How To Accomplish Goals

How To Accomplish Goals: 6 Actionable Tips That Are Sure To Help You

how to accomplish goals

How To Achieve Your Goals & Dreams

This is all about how to accomplish goals! 

Thinking about goals or dreams of any kind can be super fun and exciting. Right?

But there is one little problem.

Accomplishing these goals will not always be fun and exciting. In fact, it might be just the opposite at times. 

Chances are it will be challenging. It will be frustrating. And maybe even scary.

That makes sense though. 

I mean, if accomplishing goals was easy then everyone would do it. But I bet most of us are very aware that’s not how things work.

When it comes to goals, we can have the best of intentions. Then there is a stumble or a roadblock or just an overwhelming day and it will take much more than good intentions to keep your goals front and center. 

That is where these ideas can come in handy.

Here Are 6 Ideas All About How To Accomplish Goals

1) Grab a Pen

In order to accomplish goals, there is something we have to do first. 

We have to name our goals. Speak (or write) them into existence. 

Our minds can be a jumbled mess. And sometimes we need to do a major unload and release everything. 

This can help you to become semi-crystal clear on your goals. (and then break those goals into smaller goals)

Talking about your goals is great. But it won’t be great if all you do is talk about them.

Create something tangible. Something you can look at. Something you can use as a consistent reminder. This is a way to make a commitment. 

Have you ever made a vision board?

I am a big fan of vision boards. I think they serve as an awesome visual tool. 

2) Why?

There has to be a reason behind a goal. 

A goal can be like a flimsy half-dead flower getting knocked over by the wind if there is not a strong purpose holding it up. 

Am I saying that having a strong “why” will make your goals easy to accomplish? Nope!

But your “why” will be there to help keep you going when you are running on fumes. 

I also really just love the new ideas or thoughts that can come out of diving headfirst into why you want something. 

3) Be Realistic

No, I am not a dream crusher. My goal is not to rain on your parade. 

But we do need to be realistic. 

Here is a great example. My best friend wanted to start running.

Did she go out and run 5 miles her first day? of course not. She had to start small. Very small. 

And she had to be realistic about a timeline in regards to running. 

The point here is that we have to be honest about what we are capable of. Honest about the how, what, when, and where of it all. 

Being realistic might not sound grand or exciting. But, hey, the stuff leading up to the finish line isn’t as exciting.

Still super important though!

4) Think Small

The more we can break goals down the better. 

I’m talking tiny. Bite-sized! 

This will make them much more manageable. 

Is there something I can accomplish today? This week? This month?

These are great questions to ask yourself when sifting through your goals. 

Accomplishing the small stuff also can be used as the perfect motivator to keep going. 

5) Progress Report

This can help tremendously with consistency. 

Goals can easily get pushed to the back of the line. They end up on the top shelf of the closet way in the back. You know the place where old fitted sheets go to get musty. 

This is one of those times a vision board can come in handy. A journal or just a plain old notebook can be useful tools as well. 

Keep track. It will serve you well. 

6) Pivot

Chances are everything will not go exactly according to plan. Ok, on second thought, let’s just start this off by saying out loud that the chance of every single thing working out is zero!

Even the most thoughtful and seemingly perfect plans will go awry in some way or another. 

Don’t underestimate the capability and willingness to pivot. 

We can so often view changing course as a failure. But that is a false idea.

Your approach and attitude towards pivoting are powerful. We are powerful. 

This is not to say that you have to face every setback with a giant smile on your face. We are human beings, right?

It’s safe to say that things not going the way we planned is frustrating. It can be disheartening. Those are natural feelings to experience. 

I encourage you to acknowledge that a situation sucks. And then I actually think you can better manage and navigate your next moves. 

If we force uncomfortable feelings down, they can resurface at any moment and knock us off. 

Always remember that you have a voice and a choice in life. 

Also, just like anything else, goals can change or evolve. It is totally normal for a goal to look very different as time goes on.

Goals are great. And I think we should all have them.

But they should not take over our lives. They should not be the only thing we are focused on. 

Make sure you are living and enjoying your life while working on goals. 

Have any advice on how to accomplish goals? Share away!

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How To Accomplish Goals: 6 Actionable Tips That Are Sure To Help You

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