How To Be A Better Person

How To Be A Better Person: 17 Tips To Help You

how to be a better person

How To Be A Better Person Inside and Out

Are you living your best life?

I know that may sound silly. And people (myself included) like to put this under pictures of our kids eating ice cream or swimming in the ocean. Everything these days can be referred to as living your best life.

But what does it really mean to you? The idea of not just living your best life but being your best self. Living your life in a way that puts good out into the world. 

Let’s get real.

I do want to live my best life. I want to be a good person.

A person who is better than I was yesterday. A person who is not settling and is always willing to learn and grow. 

The kind of person who is willing to take a hard look at myself and see where I can improve.

This is a journey you begin and I don’t think there is an end.

 And do I even need to mention how much happier of a person you will become by trying to better yourself?

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Here Are 17 Ways You Can Work On How To Be A Better Person

1) Read

Are you surprised that reading is #1 on this list? 

Reading is an amazing way to hear a different perspective and get a heavy dose of inspiration. 

Feeling a little off? I highly suggest picking up a book!

These are the very best self-help books out there! (I also just finished this book the other day and absolutely loved it)

2) Be Nice and Kind

This seems like a pretty simple idea.

Be flipping nice. I think many times we are going through the motions and we are so busy that we forget to just be nice.

Have you ever looked around at how people act and think that basic manners have just flown out the window? Yeah, me too.

Kindness goes a little deeper. More along the lines of showing compassion and being helpful. Really being there for others. 

And this does not mean always plastering a smile on your face. Or letting people treat you any such way. I am just talking about being a decent person. Treating others the way you would want to be treated. 

3) Be Slow to Judge

Dang is it easy to be a Judgey Judy?

I know. It is so easy to jump on the judgment train and ride it with your hands waving in the air. 

It is almost like once you start it is hard to stop. Kind of like how I feel when I eat chocolate or drink mojitos. 

But we all know what it feels like to be judged. And dang, it does not feel good. 

4) Be Grateful

Do you practice gratitude?

It is one of the best things you can do for yourself. To really live a life in which you seek out things to be grateful for. 

Try writing down a few things every day that you are grateful for. Train your brain to naturally see the good around you.

Grab a journal/notebook and start this habit ASAP!

5) Treat Yourself Right

You want to be a better person? Try treating yourself better, friend. 

Get sleep, eat semi-healthy, move your body in some way and just do things that are good for you!

Put good in and get good out. Am I right or am I flipping right? 

6) Let Go of Anger

This is not in any way saying that anger is “bad”. It is a human emotion and we will all feel it. But it becomes harmful to us when it begins to consume us.

If you are so full of anger that it is literally seeping out of your pores, then it is time for a change. 

7) Be Positive

Does this mean you act like the world is all rainbows and sunshine? No such luck.

But this does mean you try to look on the bright side. You do not let every little thing get to you.

There will always be negative around. But you choose whether you water that negativity plant or not.

Check out these tips on how to be more positive!

8) Limit Social Media

Don’t get me wrong, I love it and it can be amazing. But it can also be extremely distracting. Not to mention cause some serious comparison issues. 

Make sure you are spending more time living your actual life then scrolling through the highlights of someone else’s. 

9) Check Your Social Circle


Think about the people you spend your time with. What are they adding to your life? 

I really hope they are adding some good stuff. But if it feels like they are draining you or dragging you in a direction you don’t like, then it may be time to make some changes. 

This book on boundaries is a must-read if you struggle with standing up for yourself and your wants and needs due to the impact it could have on others. 

10) Get Organized

Clear the clutter in all areas of your life. I truly think that having too much physical “stuff” can fill your head with too much mental “stuff.”

A heavy dose of organization will make you feel so much lighter. 

Read all about how to organize your home here!

And don’t miss these tips to organize your life!

11) Jump Off The Comparison Train

We all know comparing ourselves and our lives to what other people have is no way to live. We know it gets us nowhere.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t take a ride on the comparison train all the way down to comparison town every now and then!

Next time you find yourself guilty of comparing try this simple but very effective tip. Name a few things you are grateful for. Shift your mind from focusing on a negative to a positive. 

Here are some other super helpful ways to stop comparing yourself to others.

12) Keep Complaining To a Minimum

This can be a hard habit to break. I know. Complaining is totally normal. We all do it.

But be aware of how much you complain. And about what. Are you making a stink about every little thing that got on your nerves today? 

OK, the line at your favorite coffee shop was longer than usual. Not the end of the world. 

You forgot to grab milk at the store. It’s OK. Unless you have some cookies you were really looking forward to dunking. Then I really am sorry. But it is still not the end of the world. 

My husband is great at stopping me from going down the complaint rabbit hole. He has something he always says to me and it usually snaps me out of it.

Is everyone OK? He asks me this and it puts things into perspective. 

You only have so much time in a day. Try not to spend more time complaining than you are enjoying your time. 

13) Be On a Journey To Joy

What brings you joy? And the answer can not be your partner, your kids or pets.

Really think about what brings you joy? Do you have an answer?

Be on a journey to seek out things that bring you joy. Things that fill you up.

I think this is great for keeping you open to trying new things as well. 

14) Goals

Do you have goals set for yourself? Right now. Could you name at least one goal you have?

I highly suggest making a list of goals. Having something written down can work wonders for holding yourself accountable. 

Don’t miss these tips on how to set and achieve your goals!

15) Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

I know the thought of going outside of your comfort zone can be scary. Not to mention extremely uncomfortable. But good things can and most likely will come from it. 

We don’t want to get so comfortable that we are unwilling to be open to new experiences or opportunities. 

16) Live a Little

I mean really living. Not just going through your day-to-day life with glazed-over eyes. 

There will always be responsibilities and routines. But last time I checked, we are not robots. Even though some days it feels like it. Heck, some days it may seem like being an actual robot would not be half bad. It would be super-efficient. 

But life is supposed to be lived. Not just a random 4 letter word you function your way through.

Laugh all the time. Eat some raw cookie dough. Go to the concert. Take the 3-hour nap. No, really take the nap. 

Do the things you want to do. Do them now. 

17) Never Stop Trying To Be Better

This is a big one. As I mentioned earlier, self-improvement is a never-ending journey. There are always things to learn. Things to improve on. There is always room to grow.

Do not set out with a “once I do this” mentality.

Think more along the lines of life long journey. 

Nothing on this list means you will be a perfect person that never has a bad day. Never has a less than desirable attitude. 

But it does mean you will be more open to learning and evolving. 

I really hope to be the kind of person that adds good to the world. I want to be living my best life even when I am not eating ice cream on the beach.

I want to be living my best life way below the surface. Don’t you?

Any tips on how to be a better person? Please share!

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