How To Become a Better Version of Yourself

How To Become a Better Version of Yourself

how to become a better version of yourself

Be a Better Version of Yourself Everyday

This is all about how to become a better version of yourself. 

And isn’t that something we can all relate to? Something we can all understand. 

Now that idea is not always easy to digest. It’s tough.


Because the main topic that bubbles up when we start toying with the idea of bettering ourselves is any area that we are not fully happy or satisfied with. 

Areas that we feel need some maintenance.

And this does not always spark feelings of excitement. Big shocker, right?

But the reality is that change is always happening. 

The difference here is you are making a deliberate choice to make changes. 

Think of this as a shift. Pivoting. 

Not a complete overhaul. That just sounds overwhelming. 

One more SUPER important thing I need to mention.

Working toward a better you does not mean that who you are right now at this moment in time is not good enough.

You are! You always will be. 

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Here are 9 Tips on How To Become a Better Version of Yourself

1) Change is Fluid

The concept of becoming better in any area can often feel strict.

Like a super straight path that will get you to your destination. No deviating from that path. 

But that is not at all what real change looks like. 

Change is all about movement. And that movement may not always be in the “right” direction.

Self-improvement can and probably will feel almost impossible and insurmountable if you view it as an all-or-nothing idea.

Fluidity is your friend. 

2) Make a Plan

This could be done by journaling. Or maybe letting your creative juices flow and making a vision board.

Maybe this is you writing one word at the top of a blank piece of paper and seeing where that one word takes you. 

Write it out. 

This is not about preparing a thorough and completely laid out plan. I mean, you can do that if that is how you roll but it is definitely not necessary.

This is about really naming a starting point. A beginning. 

This is taking ideas or thoughts in your head and taking that first step toward action. 

3) Think Small (and specific)

When it comes to thinking about becoming a better version of yourself, starting small is key.

Small and bite-sized is the way to go. 

I always like to think of one crumb leading to another. 

For the record, you can and should shoot for the stars and set hefty goals for yourself. 

When we think of better (in any context), the obvious choice may be to go bigger. 

And bigger can be great. But bigger in terms of you building a better life is on the long-term side of things. 

Starting small is all about the short term. The day-to-day. The month to month. 

The short term really is the meat and potatoes of it all. 

4) Celebrate the Small Wins

Tiny wins will keep things moving forward.

Keep the ball rolling. Keep things in motion.

Self-improvement can feel like moving in slow motion at times. Life changes don’t happen overnight. 

This is why it is so vital to celebrate the small stuff. 

You have to give yourself the time to see things through. To see real changes actually come into play in your life. 

If you don’t acknowledge and celebrate small victories along your journey, you are bound to feel discouraged. 

You do not have to wait to be proud until a certain point is reached or a certain goal is achieved or a certain change has been made. 

Pats on the back will keep the progress train in motion.

5) Keep Track

Writing things down is a great way to remember and keep things at the forefront.

Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. But it is also vital to be disciplined. And this is where keeping track and really just keeping a log of all the progress can make all the difference. 

You have to hold yourself accountable in order to make hard decisions.

And not only make the decisions one time. But to continue to make tough decisions and eventually turn those decisions into habits. 

A perfect way to do this is by grabbing yourself a cute planner. (It is not a fact but I strongly believe that a planner or journal that sparks a little joy can be a game-changer)

Now, the real key here is that you have to actually use the planner. 

Sounds easy but it is one of those things that you might start out strong with and then it fades over time. 

Here are two things that help me with this. Put your planner (or journal) someplace you will see it every single day and set reminders on your phone for when you want to write in it. 

6) Accept Setbacks

Life does not go in a straight line. The same is true with changing and evolving. It is not linear. 

It’s more zig and zag. Forward and back. Push and pull.

Do not expect perfection. 

Perfection will have you falling short every single time. This not only sets you up for failure but also will drain you and suck every ounce of motivation you have. 

By the way, high standards are very different than perfection!

This is all about doing things that serve you. Making choices that serve you.

But mistakes help you learn and grow. Make room for mistakes. 

Make a seat at the table for mistakes. Because they are going to show up whether you like it or not. 

Change does not come easily.

And also remember that change doesn’t come with an instruction manual. Sure, there is an abundance of information out there for you to use. It is literally right at your fingertips. 

But there is no formula of following steps 1 – 4 and your life will be put together. That works for bookcases. But life is a bit more complex. (sometimes those bookcases even give us a run for our money)

And also think about how you respond to setbacks. 

Do you take a dive and bury yourself in judgment and criticism? Do you go to a dark place and tend to stay there?

Your response to a bump in the road is so powerful.

7) Show Up For Yourself

You made the choice to pivot. 

You made the decision to explore what a better you or a better life could look like.

And you deserve the best version of yourself. YOU. Yes, you and your actions and your life impact those around you. But it ultimately comes down to you. 

This is about you putting worth on yourself and doing better for yourself. 

8) Enjoy Your Life

Do you ever find yourself putting off the idea of happiness until X, Y, or Z happens? 

Don’t wait for everything to seem perfect and aligned to enjoy your life.

Spoiler alert… you will be waiting a long time. 

Don’t get caught up in thinking that your life needs to follow a specific timeline. 

A timeline life can be really sad.

I know first hand because I had a timeline set up for myself since I was a teenager. And then, of course, life rarely goes exactly as planned. 

So every single time my real life didn’t line up with my timeline life I felt like I was a failure.

Happiness always seemed so close but at the same time so far away. 

This is no way to live. 

Want more for yourself. Set goals for yourself. But enjoy the ride. 

Don’t put your life on hold or happiness or joy on hold until you have gotten to this place that you think you should be.

Life is happening. All the time. Right now. 

9) There is NO Magic Tip

Stop looking for secrets or quick fixes. You are not one three-step process away from finding your best self.

Everywhere you look, there seems to be a new trick or idea that will bibbidi bobbidi boo your life into a state of amazement.

Yes, there are certain things that will motivate the heck out of you. 

But there is no one magic thing that will be the answer.

Sometimes it can seem as if things will be good once we find that one thing. 

There is no one thing. 

Trust me, I spent a lot of time searching. 

But there are things that will help you. Advice that will feel like it was made just for you. Nuggets of wisdom that truly impact your life.

Always be open and ready and willing to learn. That will serve you well. (that’s about as close to a magic tip that I know)

Change is hard and not something that we will always enjoy. 

But it can also be fun and exciting. 

And for many of us, change is necessary. 

Change can bring about some really good stuff.

Change is like a door opening. A big, beautiful yellow door. 

(I’ve got a thing for yellow… your door can be any color you’d like)

Have any tips on how to become a better version of yourself? Share your wisdom!

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How To Become a Better Version of Yourself

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