How To Be A Happier Person

How To Be A Happier Person: 17 of The Very Best Tips

how to be a happier person

How To Be A Happy Person and Enjoy Your Life

Hey, friends!  

I have a serious question for you. Are you ready? 

Drum roll, please!

Are you happy?

Want to talk about how to be a happier person?

Dang, that was two questions. My bad!

Do you ever wish happiness could be delivered in a box? I would definitely pay extra for next-day delivery. Get me that happiness ASAP. 

Since that has not been invented yet. We have to do this all by ourselves. We have to figure out realistic things we can start doing today. Right now! 

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Here Are 17 Tips on How To Be A Happier Person

1) Try Something New

We become bored. And do not think by any means I am saying we are sitting around bored all day. Let me go daydream about what that would be like real quick. 

OK, I’m back. 

I am talking about being mentally bored. Many days, we do the same things we did the day before. And the day before that. Do I need to go on? I think you get the point.

Let me make one thing clear. I love routines. But we have to shake things up from time to time. Do a little shimmy dance right out of our normal day-to-day agenda.

(My something new was this blog)

Give fear and doubt the middle finger and go try something new!

P.S. This does not at all mean you have to go all out and try skydiving or base jumping (unless you feel called to do those things of course) Think small and doable things. Small things are where it is at. 

2) Embrace the Sad

OK, let me explain. I used to deny sadness. Avoid it like I avoided my chatty neighbor. But that did me no good. 

It did not just disappear. I couldn’t pop some pimple cream on and give it a few days. There is no magical ointment you can apply for the days you feel down. 

You want to know a secret. It is OK to have a sad day. You will not feel like a ray of sunshine 365 days a year. The expectation of endless happiness is so completely unrealistic. 

Our feelings do not fall under the categories of good or bad. They are all just emotions that we all experience. 

Work through your emotions. Don’t hide them at the back of the closet like you did those 3 new pairs of shoes you were hiding from your husband. Just me?

3) Live Your Life

Does that sound cheesy? If it does then sorry not sorry. 

Get out there and live your life, sista! 

Try the new restaurant you have been talking about for months. Take that new exercise class you have been eyeing. (these are great low-pressure ways to try new things also)

How many times do we mention things we want to try? ALL THE TIME. I hear it constantly. People (including myself) say they saw this or heard about that and wanted to give it a shot. 

Put some of those thoughts into action!

4) Today is Today

I guarantee you will feel many more emotions than just happiness. This does not mean you are not living a happy life. This means you are just like the rest of us.

Some days getting out of bed just sucks. The days when making small talk with Pam at work will feel excruciating. 

But you will make it through the day and tomorrow is a new day!

5) Social Media Cleanse

Anytime I think of any form of personal development, I think of social media. It is legit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Am I right?!

I know everyone says to understand that what you see on Instagram or any other social media platform is not always real life. We all know this. But when we get sucked into this vortex it does not feel that way. 

Take a social media break. Give your brain some much-needed rest from being so concerned about what Sarah (the mom you follow but do not know at all in real life) is doing with her kids. 

I highly recommend checking out this awesome book I just read. It really dives in and breaks down all these ideas about how and why we have difficulty being satisfied and content with our lives. 

6) Take Care of Yourself

Can I get an Amen?!

Treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. I am not talking about eating carrot sticks all day and never-ending your night with a huge bowl of cereal(my favorite late-night snack). I am talking about doing more things that make you feel good. 

Drinking a butt-ton of water makes me feel good. It makes the bathroom my BFF but staying hydrated is what I like. 

Find a form of exercise you can semi-stand. Working out is not my favorite but it is important. (let’s call it moving our bodies instead of workout out…rolls off the tongue a little nicer)

Get some shut-eye. Really, get enough sleep if you can! 

Put good in and get good out! Rinse and repeat!

7) Have Direction

If I am not working towards something I feel stagnant. I like to have goals. Even if they stress me out a little (or a lot) sometimes.

Have a sense of direction of where you are headed. Where your life is going.

