How To Change Your Life in 30 Days

How To Change Your Life in 30 Days: 5 Helpful & Realistic Ideas

how to change your life in 30 days

How To Change Your Attitude in 30 Days

We are going to dive into the idea of how to change your life in 30 days.

And before we get into the nitty-gritty good stuff, let’s go over a couple of important points. 

We are not going to talk about a bunch of fluff. This will be a no-fluff zone.

Change in any capacity is a journey. Now, I don’t know about you but if I am embarking on a journey then I want some real actionable steps. (I don’t just want to be showered with some motivating or inspiring words.)

I’m not going to try my hardest to sell you on the idea that change is easy.

I’m not going to try and convince you that with a few tweaks here and there you could be living a completely different life a month from now. 

I wish I could give you a surefire roadmap that carries guaranteed results. But doing so would make me full of fluff. 

So while this is not a “results guaranteed” type of thing, it is a “give it a good try” type of thing and you might just be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

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Here Are 5 Ideas on How To Change Your Life in 30 Days

1) Put Your Phone Down

OK, if you don’t spend a lot of time on your phone then this does not apply to you.

But I think a majority of us spend a considerable amount of time on some type of device. Dare I say, a bit too much time. (At least that is the case for me)

Let’s hone in on one specific aspect of this technology idea. Social media. 

Social media can easily persuade us (in good and not-so-good ways). It can convince us of things that might not actually be true for us.

It has the power to skew our perspective on ourselves, our relationships, and our circumstances. Basically, it can severely alter the way we view our entire lives. 

It can start this dangerous cycle of comparing our lives and keeping score in a way. And whatever score we give our lives will never be enough. 

Don’t keep score with how your life measures up to something inside of a screen. This will never serve you well. 

Try putting your phone down a little more often. Life is definitely not happening inside of any screen. 

Now, this may sound simple but reaching for our phones is something so many of us do without a second thought. And then the time spent on the phone just seems to fly by. I know I am not the only one who can get lost in what seems like a scrolling vortex. 

Try using a timer. This can be a great tool for keeping track of how long you are spending on your phone. 

2) Practice Kindness

Let me be more specific. Practice being kinder to yourself.

So often, we are ridiculously hard on ourselves. And maybe we convince ourselves that being hard on ourselves will help us achieve the result we want.

Now, I do think that setting standards for yourself is a good thing.

But doing this with harshness is not the way. 

Would I treat my grandma this way? Is this a reaction or behavior I would use toward a friend I loved? 

These are good questions to consider.

We can all give it our best shot but bullying ourselves to be better or do better is not likely to produce the results we are looking for. 

We all know this is not a one-and-done activity. It takes practice and consistency. 

But hopefully, you can get to a point where we notice and pause when we catch ourselves not being very nice to ourselves. 

3) Don’t Discount The Small Stuff

Bigger is better. Isn’t that the saying? 

We can get fooled into believing that bigger is the way to go. Grander is the path we must follow.

But you know what makes up the vast majority of our lives? Small moments. 

With that being true, it makes sense that acknowledging and appreciating the small stuff will serve us well. 

Simple pleasures deserve their time in the spotlight.

Sipping on your favorite coffee (or drink of choice). The way trees sway with the wind. Sunlight on your face. The way you feel when listening to a song you love. 

How it feels to wrap yourself up like a burrito in a cozy blanket. Getting lost in a good book (I love these). Driving with the windows down. Laughing at something until it hurts (or you snort…just me?).

Will giving these things credit make your life suddenly easy peasy and stress-free? Absolutely not. But can it help you enjoy and be more content with your daily life? Absolutely!

4) Write

Write down things that make you feel good. Things that bring you joy or things that feel challenging.

Simply write how you feel. What’s going on in your head?

I often find the conversations happening in my head can become much clearer if I put them on paper. Thoughts go from a jumbled mess to just a bit tidier and organized.

Practice clearing the clutter. 

I also highly suggest writing down things you are grateful for. Over time, this can be a real game changer in how we view our lives. 

Also, write about things you are working toward or small habits you want to apply to your life. This is the perfect way to hold yourself accountable. 

Being able to look at actual words on paper can be so much more powerful than we think. So grab a notebook and get to writing. 

5) Practice Prioritizing

This is a tough one. It’s a simple concept. However, it is much more difficult to apply this idea in real-time in your day-to-day life. 

As with anything, you just have to start. 

The reality of life is that there will always be things to do. Our to-do lists will (most likely) never be completely clear.

I know that can be a hard pill to swallow. I want to do it all. It makes me feel accomplished. But at what cost?

Many people measure the success of their lives by how much they do. This perpetuates a more equals better mentality. And I want to challenge that. 

Now, I am not going to pretend we live in a fantasy world where we can brush off all of our responsibilities every single day. I mean, my family needs clean clothes and food.

But what we can do is make certain things a top priority. (and I am not just talking about things we normally view as productive)

One thing I prioritize every single day is reading. I am a massive book-lover so this isn’t a huge challenge. This does mean, however, that I make an effort daily to fit it in since we all know there are other things we could be doing. 

Reading impacts my life in a positive way. The benefits are clear to me so it makes it that much easier to prioritize it.

I also prioritize getting outside. I am always in awe of the power of some fresh air. 

(Of course, I have to prioritize things such as laundry, getting a bag of clothes ready to donate, or cleaning out the fridge because there is a strange smell lingering inside.)

It’s hard to shake loose that feeling that we must be doing it all. I get it. My 2-year-old is napping right now and the urge to scrub every inch of my house is strong. 

But I know that doing that will result in a clean house (for a little while) and a very burned-out me. 

Practice prioritizing your little heart out. You are not a machine being graded on solely pumping out results. 

Wanting to change your life for the better is great. But we have to put some actions behind those intentions. 

That’s where these simple ideas come into play. Think about how you can apply and weave these ideas into your daily life. 

Consistently making small choices, creating small habits, and taking action (even in the smallest ways) are where it’s at. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

Make sure you make time for some serious reflection and assessing how things are going. 

And DO NOT be afraid of pivoting or making adjustments if something is not serving you well. 

Oh, one more thing. Meaningful change is not an overnight process. It’s a journey. So just start and arm yourself with loads of grace and remember that you have time. 

This isn’t about creating a new you by next Tuesday. Technology is crazy these days but we haven’t quite hit the time of robots. (at least not yet!)

Have any tips on how to change your life in 30 days? Share with the rest of us!

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How To Change Your Life in 30 Days: 5 Helpful & Realistic Ideas

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