How To Fall in Love With Your Life

How To Fall in Love With Your Life

how to fall in love with your life

How To Love Life and Be Happy

This is all about falling in love. 

More specifically, how to fall in love with your life.

So basically, if this were a rom-com, you would be the one and only main character. 

I’m pretty sure that something we all have in common is a deep desire to love our lives. We want happiness and fulfillment. We want to “have it all” in a sense.

But what do we do to get there? How do we actually live a life that we love and enjoy?

Well, first off, we have to get let go of any thoughts that are even teetering near the idea of perfection. The idea of everything being the “right” way.

This will only end with disappointment. 

Instead, we need to view this as an ongoing process. A process that will be filled with ups, downs, and everything in between.

I wish there were some guaranteed step-by-step instructions that led to a life of endless bliss. A simple but precise checklist with specific dos and don’ts in life.

But honestly, what fun would that be?

While there is no magical process that will have us bragging about the sheer awesomeness of our lives, there are things we can do to create, build, and really live lives that we absolutely love and are proud of. 

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Here Are 8 Tips All About How To Fall in Love With Your Life

1) Take Inventory

Take inventory of everything that takes up space in your life. 

Of the people and things in your life. Take a look at where your time is being spent.

This might seem tedious. But often we are just barreling along and going through the motions. And we aren’t really examining if all the things in our lives are serving us. 

Grab a notebook and write it all out. (this notebook comes in so many beautiful designs and I truly believe that if you love how something looks you will use it more) 

Writing things out can have a way of bringing clarity and also putting things into perspective. 

I also think that there is just something special about words on paper. 

2) Slow Down

Life is not meant to be rushed. There is no prize for speeding along. It’s not a race. 

Go go go is not the path to loving your life. 

Focus a majority of your energy on the here and now. Soak in your life. Marinate in it. 

Don’t be too busy to come up for air. 

This seems like a simple concept but executing this idea is quite challenging. 

With the world we live in now, it can feel like having an “onto the next thing” mentality is the way to go. Fight that urge to always be on the move. 

Think about this. How will you love your life if you are pedal to the metal all the time? Let off the gas a little (or a lot).

See the beauty in the season you’re in. Appreciate the season you’re in. 

Slowness will serve you well.

3) Learn

Learning is something we should never stop doing. In fact, I think we should always be seeking out new opportunities to learn.

This is growth. (and growth is GOOD)

My favorite way to learn is through books. Books, for me, are about as close to real magic as you can get. It is always amazing to me how someone’s words can impact my life in really cool ways.

I am ALWAYS reading some kind of self-improvement or life-improvement book. (here are some of my tried & true faves)

I also just read this one and this one. Both are chock full of eye-opening information and broken up in a way this is super easy to read and digest. 

Books, while my go-to’s, are definitely not the only option. Podcasts are great and there is also an abundance of really helpful information on social media. (more on social media later)

If you want to go even bigger, do some research to find a conference or retreat of some kind.

When it comes to learning, seek and you shall find. 

**Also, if you want to take it a step further in the learning department, you should check out Coursera. It’s an online learning platform that offers thousands of different courses on basically anything. You can even earn certificates and degrees. 

4) Embrace The Idea of “YET”

I don’t know that yet.

I’m not comfortable with that yet. 

Yet leaves space. It creates wiggle room. 

If you are someone who tends to think in black and white, then this concept is definitely for you. (I am one of those black and white thinking kind of people)

Yet is all that space between. 

There is no gold star award for knowing it all or having it all figured out. In reality, will we ever have it all figured out? (highly unlikely)

5) Look Inside

It can be extremely easy and oh so very tempting to look outward when it comes to any aspect of our lives. 

We want a kitchen like that person. We want to be more crafty like that mom over there. Maybe llama wallpaper in the bathroom could be our secret weapon. (social media has almost taken me down the wallpaper path a few times)

It can feel like looking outward is the way to go. And don’t get me wrong, looking outward can help steer us or guide us in a way. But it shouldn’t be the end all be all. 

We have to get to know ourselves. Over and over and over again. Which is what looking inward is all about. 

This also directly relates to comparison and how it can be a black cloud hanging over us if we let it. I wish all it took was a stern talking to and we would all leave comparison in the dust. 

That’s just not how it works. It’s more like spiders. We don’t always see them but they are always around. 

The idea is not to find a way to rid our lives of comparison altogether. The idea is to develop skills that will help to manage comparison when it hits. 

Here are some ways I deal with comparison in my life

6) Social Media Break

Let me ask you a question.

Do you think you spend too much time on your phone? More specifically, too much time scrolling social media.

While I would love to say I spend just the right amount of time on my phone, that would not be the truth. 

Often we put these immensely unrealistic expectations on ourselves and our lives. So much of this stems from social media. 

Just like we need a break from work or a break from our kids, social media breaks are a necessity. 

Now, I know I mentioned earlier about social media being a good option for learning and growing. The key part of that is you have to curate your social media accounts.

You are in control of a majority of what you see. Make the things you see and hear count. This will help to ensure that social media adds to your life and makes you feel good. (for the most part)

But I still encourage you to take breaks. 

(if you struggle with this, start with setting a small boundary such as no phones after a certain time or no phones in a specific room)

7) Give Yourself Permission To…

Try new things. 

Not have it all figured out. (EVER)

Do less. 

Feel however you feel. 

Change your mind. (and then change it again)

You are in the driver’s seat. Don’t forget that. 

8) Gratitude

Are you and gratitude friends? I am sure we have all heard the word grateful but do we put it into play in our own lives? 

Creating a habit of expressing gratitude is a huge step on the path to living a life you love. 

My favorite thing about gratitude is that it puts the spotlight on the small things. The little things that would normally so easily go unnoticed. 

The little joy bombs that get missed. 

(this journal is specifically focused on gratitude and joy)

Do me a small favor. (please and thank you)

Take a deep breath. Now, take another one if you need to.

While I am all about loving and appreciating life, I am not at all naive to the fact that life can be a lot sometimes.

There are days when something like getting our kids to bed can feel like a marathon. Keeping track of appointments and grocery lists can be too much.

Forgetting a load of laundry in the washer can be the thing that sends us over the edge.

Worrying about our hot water heater breaking can feel like it might break us.

Loving your life will never mean that every single one of your ducks will be in a row and stay that way until the end of time.

While it is easier said than done, showing up for ourselves daily (even through the mess and the stress) is the only way we can love the heck out of our lives. 

And I almost forgot the best news of all. Life is flexible. Dont underestimate the power of some bending and reaching and stretching. 

Have any tips on how to fall in love with your life? Sharing is caring!

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How To Fall in Love With Your Life

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