Habits of Organized People

8 Powerful & Practical Habits of Organized People

habits of organized people

Secrets of Organized People

O to the K! Let’s talk about some habits of organized people. 

Organization may not seem like this life-changing concept but I assure you it can be.

Don’t underestimate the power and peace it can bring to your life. 

I relate organization to simplicity. And we all know that life is not this simple thing we coast through.

So anytime I can inject a dose of simplicity into my life, you bet I’m all over it. 

Being organized doesn’t mean that nothing is ever out of place. (that’s super unrealistic)

It doesn’t mean that everything in our lives runs perfectly. (also unrealistic)

What organization can do is create a baseline of calmness. It gives us a great starting point and something to come back to when we need a reset. 

Life will always have a component of messiness to it. Being organized can help to manage all the moving parts of life a little better.

It can mellow the chaos. 

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Here Are 8 Super Beneficial Habits of Organized People

1) Declutter

This is not a one-and-done thing. 

Decluttering is one of those things that we have to do regularly. 

But once we get past the initial decluttering phase, it gets much easier. 

It’s time to get pickier about what we allow to take up space in our homes and our lives. Your surroundings matter and they can either add stress or joy to your life. (a combo of both is also a big probability)

However, I err on the side of minimalism which streamlines so many tasks in my home. 

2) Planning

My favorite planning tool is lists. (a pretty notebook is a must here)

Our brains can not be expected to remember everything we have going on or everything we have to do. 

At least my brain is not a fan of it. 

Lists free up mental space. 

Writing things down is decluttering your mind. So often it may feel as if I have an endless amount of things to do. Yet when I write these things down I realize that so many of these things may take very little effort and time. 

This also makes me feel accomplished when I can cross these seemingly small but necessary tasks off a list. 

Making lists can also help with prioritization. It can help to see that everything is not urgent. 

Wall calendars or planners can also come in handy here. Knowing and keeping track of what is happening in your life can be a game changer in itself. 

(I’m sure there are also apps you could use but I’m old school…for now)

3) Things Have a Dedicated Spot

This is huge. 

This is the epitome of simplifying things.

If something has a space then putting it back where it belongs is a no-brainer. 

This also helps with being able to find things when you need them.

Let me add here that I almost always have things in my home that do not have a spot. I actually go through my home regularly and can easily gather a basket of randoms. But I can also easily sift through the randoms and decide what needs to go.

I keep this basket on my stairs as a sort of catch-all. Everyone in my home is responsible for clearing it out every few days. I am shocked by the amount of things that have accumulated in my home since having children!

4) Acquire Less

I am a firm believer that less is more. 

A few years ago my family made a very big move. 

And while packing up my home, I noticed we had so much unnecessary stuff. Literally so much.

Physical things can take up space and overshadow what is truly important.

I donated boxes upon boxes of things. I donated a ridiculous amount of clothing. And you know what? I can not remember what was in those boxes. 

It’s actually insane when I think about it. 

After that first big move, my family and I moved two more times. (We are now in Tennessee and no more moves thankfully) But I am so grateful my husband’s job required us to move because it completely changed my outlook. 

5) Small Clean-Ups (when possible)

I am the kind of person who likes to do small (10-20 minute) clean-ups throughout the day.

Now, that is what works and is possible for me. That might not work (or be possible) for everyone.

I leave certain things (such as my toddler’s toys) out for most of the day. Mainly because when I clean them up, she proceeds to take them right back out. That quickly caused me to become very frustrated so I changed it up.

With that said, there are many tasks that I try my best to keep up on throughout the day. A huge one is the dishes. I know mine is not the only kitchen that can get dirty in a jif. 

I can be a master procrastinator and then struggle to start a task that seems overwhelming. (like those dang dishes sprawled out on the counter)

I have found it very helpful to set a timer (here’s a good one) and see what I can get done. I am usually pleasantly surprised by what I can accomplish in a short amount of time.

The timer also helps me to stay focused on the task at hand instead of moving from thing to thing with no direction and not accomplishing much at all. 

6) Delegate

No one can do it all.

At least not very well for a prolonged period of time. 

Sharing tasks or outsourcing tasks if you can is not something to be ashamed of. So often being able to do it all is glamorized. People who seem to be doing it all receive endless praise.

This can be dangerous. That standard is not realistic for many of us. (and not exactly great for our physical or mental health)

If you have someone to share the load with, then do just that. Share.

I used to think there was some glory in being a one-woman show in my home. Growing up I saw women handling everything with a home and kids. (and also working outside the home at times)

So this felt like what I was supposed to do. News flash…I was wrong. Doing it all was not serving me well (obviously) and it wasn’t serving my family well. 

Thank goodness there seems to be a shift going on with this topic in our society recently. 

7) Develop Routines

We all have routines. Routines that serve us well and those that don’t necessarily serve us well.

I’m betting that most of us do not go through our lives with perfect routines in place at all times. We are human after all. 

Developing habits and routines that support our goals and what we want our lives to feel like is impactful beyond measure. They set the tone and the vibe in our lives.

Drinking a glass of water before coffee. Journaling or reading a book (like one of these) in the mornings instead of scrolling on your phone. Taking a walk after dinner. Going to bed at a time that makes you feel good when you wake up. (this will differ depending on the season of life you are in)

Putting away one basket of laundry while listening to a podcast or music. Dedicating 30 minutes every week to meal planning. (I do this every Saturday) Choosing a few key things you need to complete on any certain day. 

Now, things like this take time to become second nature for us. We need to be intentional. We also need to be slow and steady. (like the turtle)

(Developing and being consistent with routines can also help with decision fatigue.)

8) Take Care of Yourself

Building and living an organized life takes some effort. 

Making sure to prioritize yourself is key. Eat foods that nourish you. Drink water. Move your body. Get outside if you can. Meditate. 

Taking care of others is great. Being there for those around you is a beautiful thing.

Just be sure to show up for yourself as well. You are valuable and deserve to be treated as such.

This also includes finding things that help to reduce stress and burnout. Make space for joy and fun. 

In terms of organization, it’s an aspect of life that can have positive ripple effects on other areas. 

We can stay on top of responsibilities while still maintaining some sense of a balanced life. (I know, I know… I said a bad word) BALANCE! That thing everyone talks about that seems impossible to achieve.

But, for me, instead of thinking about this invisible scale that shifts constantly, balance is about checking to see if I am truly living and enjoying my life. 

Practicing these habits helps me to enjoy my life more. Try them out to see what they can do for you. 

Which of these habits of organized people stood out to you?

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8 Powerful & Practical Habits of Organized People

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