Habits of Successful People

13 Must-Read Habits of Successful People

habits of successful people

Ready to talk about the habits of successful people?! 

Let’s start this off in my favorite way. With a question. 

Do you ever feel like successful people know something you don’t?

I do! I convince myself that something just went right for them. They were let into a super-secret group where they were told exactly how to make all their dreams come true. In my mind, they were spoon-fed the secret sauce.

Honestly, thinking that is easier than facing the truth. The truth is they have done things to get themselves to where they are. No secret sauce.

Now, I am not saying that they have it all figured out. That’s a scary thought. Maybe one day, there will be robots roaming around that have it all figured out. But that’s just not the way the cookie crumbles for us mere humans. 

With all that said, successful people do have some things figured out.

Actually, it is better to say they make choices that work for them and help them work toward bigger and better things. They make choices to create the life they want. 

We can not control everything that happens to us or around us. But we do have the power to control ourselves. And we have the power to choose to create habits that help us live our best and fullest lives. 

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Here Are 13 Habits of Successful People You Need To Read

1) They Don’t Give Up

I can almost guarantee everyone you know has faced some type of hardship or setback! I do not know one person who has had every single thing work out for them.

But when something doesn’t go the way you had your heart set on it going, you have a choice. And let’s be honest, the easier choice is to give up. Move on to something else.

It is a challenge to stick with something when it feels like roadblocks keep popping up.

To be successful, you really do have to fully believe that giving up is not an option. 

Also, never underestimate the power of a little pivot. 

2) They Don’t Feel Sorry for Themselves

Okay, let’s be real. They may have felt sorry for themselves for a quick second. But they snap out of it real quick. 

They don’t dwell in the land of “poor me.”

A much better idea is to make a pit stop at “poor me” and then move right on to the land of “what next?”

Do not sit around replaying in your head all the ways things went wrong. There are much better ways to spend your time and energy. 

3) They Try New Things 

Going out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable. DUH!

It feels good to stay in our lane. It feels good to keep doing things we know we are good at. 

But I truly believe amazing things can come from it. Things that were maybe never even on your radar. 

Trying new things opens up possibilities and opportunities that never would have been there. 

Starting this blog was something new and scary. It is also a decision I am so dang happy I made. 

4) They Take Responsibility for Their Actions

How easy is it to blame someone or something for things not turning out? Too easy! 

If you are anything like me, you can jump on the blame train real quick. I go on the defense and my mind will find a way to take the pressure off of me. 

Excuses start flying out of my mouth. And I know it is all bullcrap. I know I am just doing this because taking responsibility can be scary. 

But taking responsibility is necessary to grow as a person and become more confident in what you can achieve and overcome.

5) They Work on Personal Growth

Anything personal development makes me happy. And I know I’m not the only one! 

Just the idea of wanting to improve yourself makes me think of success.

Pick up a book (these self-help books are amazing). Listen to a podcast. 

Take in everything you can and apply it to your life. 

There is so much glorious information out there just waiting to be consumed. 

6) They Work on Having a Positive Mindset

Being positive all the time is impossible. But being able to look on the bright side is a pretty good habit to have. Especially when things are going less than stellar.

A positive mindset will only do great things for your confidence. Which in turn will help you succeed with things you set out to accomplish. 

7) They Set Goals and Work to Achieve Them

Do you set goals for yourself?

And I don’t just mean mentioning things here or there that you wish would happen. I mean digging your heels in and setting some dang goals.

Setting goals is only half the battle.

Then you have to put a value on these goals. Plan to make these goals more than just some words you strung together. 

Be sure to check out this post that is all about goal setting!

8) They Search for Solutions

They don’t just see problems. Of course, they have problems. Things do not always go right for them. But they do not dwell on what is not going according to plan. 

They actively search out solutions. 

Next time you are feeling stuck, grab a notebook and try writing out any issues you might be facing and then start brainstorming some solutions. 

Doing this does not mean solutions will magically come to you. But words on paper can be a great way to get the ball rolling. 

9) They Follow Through

Planning is great. Who doesn’t love to plan their little heart out? Not only is it fun as heck. But it creates that level of excitement that can make you dance around your house.

The excitement that has you so pumped you have butterflies in your stomach. That feeling when it seems like anything is possible. 

Here’s the thing though. You have to move past the planning phase. 

To be successful, you have to take some action! Follow-through is everything!

10) They Don’t Compare

Comparison is hard to navigate around. It can pop up unexpectedly at any time. 

You know what I mean, right? You’re feeling great and then you see something, hear something or read something that feels like a smack in the face.

We have all been there. But this usually ends with us feeling worse and worse about ourselves and our lives. 

Success does not come from sitting around comparing yourself to others and naming all the ways your life does not measure up. 

Check out these tips on how to stop comparing yourself to others!

11) They Don’t Think They Know it All

Nobody knows everything. And how boring would it be if they did?

One of my favorite things is learning something from someone else.

Being successful means being open to all the wonderful things that others can offer or teach you. 

There are so many learning tools available to us. 

If you want to really jump into the deep end with learning, you should check out Coursera. It’s an online learning platform that has thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates and degrees. 

12) They Take Care of Themselves

They take care of their minds along with their bodies. This means exercise and being aware of what is going in their mouths. 

And a full night’s sleep is like magic. Do not underestimate what a well-rested you can achieve. 

Take good care of your dang self and more good things will come along. 

13) They are Happy for Others

Is this easy for you?

It seems like being happy for other people shouldn’t be so hard. BUT IT IS!

Especially when you have areas in your life that are giving you a run for your money. It can feel impossible to put a smile on your face and truly celebrate a win for someone else. 

Look at it this way. Another person’s joy does not add to your frustrations. And you can either be bitter or you can be truly happy for someone else and use that happiness as motivation in your own life. 

There is one thing about success you should remember. 

It looks different for everyone. Make sure you are working toward things that fill you up. Things that help you live your best life. 

What does success look like to you? This is what you need to think about!

Have any ideas on the habits of successful people? Drop a comment and let’s chat!

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13 Must Read Habits of Successful People

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