How To Create Your Dream Life

How To Create Your Dream Life

how to create your dream life

How To Live Your Dream Life

This is all about how to create your dream life. 

Sounds amazing, right?

But what does this even mean? 

Partner. House. Kids. Career.

Nailed it…? 

Not so much. 

Many of us, myself included, had a very specific set of things we wanted for our lives when we were younger. 

And many of us, myself included again, thought those things were the answers in life. Those things were going to get us the life we wanted. Those things were giant checkpoints we needed to reach. 

I know now that checklists, while helpful in many ways, are not the main tool we use for building the lives we love.  

Checklists are surface-level. Bobbing up and down but never really diving in. 

Checklists imply that the main goal in life is getting things done. Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t want to just get things done in my life. I don’t just want to check things off on a list.

Building the kind of life we want can feel like a big responsibility. And I guess it is in a way. 

But here’s the thing. 

Just like the driver’s test we took as teenagers, there is no limit on how many times we can try again. (at least where I lived we could try until we finally passed)

We get to get up every single day and do something different. Or do something the same if it has been serving us well. 

This is not a one-and-done situation. I know we want to cross the bridge quickly. We want to close the gap between where our life is and where we want it to be as quickly as possible. 

But a huge part of building a life you love is about enjoying the ride. (more on this in a minute)

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Here Are 5 Powerful Tips All About How To Create Your Dream Life

1) Connect…

With yourself.

Start doing some inner exploring.

Get curious. Allow yourself to slow down and sit with all your thoughts and emotions.

Learn. Get to know yourself (which we all need to do again and again and again).

What do you want? What do you see for the future? 

Take inventory of what is serving you well and what is not. Really open up and have conversations with yourself. 

We have established that creating our version of a dream life does not come from a checklist.

But I think we do need to get some things in order. Gain clarity. Maybe even write some things down (dare I say.. make some kind of a list)

Our relationship with ourselves is so often neglected. It’s treated as an afterthought.

I don’t know if we don’t always see the value in building that relationship. We are focused on our relationships with all those around us. 

But when you water the seeds and truly grow and build a relationship with yourself, you will without a doubt show up better for every relationship in your life. And really for every area of your life. 

I highly recommend checking out this book. It is all about reexamining our priorities and really building a life that is truly fulfilling. 

2) Comparing Will Bring You Down

Do you ever think about what life would be like if there were no social media?

It’s actually difficult to imagine. In the world today, social media is a massive thing. 

Now, for many of us, it is unrealistic to say that we will steer completely clear of the internet. But maybe we could all benefit from examining just how much time we spend browsing social media. 

Your life will always fall short to a picture on the internet. 

Comparing also goes hand in hand with caring so much about what other people think of us and our lives and our choices. 

It is normal to want to present a nice exterior. The issue arises when we care more about how things look rather than enjoying the interior. 

Comparison can be that thing that keeps you from fully enjoying and appreciating the life you have. 

Learn to recognize when a step back is needed. 

3) Welcome Discomfort

OK, this is tough. Who looks forward to getting uncomfortable?

Who is ready and willing to do this? Not me. 

You know that feeling when you go to bed and almost instantly find the perfect position. You drift off within minutes. Yeah, change is probably not going to feel like that. 

Even a change that we are excited about or looking forward to will come with some level of discomfort.

My family is actually getting ready to move to Tennessee in two months. (our third move in 3 years) And while I am over the moon about this particular change, I am still avoiding getting started with packing and all that fun stuff. 

We can spend so much time avoiding things we don’t want to do or feelings we don’t want to let out. And you know what?

It feels good to avoid things. But here’s the catch.

It only feels good for a very short amount of time. And then it doesn’t feel good anymore. 

Get out of your comfort zone. We hear this so much. It rolls off the tongue so easily. 

But in real life, it’s not so simple. 

When feelings of discomfort arise, don’t run from them. Work through them.

Grab a journal and let it all out. Will this magically make you feel all better? Not likely. But it can help you process your feelings and move forward with the change. (doing this has definitely helped me recently)

4) Think Small

What is going on in your day-to-day life? Your daily habits.

That’s where things happen or change. On a random Thursday. 

Small steps. Inch by inch. Slow and steady.

Smaller and more specific is the way to go. 

You want to write a book? Awesome. 

You want to explore other career options. Great.

These are exciting moves. But they are also big moves. And big moves do not happen overnight. 

So often when we think about what we want for our life, we go big. I’m not saying thinking big is bad. We just have to break those big plans down into bite-sized and doable actions. 

5) Enjoy The Ride

If we are not enjoying the ride, then what is the dang point? 


Life is never just one thing. It will always be a mish-mosh of so many things. 

There’s no deadline you need to be worried about missing. 

Magical tidbits are up for grabs. They are yours for the taking. So get out there and take them.

Also, remember to be flexible. Changing your mind is ok. Changing course is ok. 

No one’s journey in life is linear. Try your very best to enjoy the zig-zags and detours. 

Remember that living your dream life does not mean you are forever free from worry. Or stress or sadness. You will still have an array of experiences. 

Not all of them are magical. 

But when we become very clear on the fact that a dream life does not in any way equal a perfect life, things will only go up for us. 

Don’t forget to check in with yourself on a regular basis. We don’t choose to go on autopilot. It’s more of a slow burn. But checking in consistently can help tremendously. 

Sometimes it can feel like we have so much to work on. What if we looked at it as having so much to work with? 

A little reframe can go a long way. 

Oh, and one more VERY important thing. 

Life is not a constant self-improvement project. No need to put off living or put off happiness until you have all your ducks in a row. (spoiler alert: ducks do not always stay in line no matter what we do)

Have any tips on how to live your dream life? Share!

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How To Create Your Dream Life

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