How To Be Your Best Self

How To Be Your Best Self: 7 Super Helpful Tips

how to be your best self

How To Be Your Best Self Every Day

OK, let’s talk. 

Let’s have a little (or big) chat all about how to be your best self. 

What comes to mind when you think of those words? BEST SELF!

You might be thinking about where to begin. What to do first. It might seem a little overwhelming.

But let’s look at this idea from a pressure-free perspective. 

First off, let’s make one thing very clear.

Your best self is not hidden somewhere. Your best self is not waiting to be uncovered and brought to life. 

You get to create it. See how I didn’t say “you have to” right there.

No, we get to do that. What a privilege, right?

To get to build ourselves and our lives just the way we want them. 

Becoming your best self does not in any way mean that every aspect of your life will be challenge free. Hiccups will happen.

But when we put in the effort to truly work on ourselves and our lives then we are without a doubt so much better equipped to handle the beautiful and often wild ride of life.

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Here Are 7 Tips All About How To Be Your Best Self

1) Make Yourself a Priority

If you made a list right now of important people and things in your life, where would you fall on that list? 

Here’s a better question. Would you even be on that list?

We can be so quick to put our wants and needs last. Or worse, not even give our wants and needs an ounce of consideration. 

This is not the way to do things. Does this happen to a majority of us, though? Absolutely. 

And I think it can go on for so long that treating ourselves as an afterthought becomes second nature. It might even feel strange or uncomfortable to change things up. 

Here’s the thing.

We have to change things up. We need to change that way of thinking if we want to truly enjoy our lives. (and of course, we all want that, right?)

If this is an area you struggle with, start small.

Grab a notebook (this one is simple yet beautiful) and jot down a few important things in your life right now. But put yourself as #1 on that list. Continue to do this until you feel a shift in how you view yourself and how important and valuable you are. 

Another aspect of prioritizing yourself is taking care of yourself. How are you doing mentally, physically, and emotionally? 

How are you? Really answer that question.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of basic things such as sleep, water intake, and moving your body. 

2) Learn

The older I get, the more I have developed a very strong love for learning. 

Knowledge is power. It really is. 

Being open to learning also allows you to more easily welcome new and differing perspectives.

An open heart and open mind for the win!

My favorite learning tool is hands down books. These are my favorite personal growth books

I also recently read this beautiful book which is all about how we view ourselves and how we view our entire lives. 

And this book is equally impressive. It is a deep dive into priorities and how we spend our valuable time and energy. 

Don’t worry if you have not jumped on the bookworm train yet. There is definitely no shortage of podcasts out there on any and every topic you could think of. 

The real takeaway here is that learning in whatever capacity you choose will always be a good choice and have a positive impact on your life. 

**Also, if you want to take it a step further in the learning department, you should check out Coursera. It’s an online learning platform that offers thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates and degrees. 

3) Comparison

We have all heard that saying in regard to comparison and the impact it can have on our lives. 

Comparison is the thief of joy. 

Well, there’s a good reason we have all seen these words or heard these words. They are true.

But even though we know that in most instances comparing does not serve us or our lives in any way, we still do it.

Social media plays a massive role in this. The internet has this way of convincing us that everyone else is thriving and living their very best lives and we are well… not. 

Do you know what this calls for? A social media break. Your life will always be just a little shy of measuring up if you are grading it against curated pictures and videos on the internet.

Here are some other tips all about how to stop comparing yourself to others.

4) Be Picky

OK, maybe we should use the word selective. Be more selective.

About what you might wonder?


Think about the people you spend time with. Think about the things you bring into your home. 

What do you give your time and energy to? 

We don’t need to fill every bit of our days. We don’t need to fill every nook and cranny of our homes with stuff.

And we definitely don’t need to have full calendars to live a full life. 

This has a lot to do with boundary setting as well. And saying no can present a real challenge for so many of us. 

(BTW… this book on boundaries is a must-read)

You can call it picky or selective but it really boils down to being more intentional in every area of our lives.

Think about things you want for your life. Visions you see or picture for yourself. 

Now, consider if your actions, choices, and habits align with that vision.

If you notice some strong areas of disconnection, this is the time to give yourself full permission to be as picky as you want and need to be. 

5) Seek Joy

There will always be things in life we have to do that may not be necessarily joy-producing. Like laundry or the dishes or cleaning behind the couch. (yikes)

It’s up to us though to look for moments of joy. Or even create those moments throughout our day. 

In my house, any song from the movie Encanto produces some serious joy bombs. (being around my kiddos always gives me the nudge I need to slow down and see the joy in the small things)

Put your joy goggles on and see how much more you will enjoy your day-to-day life when you choose to look for the good. 

6) Nice To Meet…


Have a sort of reintroduction to yourself.

We all change over time. We grow and evolve. And sometimes we need a little refresh.

One thing that is important to give yourself when considering changes is time. And loads of patience. 

This can and should actually be fun. I mean, I know that I am very different now than I was at 27.

And as we grow our families or just take on more in life, we can forget to foster the most important relationship we have. The one with ourselves. 

7) Little Things

When we consider bettering or changing our lives in any way, many of us have a tendency to go big. 

I am going to encourage you to go small instead. 

Think of going small as creating a path to get somewhere. A very intricate and detailed path. A path that may feel like the long way around but the time spent will pay off. 

Think of something small you could do today to make you feel good. Even if it is something that seems so tiny that it won’t make that big of a difference.

Spoiler alert: It will make a difference! Big changes start off as small shifts and pivots.

There is no one clear path to creating your best life and becoming your best self. 

Like you would at a buffet, when it comes to any tips or advice you should take what serves you and leave the rest. 

And remember that life is not a race to win or a puzzle waiting to be finished. 

You don’t need to lace up your running shoes and chase your best self.

You get to get up every day and make choices that feel good to you.

How lucky that one day you get to reflect on how much you’ve grown and most importantly be really proud of yourself. 

Have any tips on how to be your best self? Definitely share!

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How To Be Your Best Self: 7 Super Helpful Tips

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