How To Be A Fun Mom

How To Be A Fun Mom: 10 Super Simple Ways

how to be a fun mom

Let’s start this off with the million-dollar question to ask yourself.

Am I a fun mom? 

Simple question, right? But maybe not such a simple answer. 

I would like to think I am. But fun is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about parenting.

I think about laundry, dishes, and making sure my child actually ate some nutritious food today. Not just two licks of her dang dinner. 

I think about reading books and practicing numbers and letters. And I think about teaching her manners. Oh, and making sure the house does not look like a Tasmanian devil ran through it.

Does any of that sound fun? Not really.

Would you consider yourself a fun mom?

Fun may not always be at the forefront of our minds. But maybe it should be. It should at least get a little attention. 

I don’t want my daughter to think of me as the person who rather be cleaning the house than rolling around laughing.

I don’t want her to ever think that the most important thing to me is crossing everything off my to-do list. Hot dang, I do love crossing things off though!

There is no way around the fact that parents have full plates. Your fun portion on the plate may be a little small. I know mine is sometimes. OK, maybe a lot of the time. 

The ideas on this list are simple. And simple is exactly what our kids are looking for. Extravagant is not even on their radar. Not yet! Fingers crossed it stays that way as long as possible.

If you have become a mom who feels a little bit lame, this post is for you!

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Here Are 10 Ways You Can Be A Fun Mom Today!

1) Sing

I find that just having music on in my home creates a better atmosphere. Singing at the top of your lungs is just a bonus. 

Music makes everything better.

My daughter is very serious about giving concerts in our home. She is obsessed with this karaoke machine. (I am a little less obsessed with it but there are worse things… like slime)

I love this one because it gives kids a chance to see parents being free and silly. Basically, the opposite of serious!

2) Dance

Is there anything better than watching kids dance? It really is one of my favorite things.

And I love to dance too. But you won’t catch me busting a move very often. What is that saying? Dance like no one is watching. Yeah, I have a hard time with that. But kids do not. 

Music is magical. It is a great way to get yourself in a positive mindset. It is hard to be grumpy with jams playing in the background. Really. It is. Just try being a crab when a catchy tune is blasting. 

And did I mention this is perfect for those days when you are not feeling it? We all know being a mom is not amazing every second of every dang day. It’s OK to say that. 

When in doubt, dance it out. Is that a thing? 

3) Get Messy

Messy may actually be my child’s love language. For real. 

I am not always quick to jump on the messy train. But if I step back I realize it’s not that big of a deal. And it is actually pretty fun!

Saying yes to a mess is sure to make your little one smile!

(These dot markers get two thumbs up from me)

4) Play Dress-Up

Put on funny outfits. Maybe even bust out some face paint. Let your child call the shots with this one.

I would suggest drawing the line at them trimming your bangs but that is completely up to you!

Also, I know dress-up clothes can get out of hand. This accordion wall hanger is a great way to keep things a little more organized. It looks nice too. 

5) Cuddle on the couch

Maybe being the mom who chills out sometimes is being the fun mom. I don’t like the word lazy very much but that is exactly what I am talking about. A lazy day on the couch with a pile of snacks and a pile of movies. 

I am not saying this will happen very often. Kids have so much dang energy most of the time.

But if the opportunity presents itself, pop a squat right next to them. Let your butt make an indent in that couch and don’t feel bad about it for one second. Your butt imprint is memories in the making. 

Your kid is never going to remind you of that day you got the house spotless. But they may remind you of that day you spent way too much time sprawled out on the couch eating popcorn.

6) Don’t Rush

Slow down. Take your time.

I know there are many times when we have to pay attention to time. But what if sometimes we didn’t look at the clock or set a timer? 

What if we just went with the flow? This is one I am currently working on. It can be nice to live on “kid time” every once in a while. 

7) Let Your Kids Choose

Within reason, obviously. But if it does not involve something dangerous or expensive then why not.

Do you ever find yourself quick to say no? I do. But hold up. Are all those no’s necessary? Does this mean you have to say yes to everything? Absolutely not, people. Kids need boundaries and structure. 

But allowing them to have the reins every now and then is OK. 

8) Have a Day of “YES”

This is not something to do all the time. Kids would be taking over the house.

But every once in a while, we have something we call a day of “yes.” A day when the word no is banned from the kingdom. 

Do you know what I usually find?

My daughter does not tend to ask for anything extreme. It is usually things like a cookie with breakfast or playing with something messy. Kids love to get messy. That’s why it is #3 on this list!

9) Get Rough

My daughter loves to have tickle fights, wrestle, and climb and swing on me like an acrobat. And she takes it to another level when my husband plays with her. 

And we can count this as our daily exercise! 

10) Break Routine

Where are my routine lovers? You are my people. You can still be my people if routines aren’t your thing. But man do I love a solid routine. And I truly believe kids do too. 

In my house, we are pretty serious about morning routines and bedtime routines!

But switching things up every now and then is fun and exciting for little ones. Heck, it’s fun for adults too! A little spontaneity is a good thing.

It really is the simple things. The little things. The things that don’t take much effort.

I used to think we had to be doing something big for my daughter to have some real fun. A trip to the waterpark or the zoo. Even a trip to Disney World!

My daughter would be happy if she could paint my face and have an extra scoop of ice cream!

You know what kids really want? To spend time with you!

This is not to say you need to throw all your responsibilities out the window. Skip laundry for a week and let mold grow on the dishes in the sink.

A clean house keeps me sane. Sorry not sorry about that. 

But having fun does not mean every day has to be a crazy adventure. It means taking a second to look when your child is making a silly face. And then making one back. 

My goal is for my house to be filled with more smiling and more laughing. 

Every day does not have to be a party. But every day there is time for good old-fashioned fun. 

Ask your kiddos what they want to do for fun. And even if you don’t think you are a fun mom, I bet your kids do!

In what ways do you try to be a fun mom? Share Away!

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How To Be A Fun Mom: 10 Super Simple Ways

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  1. anne Avatar

    Love these ideas! Two simple fun things we did recently: reading in the bathtub, and a neighborhood walk at night. Both were magical. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Chelsey Avatar

      I love those ideas! The simple things really are the best!

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