Ask yourself these questions. 

How do I want to live my life? What are some things I want to do? Things I want to accomplish?

Read all about goals and how to achieve them here!

8) Purge

I love to do this. LOVE!

There are so many things that bring me joy. Decluttering is definitely right there on the top of the list! I literally have a smile on my face while typing this. If someone saw me right now they would think I was evil. I am smirking like a supervillain that just uncovered a secret. 

Purge and thank me later. Less stuff in front of you and less stuff in your mind will make you feel like a new person. 

This post on how to organize your life will get you started!

9) Mindfulness

Be in the moment. Right now. This makes you slow down. Take a breath. Just take your dang time. This makes me happier in one huge way.

Appreciation. I get to actually appreciate things. Not just rush through trying to get to the next thing going on. 

This seems like a simple idea but it can be very challenging. I know it can be a struggle for me at times.

There are so many thoughts running through our brains that it feels almost impossible to focus on one thing at a time. 

Practice being in the here and now!

10) Social Circle

Spend more time with people who make you feel good. Those people that add some serious light to your life. 

Take a good, hard look at those you choose to share your time with. 

Remember your time is valuable. Treat it as such.

11) Laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine. OK, girl talk might be above it but laughter is definitely a contender for the top three at least.

How about you plan a night with some girl talk which will without a doubt be filled with lots of those belly-shaking laughs that make you snort!

12) Take a Chill Pill

Don’t you wish these were real? I mean, like something you could walk into the store and grab right off the shelf. 

My husband would definitely be grabbing me those chill pills from aisle 9!

This is all about choosing where you spend your energy. And really this comes down to spending it wisely. 

Try not to deplete your battery by allowing every little thing to annoy or anger you. 

13) It’s OK Not to Be OK

We are so quick to plaster a smile on and go on like things are fine and dandy. Even when they are not fine and they are certainly not dandy. 

We need to be taking care of our mental health. By any means necessary. 

14) Read a Book

Want to know a little dream I have? 

Being part of a huge book club. Oh, and going to a workout class with Busy Philipps.

One of those is probably a little more likely to come true. 

But real talk, I love books. Especially self-help books. The fact that something someone wrote has the power to change the way I do things just gets me. I get fired up just typing about it. 

Please check out these amazing self-help books. They will not disappoint!

If you have ever struggled with your time and prioritizing, then this book is for you. (I am actually reading it for a second time right now)

15) Music

Music is magical! Let me say that again. Music is straight-up magical! 

We all have those songs that come on and we instantly feel good. Those songs that get our feet tapping and shoulders moving. 

I love to be surrounded by music. It is always playing in my house. Unless I am binge watching Netflix of course. 

Point is, add more music to your life! This may be the easiest tip when it comes to how to be a happier person. 

16) Do Things For Others

The other day I let a nice woman go in front of me in line at the grocery store.

She only had a few things. I also only had a few things but I also had a child. Any parent reading this knows checking out with kids is not always a quick process.

It was something so small. But she thanked me about 4 times. And my daughter pointed out how nice I was. YES! I was feeling like a rock star that day. 

My kid called me nice. Many days I am the proud winner of the meanest mom ever award. 

These can be the smallest things or bigger gestures. It is all about putting more kindness out into the world. (and I truly believe that, like a boomerang, that kindness comes back around to you)

17) Gratitude 

If you are always on the hunt for negative things, you will find them. 

What if you were always on the hunt for positive things? Things you are grateful for? 

It seems like a much better way to live your life if you ask me. 

Grab a journal (like this one) and dedicate it to things you are grateful for.

Build the habit of writing in it every day. Heck, to make this easier you could set it right next to the coffee maker or your laptop. Pairing it with something you already do will make it that much easier to stick to. 

 Happiness is a choice. It is a choice to take care of yourself. A choice to take a look inside and see where there is room for improvement. 

You choose how your days are spent. You choose how you spend your time. And you choose how you live your life. 

Share any tips you have on how to be a happier person!

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How To Be A Happier Person: 17 of The Very Best Tips

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