How To Be A Morning Person

How To Be A Morning Person: 7 Things To Try

how to be a morning person

Ah, morning time! Isn’t it glorious?

Not for everyone!

So, let’s talk about how to be a morning person.

Or maybe how not to despise mornings is more fitting.

It seems like such a simple thing. Wake up in a good mood. Ready to take on the day.

But for many people, the idea of pulling the covers back over their heads is the only thing they are thinking about.

Now, let’s be honest. Some people just happen to be morning people. Getting up and getting going is no problem for them.

Other people are the complete opposite. Like my husband.

He is definitely not a morning person. It used to be so bad. It really bothered me.

That is not to say that I jump out of bed singing and dancing. But I don’t grunt like an angry ogre. Which is exactly what my hubby would do. He literally would not be able to form words.

My daughter, on the other hand, wakes up happy as can be every single morning. And she is ready to take on the day! I’m not always overjoyed by her 6:30 wake-up calls. But it is hard not to love her smile and overly positive attitude!

Think about this. Your morning sets the tone for the day.

I am not going to tell you that you will love mornings all of a sudden after reading this. But doing these things may help you dread the sun peeking through your curtains a little less. Hopefully, a lot less.

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Learn How To Be A Morning Person With These 7 Simple Tips

1) Sleep

OK, this seems like an obvious point. But you knew it would be a star player in this whole morning thing.

Are you getting enough sleep?

In some situations, the amount of sleep a person gets is not completely in their control. I am mainly talking about kiddos. They love to give us a sleepless night here and there.

But for a lot of people, including myself, not getting enough sleep is a direct reflection of their own choices.

Netflix has been known to keep me up way past my bedtime! My phone is right there at the top of the list too.

But hot dang being tired in the morning is no fun.

Ever heard someone say they were so tired? Of course, you have. You have probably said this.

Ever heard someone say they stayed up way too late? Again, of course, you have!

The answer. Get some more sleep!

Do not underestimate the power of consistently prioritizing sleep.

2) Morning Routine

Have a morning routine that you look forward to.

This can be as simple as your favorite breakfast and a cup of coffee (a funny mug gets you some bonus points).

I look forward to my cup of coffee. I think about it before I go to bed. And I love to eat peanut butter toast and a banana.

I love to start my morning like this. And most days, I also read for 20 minutes. (obsessed with these books)

Or grab my journal and write out how I’m feeling or what I need to get done that day.

One thing I have spent a lot of time practicing is not spending my morning on my phone. 

There is no right or wrong answer here. Create a morning routine that makes you want to get up.

how to be a morning person

3) Prepare the night before

Having things ready will make mornings much more pleasant! Believe me. Going to bed knowing the morning time will be a rushed mess is not a good feeling.

Nobody wants to be laying in bed dreading the morning. And do you think awesome sleep will be happening if you are feeling this way? Probably not!

One of my daily habits is to always prepare the night before and it makes a huge difference. A stress-free morning is the way to go!

4) Set a goal

If you are reading this, then you most likely have a reason for wanting to make the most of your mornings.

What will getting up earlier do for you?

What will getting up with a better attitude do for you?

If we put purpose behind an action, it makes all the difference. 

(Read all about goals here!)

5) Get up at the same time every day

You want this morning person business to stick. Consistency is key.

Pick a time and get up at that time every day.

I still set an alarm but I almost always wake up about 10 minutes before it goes off.

Another little side note. Make your alarm something pleasant. Maybe even some music. But don’t make it a sound that fills you up with rage.

6) Put on some jams

Remember how I mentioned Mr. Angry Ogre earlier? I mean, my husband.

Well, this is what he does every single morning. He puts on some music and I swear after 2 songs he is a different person.

Music is great for getting anyone out of a funk.

Put on some upbeat music first thing in the morning. Hard to be cranky when a song is making you want to shake your booty.

Or you could put on something calm and relaxing. Club vibes (which is my go-to) are not a necessity. 

7) Write yourself a note

Really. Write a note. Think about how you want to feel tomorrow. What kind of day do you want to have?

Or maybe you have a jam-packed day tomorrow. Write a little note of encouragement.

My favorite is to write something funny. I think humor is the answer to so many things. And what could set a better tone for the day than a good laugh in the morning?

Stick this note on the bathroom mirror. Or wherever you will see it right away when you get up.

Now you have a little mini pep talk staring back at you!

So, there you have it.

Do you think any of these little tidbits of information will help you in your journey to becoming a morning person?

Remember, this will take time. Don’t get down if you are having some trouble. Keep your head up. Write yourself another funny note. And tell mornings to bring it on!

Starting your day off on the right foot is always a good idea.

*Also, it is not in your power to make every morning simply amazing. At any time in your day, you can do a reset.*

How do you start your day?

Share any tips you may have on how to be a morning person!

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How To Be A Morning Person: 7 Things To Try

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