How To Build a Strong Relationship

How To Build a Strong Relationship: 9 Powerful Tips That Are Sure To Help

how to build a strong relationship

How To Build a Strong Relationship With Your Partner

This is all about how to build a strong relationship.

What words come to mind when you think of your relationship?

Happy. Healthy. Loving. 

Does the word strong come to mind? 

Whether strong comes to mind or not, I am sure we all want to build strong relationships. 

Relationships that feel sturdy and stable.

That sounds pretty good to me. 

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Here Are 9 Tips All About How To Build a Strong Relationship

1) The C Word

Give me a “c”…

Give me an “o”…

Now give me a… ok that is going to take way too long. 

We are talking about communication. So much of a relationship boils down to good old communication. 

Communication is so simple and at the same time so complex.

It is one of those things that many people (myself included) think will just happen naturally. 

The truth is that real and honest communication is hard. And over time, it can become a very challenging aspect of any relationship. 

Holding things in may not seem like a big deal at the moment but all those little times will build up. As time goes on, holding things in and not fully expressing any and all feelings will become the norm.

Do you know what is easy?

Brushing things under the rug. Avoiding uncomfortable conversations. These things are so easy and also so damaging for relationships. 

Talk about the big stuff. The little stuff. And all the stuff in between. 

Also, one of the best things about communication is that it can really keep assuming down to a minimum. And we all know assumptions aren’t great for relationships. 

Here is a more in-depth look at the ins and outs of communicating with your partner. 

2) Quality time

Spend time together.

Are you thinking.. duh? Of course. That seems so obvious.

But then life starts coming at you both full force and spending time together may not be such an easy thing to make happen.

At least not actual quality time. Time without distractions. Time to just simply enjoy each other’s company. 

When it comes to spending time together, quality over quantity is the name of the game. 

By the way…

We have all heard a million times how dating is important. But I also am very aware that dates that involve leaving the house on a regular basis are not always possible. 

I encourage you to do what you can with the season of life you are in. (give one of these at-home date night ideas a shot)

3) Check-in

In my house, we do marriage meetings. 

This is just a time to come together and check-in with each other.

My husband and I like to do these on Sundays so we can go over the week ahead.

This is a great way to prepare your partner if one of you has a very busy week and will be a little less available. 

Checking in is a small but powerful way to stay connected.

When my husband is busy at work, there may be a few days that we don’t get to talk much (if at all). But knowing that we have a weekly check-in eases my mind in a way. 

P.S. It’s always a good idea to keep a list somewhere of things you want to go over. I don’t know about you but if I don’t write something down it disappears from my brain in about 12 seconds. 

4) Be a Team Player

There is no room in relationships for keeping score.

Unless you are busting out the Scrabble board. Then, by all means, keep score!

We can often get hung up on being right or winning a discussion. And this mindset really doesn’t leave much room for growth or progress toward a resolution.

The fight to be right can act as a giant roadblock wedged between you and your partner. 

I think there are many of us that struggle with this concept. And no amount of practice will make us perfect. But practice equals progress in the right direction. 

And for any aspect of a relationship, isn’t that what it comes down to? Consistently trying.

It’s all about practicing skills that serve our relationship. (and practicing them over and over and over again)

5) Don’t Forget About Yourself

When working on your relationship, don’t forget the very important fact that you are one-half of that relationship.


Have your own life. Spend time doing things that bring you joy. Work on growing and improving. 

Don’t lose yourself. “Me” time is important. Heck, it is a necessity. 

Bring your best possible self to a relationship. That will have a ripple effect.

That will create a positive inner vibe that will ooze over into your relationship.

Your relationship will benefit greatly from you making yourself a priority.

If you are a book person, check these out. 

6) Unplug

Turn everything off. Put your phone in a different room. 

Try this every once in a while. 

I am a big fan of technology. But what can often happen is one person is competing with technology for attention.

And I am not talking about a super important phone call or work on a laptop. I am talking about mindless scrolling winning out over noticing something your partner is trying to tell you.

A great idea to try out is designating areas where phones are off-limits. (like the bedroom.. or the dinner table.. or the patio)

This will probably take some practice. 

But tech-free time is something that will always serve your relationship well! 

7) Don’t Compare

Comparing is so dang easy.

Especially with social media these days. We have so much access to other people’s lives.

When you stop and think, it is actually kind of crazy. But we have to remind ourselves that we are seeing what people want us to see.

Comparison can get ahold of us so easily. And its grip is TIGHT. It takes loads of practice to catch comparison before it moves in and gets comfy.

Try this. When you find yourself getting sucked into a comparison wormhole, grab a pen and write down a few things you love about your relationship.

Or just say a few things out loud. Flip the script. Put a focus on what you have!

8) Love Languages

This book is magic. Well, not actual magic but it’s pretty darn close. 

It is all about the different ways people give and receive love. 

Eye-opening. That’s a great way to describe this book. 

And it is such an amazing resource for a relationship. It’s the perfect addition to your relationship toolbelt. 

(here are some more relationship books you should check out)

9) Enjoy The Ride

OK, that might sound like one of those cheesy lines you see on a keychain but hear me out.

We all know that relationships are not going to be beautiful and magical every minute of every day for as long as you both shall live. 

Ups and downs are just part of the gig. 

But in strong and healthy relationships, it is much easier to still be appreciative of what you have… even in the harder times. 

Everything does not need to be firing on all cylinders constantly for you to enjoy your relationship. If that was the case, there might not be much enjoyment going on at all. 

Look for things to be grateful for. 

There will always be hard parts of relationships and heavy parts of life. But there will also be incredible and beautiful parts. 

Highs and lows. Ups and downs. These things co-exist for us all!


So much goes into building and really maintaining happy, healthy, and strong relationships. 

Sometimes that can seem overwhelming.

But slow and steady and consistent will always be a winning formula. 

Have any tips on how to build a strong relationship?

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How To Build a Strong Relationship: 9 Powerful Tips That Are Sure To Help

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