How To Create Balance in Your Life

How To Create Balance in Your Life

how to create balance in your life

How To Find Balance in Life

This is all about how to create balance in your life. There’s a lot to unpack in that sentence. 

First off, let’s start with the fact that balance can be seen as a “bad” word. 

Or something that doesn’t truly exist when we talk about life. (like unicorns or mermaids…although I choose to believe anything is possible)

In a way, the legend is true. Well, legend might be a little extreme. 

But balance is not a concrete thing we are sure to achieve if we follow a few specific steps. I look at balance as a much more fluid idea. Constantly shifting, morphing in a way.  

I believe in balance. It just has many different looks to it. Sort of like when you see people on the internet talking about the best way to be healthy. There can be scare tactics used to try to convince you that their way is the right way.

But we know better. In the same way that this idea of being healthy isn’t a one and done clear cut path, the same concept can be applied to balance. 

And I think that might be a reason that the word can come with a negative connotation. It can be presented as an all or nothing idea. You either have complete balance in life or you don’t.

It simply doesn’t work like that. Most things in life don’t work like that. Here is your reminder that perfection is not attainable. (in any area of life…ever) Just take it off the table. Swipe left and move on. 

When applied to your life in a realistic and doable way, balance can be an ally. (not an enemy)

It’s all about the way we approach it. 

Balance helps us gain control in our daily lives. We all know the feeling of not being in control. Things go off the rails. For me, it can feel as if I am either flailing around or a deer stuck in the headlights.

Balance directly relates to the overall vibe of your life. When you put these ideas into action, it can turn the dial up on being in tune with every aspect of life. 

Measure balance by how you feel. Like an emotional thermometer. Question if the choices or habits you have in place feel good.

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Here Are 9 Ideas All About How To Create Balance in Your Life

1) Practice Prioritizing

Building any semblance of balance in life requires prioritization. Without it, all the moving parts of life can get jumbled. The wires crossed.

If everything is important then nothing is important. Have you ever heard that before?

It is crucial to identify what truly matters to you. It is almost like building a pyramid. Putting things in order can calm the chaos and help tremendously with decision-making as well. 

Your time and energy are valuable. Prioritizing can help you put it where you most need or want it to be. 

Writing this out can help make it real and also provide something visual that can help you put your plan into action. You could even literally draw a pyramid and fill the different sections in. Or just make a list.

Whatever works best for you. Although I highly suggest some physical evidence of this. A simple notebook will get the job done. 

2) Planning

One huge thing that can make life a smidge less overwhelming is planning. 

Structure is a good thing. Having some predictability in how your day or week will be can be hugely beneficial.

Living in this way helps me err on the side of thriving rather than surviving. 

Maybe I could be a fly by the seat of my pants gal in my 20’s but that just doesn’t work anymore. (and to be honest planning has kind of been my jam since it was cool to say my jam)

As I mentioned earlier, visual aids are the spice of life. They are one of those things that always seem to come in clutch. They are there for you like a good friend.

Hmmm…maybe I’m going a smidge overboard. But I really wanted to drive my point home. 

The great thing is that you can keep it simple with a wall calendar. Dip your toes in the water.

Or you can jump in and immerse yourself in all things planning. I have this daily planner on my counter. (it’s not only useful but makes me laugh) And this magnetic grocery list pad is a winner.

Oh, you can’t go wrong with this dry erase/cork board combo

Anything that reduces the mental load and helps you function better is a good choice. 

3) Set Boundaries

This one thing can be a game-changer. 

Protecting your time, energy, and peace is invaluable. 

Setting boundaries is no easy feat. It’s hard. Especially if we spent a significant portion of our lives not putting boundaries in place. 

This is something that may be difficult to begin implementing but the payoff will be well worth it. 

This book is all about boundaries and it a must-read. It breaks it all down in such an understandable way. I highly recommend reading it more than once. And maybe even take notes or highlight passages that resonate with you. 

Knowing better does not always equal doing better which is why I love to touch back on things that helped me make better decisions for myself. It can give you an “aha” moment and provide some validation for your choices. Particularly if those choices (boundaries) feel hard or uncomfortable. 

4) Take Care of Yourself

Neglecting ourselves will only make life harder. Less enjoyable. We may tend to feel as if we are simply surviving our days. Forget about thriving. 

This will look different for everyone. There are no right or wrong answers. 

It’s all about how you feel. 

Remember how we touched on prioritizing earlier? Well, here is the million dollar question. 

Do you prioritize yourself? The epitome of taking care of yourself is making yourself a priority.

And sometimes this is just factoring in the basics. Drinking water. Getting enough sleep. Feeding your body nourishing foods. Moving your body in a way that feels good for you. 

