

What do you think of these habits of happy moms?

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Habits of Happy Moms: 12 Things to Start Doing Today

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  • Martina 3 years ago Reply

    So easy to forget to look after ourselves as mother’s.as a mother of a twenty two year old with special needs and seventeen year old that suffer with anxiety on and off.i as a mother do meditation to keep me calm and relaxed everyday and visit my family most days for a chat.

    Chelsey 3 years ago Reply

    You are so right! It is way too easy for us mamas to always put ourselves last. Family time always has a way of making things seem better!

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