How To Change Your Mindset

How To Change Your Mindset

how to change your mindset

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

This is all about how to change your mindset.  (which will change your life)

But you know what…

Changing your mindset is not some simple one-and-done choice you make. It’s not like flipping a switch or performing a few simple steps.

I wish it was. 

It’s a tad more complex though. We are dealing with human brains after all. 

Before we go any further, let me back it up a bit. I was getting ahead of myself.

We need to take a more detailed look at what mindset is

Mindset is the attitude with which you interpret and respond to situations in life. 

Psychologist Carol Dweck introduced the concept of two distinct types of mindset. A fixed mindset and a growth mindset. (check out her book)

A fixed mindset is the belief that you know what you know and possess all the skills you will have. It has a serious “it is what it is” vibe going on. This type of mindset avoids challenges and can give up easily.

A growth mindset is very much the opposite. It embraces challenges and the idea that you can always improve whether that is in skill level or the amount of knowledge on a certain topic. This type of mindset gives their best effort and learns from feedback.

These mindsets show clearly that our beliefs and thoughts are an immensely powerful part of our lives. But we have another powerful tool at our disposal. 

That is the ability to change our mindset.

Our mindsets influence all aspects of our lives. So while it may take some intentional effort, working on our mindset is crucial in forming a new narrative. 

Often we think of big changes we can implement. I feel like slow and steady yields more promising results. A few tweaks here and there. 

Our mindset has this direct connection with how content and satisfied we feel in our lives. So…

Let’s look at some practical strategies on how to change your mindset for the better. 

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Here Are 8 Tips All About How To Change Your Mindset

1) Examine Your Mindset

Often we may think our outlook on life and the world falls on a certain end of the spectrum.

But with a little self-reflection, we might be surprised at what we discover.

At my daughter’s school, they talk about mindsets. So we have an informational and motivational flyer on the corkboard in our kitchen.

We look at it consistently and are always having family discussions on the idea of not knowing something yet. (growth mindset)

However, when I look at how I talk to myself and view my capabilities, I am not nearly as ready to embrace a challenge nor do I feel as if I am even capable.

Recognizing your current mindset is a crucial step in this process. Take notice of patterns or negativity or recurring beliefs or reactions.

You might be surprised!

2) Limiting Thoughts

Safe to say that we all experience some level of limiting or negative thoughts. 

And to be honest, no matter our mindset type this may happen.

The real power comes in questioning these thoughts. Not just accepting them and seeing no way to move forward.

The “I can’t do this”, “I’ll never get this”, “I’m not good at this” or “this won’t work for me” are probably not going to be permanently banished from our brains. 

But little shifts to those thoughts can be game changers. 

I can’t do this yet.

It will take some time and effort for me to get this.

I have some work to do to become good at this but I’ll continue learning and growing.

This will work for me in time. 

Our words and thoughts play such a pivotal role in our world. Their importance is off the charts.

Let’s practice treating them that way.

3) Realistic Goals & Expectations

Goals give direction to our efforts. But there is one thing about our goals and expectations that we must remember.

They need to be realistic. Unrealistic expectations are most likely one of the main culprits in many unfavorable situations or experiences. 

Breaking down large goals into smaller goals with more manageable steps is the way to go. 

This might not be the most enticing sounding route but it will serve you well if you stick with it. 

Also, don’t diminish the small victories or wins in life. Celebrate them. 

4) Embrace The Idea of Growth

Pull back the curtain of what you perceive as a failure or setback and search for opportunities to learn and grow. Chances are high that there is a potential for learning in any situation that did not go your way. 

Try to focus less on solely the outcomes of situations. Effort is a key player in the journey here.  

This is not a one-and-done idea.

It’s like if someone tells you to “be positive” or “smile”. Do you do those things wholeheartedly right then and there and never look back? (probably not)

But we have to try. We have to start somewhere. 

Slow down. Process experiences.

Celebrate progress. (progress is growth)

5) Look at Your Surroundings

The people and environment around us significantly impact our mindset. 

Ever notice how if you are with someone who has negativity spewing from their body it can almost transfer to you? Or it can just bring you down.

We all live in the real world. This means that we can not fully shield every part of our lives from negative influences. But we do have a say. 

Limiting exposure to negative influences will have an impact. 

6) Learning

Learning is cool. Much more than cool!

It plays such a pivotal role in our lives. 

A growth mindset thrives on continuous learning. 

Stay curious. Welcome new challenges. Explore different perspectives. 

There are so many ways to do this. Reading books (I like these). You could attend workshops or take online courses. 

*Check out Coursera. They are an online learning platform with thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates and degrees.* 

7) Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful way to shift your mindset. 

Acknowledge and appreciate the positive aspects of your life.

Doing this may not come naturally at first, but with some effort, it can become a great habit in your life. 

This practice helps to rewire your brain to notice the positive which can foster a more optimistic outlook. 

(This gratitude journal can come in handy here.)

8) Develop Resilience

How fast do you bounce back when something does not go the way you want?

That’s a tough question to answer. There are so many factors to consider. And it depends on the level of adversity.

Challenges will always be a part of life. Our response to them and how we move forward is crucial.

Resilience strengthens your mindset. It helps you face challenges with greater confidence. 

Changing your mindset is a journey that requires commitment and consistent effort.

The good news is that it is very possible to reshape your perspective.

Apply these ideas to your life to foster a mindset that propels you toward a fulfilling and successful life. 

You have the power to change your mindset and create a more positive future. 

Remember, the way you think shapes the life you live. (I think I’m going to write this on a Post-it and stick it on my bathroom mirror)

Have any tips on how to change your mindset? 

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How To Change Your Mindset

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