How To Beat The Winter Blues

How To Beat The Winter Blues 

how to beat the winter blues

How To Beat The Winter Blues This Year

I would not say I have mastered the art of how to beat the winter blues. But I have made a LOT of progress in the last few years.

Especially in the last year!

If you are feeling a little down in the dumps when winter rolls around, you are not alone. Winter just has a way of making me feel down in the dumps much more often than usual. 

I think winter gets to me so much because I miss some of the little things that come with warmer weather……..

like driving with the windows down or coffee on the porch. I mean, I could still technically do those things in the winter but not sure they would bring me that much joy if I am frozen.

Will winter ever be my favorite season? That’s a strong NO. It will probably always be coming in at 4th place. 

But the winter blues are very real. It is crucial to acknowledge how we are feeling and then find ways to better manage those emotions. 

This is really about acknowledging our feelings and not just saying we are fine or acting like everything is ok. 

Sometimes, the simple act of acknowledging and accepting what we are going through can work wonders in helping us thrive in situations that really challenge us.

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Here Are 10 Tips on How To Beat The Winter Blues

1) Music

Can music make all of your worries or sadness disappear instantly? Nope. Dang I wish it could but we are talking about music and not magic.

But music is extremely powerful. There are many days when music is the perfect mood booster that I so desperately need. 

I almost always have music playing in the background at my house. It is one of those simple things that can make a massive difference. And we all have access to it. 

2) Get Outside

OK, hear me out. I know getting outside during winter is not everyone’s idea of a good time. I totally get it. 

Frozen toes are not my jam either. 

But I have decided that I am going to embrace the cold weather. I have been trying to convince my husband to move to a warmer climate for years.

It has obviously not worked yet!

So I basically have two choices. I can complain every day of the year that it is below 40 degrees or I can make the best of it. I live in Wisconsin so the temps being below 40 is very normal. And I don’t want to spend that much of my life complaining. 

So I gotta bundle up and get out there. Even for a few minutes. It might not sound like a great idea but I swear it helps. Try it!

3) Gratitude

This is a great thing to focus on year-round but it especially comes in handy during the winter months. 

It is always easy to think of the issues or frustrations in our lives. It is much more of a challenge to think of and name specific things we are grateful for.

And these can be small things. This isn’t about being thankful for our homes or our families. I mean, of course, we are grateful for those things. 

But this is more about finding tiny little gratitude pockets throughout our days.

I am thankful for a hot cup of coffee in the morning and my favorite blanket (this blanket is SO GOOD) that is perfect for cuddling up with on a cold night. 

I am thankful for my foot scrubber that helps keep my feet looking pretty dang nice during the dry, cold months. This thing can seriously work some magic on feet!

And I am always thankful for a good book. I just started this one and already am hooked. Check out the amazing reviews it has.

Try to make it a habit to find a few small things a day you are grateful for. It can really help your mental health. 

4) Move Your Body

When it is cold outside, exercise is the last thing on my mind. Seriously the last. Like… I will actively try to find other things to do besides workout. 

But I always feel better after a workout session. ALWAYS.

I have never regretted the decision to move my body. 

5) Stay in Touch With People

During the winter months, many people may see their friends and family a little less. 

I know for me, this means I also can get a little lost in my sadness and reach out to people a little less too.

Not this year. I have a dry erase board in my kitchen that I write random things on. I wrote myself a reminder to call or text someone I love. 

This doesn’t always mean long conversations. Some days this is just me sending a funny meme or a screenshot of an inspirational quote I saw.

This is about communication and connection! These are 2 things we shouldn’t underestimate the power of. 

6) Goal For The Day

Write down a few things you want to accomplish each day. 

You know what was on my list today? One load of laundry and cleaning the bathroom floors. That was it.

Nothing extravagant. Write down a few things that you know you can accomplish. I used to try to write this massive list out for myself and then when everything wasn’t crossed off at the end of the day I would be so disappointed. But I was setting myself up for failure.

We are not machines. And I think sometimes we base our worth off of what we got done around the house. Dirty dishes in the sink or a full laundry basket doesn’t define us. 

But when I choose a few small (accomplishable) goals for myself, I feel really good at the end of the day when I got those things done.

This can really change your perspective from “look what I didn’t do” to “look at what I did.”

7) Eat Healthy (ish)

I wish that I could eat pizza, burgers, and ice cream for every meal and feel great. But that is just not in the cards for me. 

I hate to use the “B” word but I think I might have to. Balance. That’s what it’s all about for me when it comes to food. 

I have a sweet tooth and a salty tooth. Lucky me. Chips and chocolate have my heart.

But the older I have gotten, the more I have become really in tune with my body. And I feel a heck of a lot better when I stick with healthier food choices. 

8) Make Plans

Planning is definitely one of my love languages. I also have a deep obsession with all things organization but that is a whole other topic.

I know 2020 put a little bit of a damper on planning. And 2021 is sort of the same right now.

But we can still plan small things.

A date night. My husband and I have started doing date nights at home with a charcuterie board and a puzzle. SO FUN!

A day trip to a new city or small town you have never visited. 

A house project you have been putting off. 

You could even plan for a vacation you want to take much further into the future.

The possibilities are endless. 

Planning can be a great way to change your mindset and I think it also restores that feeling of hopefulness that is so needed during challenging times. 

9) Read a Book

Bookworm right here. I love to read books. These are my absolute favorites but I feel like you just can’t go wrong with reading. 

A book or a podcast or even a TED Talk are all awesome ways to feed our brains and our souls. 

10) Theme Night

Plan one (or 3) movie nights a week.

Plan some game nights. 

I know in my house we like to do something we call a “fancy night.” For me, this just means putting on real pants and a little makeup. But my 7-year-old daughter goes all out. 

This is just one of those small ideas that give us something to look forward to. 

We can not always hide from the winter blues. But we can find ways to make those pesky winter blues feel a little less powerful and a lot more manageable.

Dare I say, Happy Winter?!

I truly hope these tips on how to beat the winter blues help you feel a little less alone and a lot more ready to make it through these next few chilly months!

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How To Beat The Winter Blues 

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