How To Change Your Life Completely

How To Change Your Life Completely

how to change your life completely

How To Make Positive Changes in Your Life

Woo Hoo! This is all about how to change your life completely. How exciting!

And it’s just so easy. 

Wait… I don’t think that’s the right word. 

Scratch that… I know that’s not the right word.

The ideas related to changing your life may seem fairly easy. But implementing them is not. 

Unfortunately, I’m not a fairy godmother whose words hold the power to fix everything. I wish I was. A girl can dream. 

Words are powerful but there has to be some intention behind them. Some action backing them up. 

It’s great to be able to be more aware of qualities or habits we might want to make some tweaks to. We need to jump on that awareness train and keep going. 

This is not about judging ourselves harshly. (because that is pretty much proven not to help us in any way)

Really looking at ourselves and our lives and doing some evaluating can be tough. But it’s better than the alternative.

It’s definitely a better option than just sweeping everything under the rug and plastering a smile on your face. 

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Here Are 7 Ideas All About How To Change Your Life Completely

1) Phone Detox

This is a big one. The benefits are endless.

But one of the largest impacts of this is discovering the ability to be more present in our day-to-day lives. 

So often our phones are used as a way to fill up any empty space or time. I have the perfect example. 

If I am out to eat with my husband and he goes to the bathroom, I grab my phone. WHY? 

To fill up that few minutes of alone time. It almost seems silly when I type it out. 

Why wouldn’t I look around the restaurant? Take in what I am seeing or hearing or smelling. 

Now, I am not hating on phones here. I love mine. There is, however, this way that phones have made it hard to just be. 

I am constantly working on separating from my phone. 

Here is something I know to be true. Life is not happening inside of our phones. And we will never regret being present for ourselves and for the people we love. 

2) Back To Basics

Are you taking care of yourself? Are you taking good care of yourself?

Think about your sleep habits or eating habits. Think about the way you take care of your body. 

These things matter.

And while drinking the recommended amount of water each day will not make your life a fairytale, it has the power to make some kind of a difference. Remember tiny shifts are still shifts.

3) Dissect Your Issues

What do you find yourself complaining about? Ugh. I don’t really care for that word. Complaining. 

Let’s change that to expressing struggles.

What do you find yourself struggling with consistently? 

Me, I struggle with prioritizing myself and finding my identity outside of being a mother. I have been working on this in one way or another for some time. 

We all have something. 

Pulling back the curtain and truly looking at and facing our struggles is the only way for things to improve.

It’s not easy. It’s not always pleasant. It is, however, what needs to be done. 

4) Learn

None of us have lived perfect lives free of challenges or hardships. This means that, yes, we all probably have a little bit of baggage. 

The thing is there is something we can do about that. We don’t have to settle on an “it is what it is” mindset. 

I try to remind my daughter all the time to be open to learning. 

We do not have all the answers to change things about ourselves. I mean, no one has all the answers.

But there is an abundance of information out there in the world. 

There are amazing books, eye-opening podcasts, and TED Talks. Even social media can be extremely beneficial if you curate it to fit your needs. (curating it really is key though)

I am a bookworm and recently finished this book and this one and both are well worth the read. 

**Also, if you want to take it a step further in the learning department, you should check out Coursera. It’s an online learning platform that offers thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates and degrees. 

5) Let Go of Any Timeline

Life is not a race. It’s not a competition you are trying to win. 

That type of mindset is dangerous. It actually backfires and can keep us from actually changing or accomplishing the things we want to. 

A timeline can put so much unnecessary pressure on us. And that pressure can suck the fun right out of life. 

The clock is not ticking down. You have time. 

Now, I do always encourage setting goals. Goals are great and give us things to strive for and work towards. The key is to practice being more fluid with your goals and really life in general. 

Being extremely rigid can be a recipe for a disaster. 

Flexibility and grace will always serve you well. 

6) Lower Your Expectations

Think small.

Showing up in small ways is important. It will always be important. 

I often don’t have the capacity for more than the little things. Big ideas can be flashy and catchy. But are they realistic?

Small changes may not seem like game-changers but they absolutely can be.  

One small thing may lead to another small thing and so on. That’s the entire premise of how big things come about. From countless small things. 

Be realistic about what you are capable of. This has nothing to do with selling yourself short. You’re awesome.

Lowering expectations is about keeping those expectations living in the realm of possibility. Or else you’re setting yourself up to miss the mark. 

7) Routine Maintenance

Think of all the things you take care of. You don’t just take care of them one time. 

The key is to make checking on yourself and taking care of yourself a consistent part o your life. 

This is a lifelong process.

You are not going to wake up one day and realize you are perfect and that every part of your life is going exactly according to plan. 

If you do wake up feeling perfect one day, do some investigating. You may be a robot now. 

Remind yourself often that you are important and deserve to be prioritized. You play a pretty pivotal role in your life. 

Treat yourself accordingly.

It can feel at times as if we are searching for the sweet spot in life. But that spot doesn’t exist. Or maybe it’s all the sweet spot. 

We just have to work to accept the fact that it’s not all sweet.

It’s like when I am dealing with my toddler. Some moments are magical and in other moments I would like to be abducted by aliens just to get a dang break.

Such is life. 

Have any tips on how to change your life completely? Share!

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How To Change Your Life Completely

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