How To Be Content in Life

How To Be Content in Life: 7 Wonderful Ideas To Consider

how to be content in life

Simple Ways To Feel Content With Your Life

This is all about how to be content in life. That’s a simple ask. (or is it)

While contentment may be a simple concept, achieving it in our day-to-day lives may not come to us so easily. 

First off, what is contentment?

Contentment is about being satisfied with your life. It’s about really embracing your life for what it is and appreciating what you have.

It’s about finding joy in the way your life is right now. Seeing beauty in the life you have while also being able to embrace life’s ups and downs. 

In today’s world, this is no easy feat. The idea of being “hungry” for more is all around us.

And let’s not make the mistake of pairing contentment with complacency. Those two things are not the same.

Being content in our lives in no way means we stop wanting more in our lives. It doesn’t mean we throw our hands up and take on an “it is what it is” mindset.

But it does mean that we dig a little deeper and look below the surface. Peel back the onion layers of our lives. (I just watched Shrek with my toddler so the onion reference was fresh on my mind)

The reality is that none of us will ever have this picture-perfect life. That’s just not how it works.

This is where being content with your life can come into play. We can be content and still have goals and dreams for the future. 

We can be content and still have some messy parts of life. Some things that need attention. 

The key is we don’t need to be constantly chasing something or trying to fix something. We might end up missing the bulk of our lives living that way.

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Here Are 7 Powerful Ideas on How To Be Content in Life

1) Digital Detox

I am going to start with this one. (and it’s a big one)

If you go on social media right now I can almost guarantee that you will see a few (or be bombarded with) people trying to persuade you to buy something. 

You need this. You want this. This (insert something to buy) will change your life. 

Maybe it’s clothes or a new item for your home that is a must-have. 

The point is there will be endless opportunities for you to be influenced. 

This is not always a bad thing. There is a lot of good stuff on social media. But we can fall into this trap of believing that a great pair of pants or pretty dish towels will profoundly impact our lives.

I mean, maybe they will for a short time. In the long run, however, these external purchases may not carry as much weight as we thought. 

They pack a quick punch of good feelings. Not a long-lasting good feeling. 

Also, it’s just a good idea in general to spend more time showing up in your actual life than scrolling on your phone. 

2) Gratitude

Ok, I am very aware that someone telling you to be more thankful, grateful, or appreciative of your life doesn’t always sit well.

But grab a gratitude journal and give it a shot anyway. 

It is very easy to notice and remember the not-so-pleasant parts of our days. The small annoyances tend to stay at the forefront of our minds. 

It takes consistent effort to give the good stuff their time in the spotlight. That’s why writing things down comes in clutch here. 

If we only remember the iffy parts of our days then (of course!) our lives won’t feel that great all the time. 

And this is not about only seeing the good and shoving the hard stuff down. There’s space for it all. 

We just might need a bit more of a push so the good things don’t slip through the cracks. 

3) Be Present

Will you enjoy every single moment of every single day of your life? Not likely. 

Being present is really about being fully engaged in the here and now. 

Dwelling on the past is something I’m guessing many of us struggle with. The past can be like an itch you just can’t fully reach. It’s not ruining your life but it’s hanging out trying to steal your attention.

And the future isn’t here yet. Now, I am a world-class worrier so I am not going to tell you to just not worry about anything. (I am regularly working on this by sitting down with a notebook and doing a brain dump or worry dump)

The point is…

Life is happening right now. Right this minute. As I type this on a random Monday, my three-year-old is playing with blocks on the floor and calling my name more often than I would like.

So I am going to squeeze in a few more minutes of this and then go play with her. 

Have you ever seen the movie Click? It’s an Adam Sandler classic where he gets his hands on this remote that allows him to fast-forward through a lot of the mundane moments of life. 

But by the end, he realizes that he was fast-forwarding through the bulk of his life. And who wants to miss their life?

Being truly present is not a one-and-done choice you make and never look back. It’s a choice we make over and over with consistent effort. (it’s always worth all the effort)

4) Be Realistic

This is all about not setting yourself up by having unrealistic expectations of what life is or how it should be.

Ups and downs are just part of the gig. Challenges are a normal and natural part of life. 

Different seasons of life are going to come with their own struggles or hardships. 

We can often feel like if we do the “right” things then our lives will be a certain way. That’s just now how it works.

Life is a wild ride. Being realistic can help with accepting life for what it is. This can be huge when it comes to not pairing a bad day or a tough season with having a bad life. 

We are better able to navigate through obstacles rather than have them derail us. (for the most part…we all get a little derailed from time to time)

5) Comparison…

Is often referred to as being the thief of joy.

And that may be true. 

But I don’t want to label it as this big bad monster we should run away from.

Depending on the situation, it can be a decent motivator. 

The real danger and risk of damage enter the picture when we begin to pick apart our lives after seeing another person’s life and believing it is superior to ours. 

We can start to view our lives as lacking. 

There is no one-size-fits-all for life. 

So a lot of the time comparing is just a fruitless way to spend our precious time. 

Here is a more in-depth look at some tips for comparing.

6) Declutter

I love a good decluttering session.

In my life and home, I strive to live with a less is more mentality. 

This helps to not base our lives or how we feel about our lives on external factors so much. Material things, of course, have a place in our lives. It’s crucial to view this from the perspective of things can and will add to our lives and be cool to have but they don’t make up our lives. 

Simplifying your calendar or your commitments can be a game changer as well. 

It comes down to making deliberate choices on what we allow to take up space in any area of our lives. 

7) Find Joy in Everyday Moments

Don’t think too hard on this one. Don’t overcomplicate it. 

There are no right or wrong answers here. 

Drinking my coffee on the patio while listening to the birds. (this mug brings me joy)

Dancing around the living room listening to songs that make me feel good.

Cuddling my kiddos. Playing Scrabble with my husband. Laughing about everything and nothing with my girlfriends. 

Reading a book that makes me smile. 

Feeding ducks. The smell of freshly cut grass. 

You get the gist. There are so many moments in our days that can be easily overlooked. 

We have to be intentional about where our attention is going. And also strive to see how important those seemingly small moments are. 

Practicing being content with your life can provide a sense of peace. 

It’s about knowing that life is always changing and shifting. But you can love your life as it is right now, even with all the flaws or mishaps that come along with living. 

It’s ok to want more. It’s ok to want change. 

You can and should still feel good about your life. 

Have any tips on how to be content in life?

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How To Be Content in Life: 7 Wonderful Ideas To Consider

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