How To Create Your Best Life

How To Create Your Best Life: 5 Things To Try

how to create your best life

Live Your Best Life Now

This is all about how to create your best life. 

And I have some really great news. As long as you follow a few simple steps then you are set. 

Next stop… your best life.

Holy macaroni and cheese balls I wish it worked like that.

Sometimes, things on the internet make it seem like that. Those things catch our attention with their cleverly placed words. Flaunting these seemingly simple and quick fixes.

Do these things and everything will change for the better. Try this habit and you just watch what happens. 

It’s appealing. Heck, I still find myself getting sucked in by these alluring ideas. 

Real change is a lot more trial and error. It’s a lot more about being persistent and consistent. 

It’s not glamorous or fast. And while the ideas may be simple…they are not necessarily easy. 

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Here Are 5 Ideas All About How To Create Your Best Life

1) Look at Your Plate

What takes up space in your life? 

Really look at what you have going on. You could even try drawing a plate on a piece of paper and filling in different portions. 

Are there any shifts you could make?

Anything you could remove? Add? 

So often we’re just chugging along and we don’t stop to really dive into the details of our lives. And for me, sometimes I don’t necessarily want to stop and think about all these things.

That seems like just another layer added to my life. We may be hesitant to pull back the curtain. 

But avoiding things doesn’t make them better. It doesn’t make them go away. And avoiding definitely doesn’t help us create lives we love. 

Get really real about the impact your plate is having on your life. 

2) Prioritize Yourself

This is a perfect example of one of those simple-sounding ideas that are not at all easy to implement into our lives. 

The truth is that so many of us neglect ourselves. I don’t think this is an intentional choice. It just happens. 

There is so much going on and it feels like we can’t let these other things fall by the wayside. So we let ourselves fall to the wayside. 

I know this is my experience. 

It just becomes second nature to not prioritize ourselves. We make sure everything and everyone else is taken care of. 

And we might not even have the capacity to do the same for ourselves. 

I am sure you have seen or heard something about pouring from an empty cup. Now, I don’t want to compare us to empty cups but if the shoe fits. 

Remind yourself often that no one benefits from you being last on the priority list. No one.

Especially not you. (and you’re a pretty pivotal player in your life)

3) Learn

I am not at all saying a book or a podcast will have all the answers to life’s tough questions. I wish. 

But there is a treasure trove of valuable information out there. There is an abundance of tips and advice that we can use as tools. 

This in no way means that we will be able to build these perfect lives where things always work out according to plan. This does not mean that we will never struggle again or face challenges. Honestly, we will most likely face similar challenges over and over.

The goal, however, is to be able to make small tweaks over time that feel good for us. 

We may not always be able to create the best-case scenario and that’s ok. That’s life.

Try not to view this as a black-and-white situation. No pass or fail here. Life is like a massive and complex sliding scale and where we fall on that scale will continuously change. 

Here are some of my personal favorite books from the self-help genre. 

Recently, I finished this awesome book and it was chock full of super practical and helpful advice all about organizing our lives. And this one is pretty magical as well. 

**Also, if you want to take it a step further in the learning department, you should check out Coursera. It’s an online learning platform that offers thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates and degrees. 

4) Keep Track

Journaling or writing in any capacity is powerful. Thoughts can get lost in the chaos in our minds. 

Our brains sort of push some thoughts to the back and keep certain ones at the front. 

Words on paper can help bring things to light and then keep them in that light.

Having things written down can also be a great tool for accountability. 

No one can change your life or your habits but you. So we truly need to find a way to hold ourselves accountable. 

And writing has this really cool way of loosening up our thoughts or feelings. Grab a cute notebook and just start and watch the words flow out.

5) Curate Your Social Media

The internet is not real life. We know this but it doesn’t always translate.

Social media impacts you. There’s no doubt about that. 

Now, completely getting rid of social media might not be possible for you. Maybe it’s part of your job.

Maybe you actually enjoy social media quite a bit. It can build connections and bring joy. 

The secret is to be more selective in what you are viewing. Curate the heck out of it. 

You have a say in what you are exposed to with technology. Not completely but don’t sell yourself short.

If something makes you feel any type of not so great way about your own life, then it is not for you!

Our best lives are beautiful and messy. And a million other things. (besides perfect of course)

But most importantly, your best life is yours.

Have any tips on how to create your best life? Please share!

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How To Create Your Best Life: 5 Things To Try

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