How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life: 8 Tips To Consider

how to change your life

How To Change Your Life For The Better

Let’s dive right in and talk about how to change your life

No beating around the bush. We are getting right down to business.

Change your life. This is a thought that every single one of us has had at one time or another. 

But I think it comes up even more when one year is coming to a close and a new year is on the horizon! I see you January!

There is one thing we can all count on.

Change is going to happen. And not just in January. Changes are going to happen all throughout the year. 

But this is about doing things that are going to help us make positive changes in our lives. 

This is about directing the changes in our day to day lives. Speaking up. Having a say. Making the choices we need to make. 

Getting off the sidelines and becoming the star player of your life. 

No more sitting back and allowing changes to happen all around us. 

Here is one more important thing I want you to think about. There doesn’t have to necessarily be anything wrong for you to want to be better. For you to want to make changes. 

You are allowed (and strongly encouraged) to go after the life you want!

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Here Are 8 Tips on How To Change Your Life

1) What’s Going on?

So, you want to change your life. OK, great.

What do you want to change? Be specific as heck with this. Break it down.

Who? Why? What? Where? 

You need to do a life dump. Take inventory. Do an evaluation. Dissect every aspect of your life. 

Grab a notebook and have a serious brain dump session!

Saying you want to change your life is easy. It is just talking.

But you need to know exactly what those changes are all about. 

Only then can you start taking steps in a new direction. 

2) Check Your Thoughts

Listen up! Your thoughts have power. So much dang power. 

The way you talk to yourself matters. The mindset you have when approaching a situation matters.

Does being a negative Nancy motivate you? Probably not. 

Don’t be a bully to yourself. 

Change your thoughts. Change your life. 

*And just to be clear…I know this is not a simple task. It will take practice. But working on being kinder to yourself will always serve you well.*

3) Be Open

You have to be open to new things. 

Read a book (these are amazing). Listen to a podcast. Watch some motivational videos. Talk to people. Do research.

Be open to anything and everything that can teach you something. Always be learning!

There is a flip side to the idea of being open. Yes, being open to new things opens doors to making big kick butt changes.

But you also have to be open to the fact that not everything will work for you. 

Not every book will inspire you. Not every podcast someone recommends will resonate with you. And not every path will work out just because it worked out for Karen. 

Keep going no matter what.

4) Be Patient

Patience! Do you struggle with this? I know I do. 

Being patient is tough. Simple as that. It is just really hard. 

When we set out to change something or improve something, we want it to happen super quickly. Hello, instant gratification.

I used to read a personal development book and think that my life was going to be so different as soon as I was done. I’ll let you guess how well that worked out for me.

Books can without a doubt change your life. This is a true statement. 

But you can’t just read the book. There has to be some action going on behind the scenes. You have to take the tools they have offered and use them.

And don’t forget that double scoop of patience! 

5) Do You!

Not Jessica or Jennifer or all those people you think you are supposed to be like. 

Try not to get caught up in the way you think things are supposed to be or not be. 

OMG! So and so is out here killing it. Meanwhile, my closet is messy (read this), there’s a hole in my leggings and I just burnt my grilled cheese sandwich. Sound familiar?

Now, none of these things are that big of a deal. But when we are stuck in that comparison trap, we can get hung up on every little thing. It sucks!

Does that comparison bug love to latch on to you and hold on for dear life? Read this!

6) Notice The Good

There is good in your life. Notice it. Really notice it.

Start a gratitude journal. Say three things you are thankful for each night before you go to bed.

We all have crap going on in our lives. Areas we want to improve in. Big changes we want to make. Life is not all rainbows and unicorns. I know. You know. We all know.

But we HAVE to acknowledge the good going on within us and around us. 

If you are carrying around a little imaginary magnifying glass looking for the bad, put it away, please. 

7) Take Care of Yourself

Eating habits. Sleeping habits. Are you drinking enough water?

Strip it down to the basics and really evaluate how well you are taking care of yourself.

You are the foundation of your life. Make it a priority to keep that foundation healthy and strong. 

8) Make A Move

Do something. Take action. 

Want to know a secret? Of course, you do! 

If you make a move and just start doing something, a motivational waterfall will happen. 

Start making choices that make you proud and you will be a walking talking motivational bad a*s!

Just start. Stop falling back on the words “if” and “when.” Stop waiting for an “aha” moment to get you fired up.

Everything is not going to work out perfectly. Everything is not going to go as planned. So just flipping do something!

Don’t wait. Don’t keep your life on pause. Do things that make you proud. Big things. Small things. Tiny things. 

Now go get busy. Go do a dance. Go blast some music. Get out there and go change your life. 

And wake up tomorrow and make the choice to do it all again. 

Want to talk more about how to change your life? Drop a comment and let’s chat!

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How To Change Your Life: 8 Tips To Consider

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