This, of course, goes deeper. When we get into the nitty gritty of laying out and looking at our mental and physical health. And the real key is taking action, making shifts, or asking for help when we need to. 

5) Personal Growth

The older I get, the more I pursue personal growth or self-improvement. 

It is one of those things that makes me feel good and adds so much value to my life. My hunger is strong for discovering new ways of doing things or learning more about something I struggle with.

Books are my go-to tool for this. But there are podcasts or endless articles you could get your hands (or eyes) on. 

Personal growth or personal development have become sort of like buzzwords. It can be like the new thing that everyone is doing. But the thing is…it is cool. While it may be coined as trending now, I think it always has and always will be a hot topic. 

*These personal growth books are some of my favorites.*

6) Make Space for Joy

Have fun. Do things you enjoy. Take breaks and time to do nothing. 

It is crazy to me how overwhelmed I can feel at times and then I take a walk to get a coffee and I almost instantly feel myself coming out of the haze. The fog slowly clears and I can breathe deeply and get back to a calm(ish) baseline. 

Or how absolutely elated I feel when I go to my weekly book club and get to have adult conversation. 

Just like everything in life. joy and fun will look different. We all have unique circumstances. 

The reality is that sometimes it won’t feel like enough. But either I do something or I do nothing. It’s easy to get tunnel vision of seeing things as black or white. I have been there many times and I am sure I will be there again.

But I have also learned to talk myself down a little and remind myself that it’s not all or nothing. Its a powerful thing to be able to view what you can do with the situation you’re in rather than what is not quite feasible. 


Enjoyment is not something you need to earn. There is no toll you have to pay before you get to do things you want to do.

7) Declutter

One thing that has made my home life easier to manage is having less stuff. I swear by a “less is more” mindset. (this may have something to do with my family moving 3 times in 3 years but that’s a story for another time)

Being organized is something that can often get overlooked. It doesn’t get the credit it deserves. 

This can relate to any aspect of your life as well. Decluttering your brain or your responsibilities.

For example, the first few weeks of Summer have come and gone and one thing that was weighing heavily on me was meals. So, I simplified this for my own sanity. No need to reinvent the wheel. 

I made a few options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that list is what I go off of every week now. (oh, and snacks of course)

With a 10 year old, a 3 year old, and a 3 month old puppy, this is not my season of any type of fancy home cooked meals. I also know (almost for a fact) that everyone else in my home is much happier with a less overwhelmed me and some simple foods. 

No one is wishing I made a restaurant inspired meal while simultaneously losing my…you know what. 

Oh, I just remembered this cool book I read. It’s full of super small tips on how to keep a home running when you don’t have much to give. 

8) Be Realistic

You are not a machine. Your worth is not determined by how productive you are. It might feel that way.

Especially when it can seem as if our plates are filled to the max and our to do lists are as long as a novel. And it doesn’t help that accomplishing things feels good. But what is the price?

This is not about forgetting about our responsibilities. And this is not about finding ways to get even more done. 

Doing it all should not be the standard we are trying to meet.

Think small and doable. This way you can do the things you absolutely have to do and let go of what is not urgent. If I don’t approach life tasks this way, I drown. I tend to function from a place of urgency so this saves my sanity. 

9) Check-in With Yourself

As I mentioned a few times, balance is not a one time thing we do. It requires us to touch back on the subject and reevaluate what’s working or what’s not. 

Adjustments are going to need to happen. 

One way to process anything in life is writing. I am a big fan of journaling (here’s a good one). It has always been a way to release and reset my mind in a way. Holding everything in has proven not to be a great way for me to function. I’m guessing I am not alone in that.

You can also talk with someone else. (if you feel it would help)

Often I talk to a close friend or my spouse and it can be so beneficial to bounce thoughts and ideas back and forth. It can shift my perspective. It can help me see something in a different way or even come to realizations about something I am struggling with. 

Check-ins keep things moving. 

Balance is not this elusive thing we need to spend our lives chasing. 

Try not to think of it as an end game type of thing. 

It is not something that we achieve once and then never have to think of again. It’s a recurring thing. Like eating and sleeping.

Balance is something that is ever changing depending on the season of life we are in. It’s not stagnant. 

Finding a sense of balance in no way means your life will be a Zen fortress where alignment is the name of the game. What it does mean is that we don’t throw in the towel and say it is what it is. We don’t suffer or push through because we feel as if that’s what we have to do. Or what we are supposed to do.

Balance can be a link to peace. 

Which one of these ideas about how to create balance in your life stood out to you?

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How To Create Balance in Your Life

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