How To Enjoy Being Alone

How To Enjoy Being Alone: 10 Simple Ideas To Consider

how to enjoy being alone

The Power of Enjoying Being Alone 

This is all about how to enjoy being alone. And this is not a sad topic. This is not a hush-hush topic. The idea of being alone or doing things alone can get a bad rap. 

But seeing the beautiful aspects of being alone can change how we view it entirely. 

Enjoying your own company is a good thing. Being able to find fulfillment in solitude is powerful.

These ideas offer a way to reframe the concept of being alone. They can help to approach the topic with a different mindset. 

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Here Are 10 Tips All About How To Enjoy Being Alone

1) Alone is…

Not a bad thing. Alone is not a bad word.

It’s time to change how we view alone time. What if we looked at it as an opportunity for self-discovery? A chance to get to know ourselves better. To grow. 

This can remove any stigma surrounding being alone and reframe it as something positive and fulfilling. 

*Now is a good time to drop this little reminder. Being alone or spending time alone is not the same as being lonely.*

2) What Do You Love?

Being alone is the perfect time to dedicate time to hobbies you enjoy. My love for books runs deep. So the more time I have to read (in peace), the better I usually feel. I also love to listen to music and dance like I could win a dance competition. These paint-by-number kits have become my latest obsession.

There are no right or wrong answers here. What do you like to do? What fills your cup? 

You could also try to learn a new hobby or skill. Most likely, we can all think of something that has always been on our minds to try out.

It can be nice at times not to have to consider the wants, needs, or opinions of others. You can make choices that only have to do with you. Explore interests that are all your own. 

3) Practice Self-Reflection

I have been a fan of journaling for as long as I can remember. Whether I was doodling or having a complete feelings purge, it has always been something I turned to as an outlet.

Writing about your thoughts, feelings, or experiences can help you process emotions and gain insight into yourself and your life. 

I have said it before and I’ll say it again…words on paper are powerful. 

Writing things down can help you understand yourself on a deeper level. Grab yourself a simple notebook and see where it goes. 

4) Get Outside

There is just something about nature. It’s not only beautiful but soothing and so refreshing. The sounds. The smells. 

With a little sunshine and fresh air, I almost always feel my perspective (about anything) shift more positively.

Being out in nature also helps me to clear and calm my mind. So much of our lives now involve screens of some sort. It is imperative to get outside and disconnect.  Nature can serve as a much-needed reset. 

5) Take Care of Yourself

You might not instantly connect these two ideas. Enjoying time alone and taking care of yourself. 

But taking care of yourself is one of those things that will always have possible ripple effects. 

One way to do this is to relax and pamper yourself. I know. I know. There doesn’t always seem to be time for this. But we have to do what we can with what we have. Some seasons require us to get a little more creative. 

You deserve to do nothing and indulge in some of your favorite things. (for me this is romantic comedies and ice cream). Sometimes I wrap up like a burrito in my favorite blanket and nap. (while my husband takes our girls somewhere) I’ve also been known to doze off while enjoying a bubble bath. (BTW: this bathtub caddy tray is a must for bath lovers)

Maybe even take yourself out on a date. (years ago this would have been my worst nightmare…but not so much nowadays)

Another part of taking care of yourself has to do with our actual physical and mental health. Drink water. Eat foods that make you feel good. Move your body. (I am a big fan of walks and bike rides) Getting enough sleep (when possible). These things are instrumental in laying the foundation for our lives.

6) Digital Detox

The internet can be a lovely and enlightening place. It can also be quite the opposite.

Set time aside each day to disconnect. Social media breaks are good for the soul. Try it and I bet you will be pleasantly surprised. 

When you are online, try to also be more mindful of the content you consume. Everything we take in with our ears and eyes impacts us. 

7) Read a Book

Books are magical. OK, not literally. But there are so many books that hold so much valuable information.

Information that can teach and inspire you. You can learn new skills. Learn about yourself. Take a deep dive into a topic that interests you or even one you struggle with. 

Here are some of my favorite personal growth books!

I also love a good non-fiction book that transports me to another time and place. 

8) Spread Kindness

Putting kindness out into the world is like a boomerang. It will come back to you.

Being kind not only feels good but it silently encourages you to be kind to yourself as well. 

I also find that doing things for others makes me feel more connected to the world and people around me. Then even if I am physically alone, I do not actually feel alone. (if that makes sense)

9) Look Around You

Your surroundings without a doubt have an impact on how you feel. 

Creating cozy spaces might not seem like this groundbreaking idea but think about it. Have you ever searched on Pinterest for decoration ideas or home renovation before and afters? I know I have. 

There’s a reason for this. Pictures of beautiful spaces make us feel good. 

For me, this also involves decluttering regularly. Messiness or clutter causes me to become very overwhelmed. (not great when you have kids who are not at all bothered by little piles of things everywhere)

But over the years, I have worked to bring less into our home and also think not only about what I want my home to look like but rather what I want it to feel like. 

10) What We Think Others Think

Do you care about what others think of you? I think most of us do to varying degrees. I know I do.

And it’s easy to tell someone to stop doing this. But it doesn’t work like that. 

When you are alone, it can feel like people are judging you or even pitying you. (I know I used to struggle with this)

For example, sitting at a coffee shop by myself made me feel so vulnerable. I felt as if people were looking at me and wondering why I had no one to grab coffee with. This might sound silly… but I know I am not alone in feeling self-conscious.

This can also have to do with comparison. Being out somewhere alone can make us feel some type of way. 

The only way to get better at this is to do it. It’s like being a new parent and being frazzled having to leave the house with kids. Now, after being a mom for 10 years, it feels different. I won’t say easier because most things with children don’t just become easy at some magical age. 

While chaos and feeling frazzled will always be there in some capacity, having experience under my belt helps tremendously.

These tips are not the end all be all to enjoying being alone. They are here to provide some guidance. They are here to make you think. Use them as a sort of roadmap. A roadmap in which you can start wherever you like and take detours whenever you see fit.

You are in the driver’s seat here. 

Also, don’t forget how awesome you are. How lucky you are to spend time alone with someone so cool?

Which one of these ideas on how to enjoy being alone stood out to you?

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How To Enjoy Being Alone: 10 Simple Ideas To Consider

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