How To Become a Better You

How To Become a Better You: 9 Ideas To Consider

how to become a better you

How To Become a Better Person Inside and Out

This is all about how to become a better you. 

But you know what?

The you right now that is reading this is already killin’ it. I just know it.

Ok, I don’t actually know you. But I am going to assume the best. 

Now that we have established the fact that you are awesome.. let’s get to the good stuff. 

The idea of being better means something different to everyone. 

But one thing that we can (hopefully) all agree on is that becoming better is not about perfection. 

This is not about striving to live a mistake-free existence. 

There is no version of your life where every day goes perfectly. 

You will not be happy every single day.

You are not going to love your life every single day. 

Every choice or decision you make will not result in the outcome you desired. 

But the good news is that life is not an all-or-nothing scenario. There are highs and lows but there is also the middle.

Most of life happens in that middle, gray area.

Let’s work on liking ourselves. Loving ourselves. Being proud of ourselves.

And let’s work on not being so dang hard on ourselves!

Easier said than done… I know. 

I find that self-help or life improvement in any form is like a vast ocean. It can feel never-ending. So… where to start?


There’s no right or wrong way to work on yourself. 

Find ideas that speak to you and apply them to your life in a form that fits and a form that works for you.

It’s called personal growth for a reason, right? 

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Here Are 9 Ideas All About How To Become a Better You

1) Slow Down

Have you ever missed your exit on the highway? Or missed a turn because you were on your phone?

I am guilty of both of those things.

Life can feel as if it is moving at warp speed and we are just along for the ride. 

Life can feel like a series of events and you are just going from one thing to the next without much thought.

Being busy is a very real part of life. That is true. And some seasons of life are busier than others. 

But I have an idea we should all try. 

Embrace the turtle type of mentality.

You don’t need to literally slow down and smell the roses. I myself do not daydream about spending an afternoon sniffing flower petals.

I do think we could all do with taking it down a notch or two.

Making sure our days are not on autopilot. Making sure we are actually living our lives and not just going through the motions. 

We all do have obligations in life. But sometimes slowing down can help differentiate and sort through real-life obligations and things that we might have a little more wiggle room with. 

If every nook and cranny of your life is filled, it could be time for some serious evaluation.

2) Learn

There are nuggets of wisdom all around us. 

We have access to an abundance of information. In so many different forms.

Books. (I’m obsessed with this one and this one!) Podcasts. Hello, the internet!

View all of these things as opportunities to learn and grow.

Explore new ideas. Investigate. Search for things that inspire or excite you or motivate you.

Changing and evolving is something that will happen to most of us in some capacity at some point. So why not embrace it? 

**Also, if you want to take it a step further in the learning department, you should check out Coursera. It’s an online learning platform that offers thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates and degrees. 

3) Check-in With Yourself

How are you doing?

How are things going?

I strongly encourage you to talk to yourself. I mean, I’m pretty sure we all do it. 

And you know what?

According to an article from NBC News, it is good for you and your mental health. Click here to check out how and why you should keep on talking to yourself!

Talking out loud can be just the release your mind needs from all the thoughts floating around up there. 

And it can be really great for problem-solving or navigating through an issue. I know for me it helps to put things in perspective and even makes situations (and life in general) feel much more manageable. 

4) Lead With Kindness

And that includes being kind to yourself. Actually scratch that. It all starts with being kind to yourself. 

Being kind to others is of course a good thing too.

This is not to say you need to plaster a smile on your face. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little frustrated when the drive-thru forgot to put your dipping sauce in the bag.

But take inventory of where your energy is going. 

Take note of how you respond or react to day-to-day interactions. 

It can be an uphill battle to treat yourself (or anyone else) with kindness and grace if you have nothing left to give. 

5) Focus on Yourself

This is about a pesky little thing called comparison.

It creates these super unrealistic ideas of what your life should be or what you should have or what you should be doing. 

Unrealistic expectations of you and your house and your car and your kids and your marriage and your kitchen appliances. 

Comparison is a diva. It walks in the door and wants to make its presence known. It wants attention.

Do you know what it does best? It distracts you. 

And before you know it, your life is a blurry mess that is falling short in all aspects.

Here are some helpful tips all about handling comparison when it comes around. 

6) Fill Your Cup

What’s that saying? You can’t pour from an empty cup. There are probably quite a few variations of sayings like that but the basic takeaway is the same. 

And it’s true.

Giving nothing to yourself is a surefire way to feel drained and empty.

And how well can you show up in life when you are empty? Spoiler alert… not very well!

Joy and happiness are not going to start falling from the sky. And you can’t order them from Amazon. Not yet at least.

When it comes to filling your cup and adding joy to your life, you are the one holding the reins. 

Small things for yourself or tiny pockets of joy are often more powerful than we think. 

7) Clean Slate

Being able to move forward is powerful. It is important. 

We often let our past dictate our future (and dictate our present as well).

Holding on for dear life to an older version of ourselves or a different time in our lives does not benefit us. 

Give yourself the gift of a clean slate. 

8) Adjust Your Expectations

Be realistic about what is possible. This is not about stifling your thinking or dreams. But we do have to consider what is actually possible.

Everyone loves to say that anything is possible. And I do believe that for the most part.

Inspirational or inspiring sayings or quotes are great for a quick hit of positivity. But those quotes alone won’t change your life.

This is where it can really come in handy to create bite-sized goals or changes you want to implement. 

Small and consistent habits are where it’s at.

9) Be Patient

Big changes are like rewiring your brain. And that takes time. 

It is so crucial to work that patience muscle. Allow real life to catch up with the vision you have for your life and for yourself. 

Consistency is not this enchanting hard to resist idea. It is pretty dang easy to resist actually. 

Change in any form or capacity doesn’t happen with a click of the heels or a snap of the fingers. 

Expecting your life or really anything at all to change quickly can be a setup for failure.

Remember how we talked about the turtle mentality earlier? Well, here it is again. Slow and steady might not seem exciting but it will win the race. 

There’s no right way to grow. 

Start small and go at your own pace. 

Real changes happen quietly in the background while life is going on. 

Show up. Try. If there was any secret or magic it would be that. Keep trying. Even when you feel stalled.

And also remind yourself regularly that life will be equal parts energizing and exhausting.

Magical and messy.

Fun and boring.

Both ends of the spectrum will ALWAYS be present. 

Which of these ideas on how to become a better you resonates with you?

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How To Become a Better You: 9 Ideas To Consider

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