How To Find Joy

How To Find Joy When Life Feels Hard

how to find joy

How To Add Joy To Your Life

What day is it? 

Do I even remember how to put on makeup?

I miss Target and the library. 

These are just a few of the random thoughts running through my mind during this quarantine. 

I bet you are having quite a few thoughts of your own.

Are any of those thoughts about how to find joy?

I think it is safe to say this season of life feels like a literal smack in the face. 

We are all feeling an extreme range of emotions. EXTREME!

We got thrown into unknown territory. And the unknown is really scary.

This quarantine experience is going to look a little different for all of us. 

But I think joy is one of those things we could all use a little more of.

Here’s the catch.

We have to create joy in our lives. The responsibility to find little pockets of joy throughout the day falls on us. 

Now, normally this may not seem like such a monumental task. 

But these are not normal times. 

I don’t wake up shooting joy rays out of my eyes. That would be amazing. But pretty sure that’s not in the cards.

I have to get up, get dressed (in leggings of course), and make some joy happen.

These are all little things. But I know these little things can carry you throughout your day. They carry me. 

And they build on each other. 

They can make the rhythm and flow of your day so much dang better.

Here Are 9 Tips on How To Find Joy When Life Feels Really Hard

1) Music

Let’s start with something super simple. Music. 

We all have those songs that make us feel good. Go put one of those songs on. 

Try playing it first thing in the morning or whenever you start to feel a little down.

Music is not going to magically make your days perfect. But holy cow does it help. 

I also highly recommend singing at the top of your lungs and shaking your butt a little. Double down on that joy friend!

2) Read a Book

Now is the perfect time to pick up a book. 

Books can be an escape and they also have this amazing superpower of being able to completely shift your perspective.

I highly recommend these self-help books! I turn to them when I am in need of some inspiration and motivation.

No matter the genre, reading can be a great little escape from everything that is going on. I always feel a little better after getting lost in a good book.

3) Do Something Nice

The other day my daughter and I colored hearts and hung them in our front window. It seems like something so small but it made us feel so happy.

We live right next to a walking trail that has been pretty busy lately so we know people saw our hearts. 

Put some good out into the world and it will boomerang back and give you a hard hit of positive feelings.

Send three people a motivational quote first thing in the morning. 

How about sending a letter? 

Try sending a joke to someone you know may be feeling lonely or a little down. 

Try this. Set a goal that your purpose for the next 15 minutes is to put good stuff out into the world. 

4) Try Something New

Now would be the perfect time to see how you would look with bangs. Bangs are on my list but my husband has talked me out of it. He remembers what happened last time I thought bangs were my destiny. 

Or you could try something a little less extreme than bangs.

You could do something that will serve you in the long run.

Maybe start a blog.

Learn a new language. 

Yoga. Meditation. 

Hip hop dancing.

Figure out how to do a smokey eye without looking like a raccoon. 

OK, those last two might not serve you in the long run but they could still be fun. 

5) Feel Your Feelings

Feel all the feelings. The good, the bad, the scary, and the ugly. Feel them all.

Yes, this is an article about finding joy. But this is not about neglecting every feeling besides joy. 

I think we often don’t allow ourselves to fully feel and process all of the emotions we are experiencing. We put our feelings into categories. Good and bad. 

These feelings are good. Those are bad.

We only want the good feelings to show and we want to hide the bad. 

When we do this, it is as if we are eating those bad feelings. And you know what happens after that?

Your feelings eat you from the inside.

Don’t let your feelings eat you. This is something I tell my daughter.  

You have to let those babies out. And I know for me, talking about my feelings or even journaling about them gives them less power.

6) Take Care of Yourself

Drink water. Get sleep. Move your body a little.

There are so many things you can do to take care of yourself but let’s go back to the basics. 

Turns out moving your body really does make you feel good. And there are not many things better than a full night of sleep. Sleep is medicine!

And putting more water in your body is always a good choice.

Try to make these three simple habits a consistent part of your days. This will work wonders for your mindset. 

7) Throw Stuff Away

Clean out the junk drawer. Organize the hall closet. 

Pick a small area of your house to declutter every day.

When I start to feel overwhelmed by a lack of control, I organize something. I actually just finished cleaning out and scrubbing my fridge from top to bottom. 

I think cleaning out clutter is good for the soul and good for the mind. Oh, and good for your home! 

8) Plan Something

Plan a date night. A weekend getaway. A girl’s trip. 

Grab your phone and look up some fun ideas. This can be a nice little escape from reality.

And it gives you something to look forward to. 

9) Name Something Good

Stop, drop, and name something good!

Do this a few times throughout your day.

I try to name something I am grateful for. This little technique especially comes in handy when you start to feel yourself spiraling downward. When feelings of anger or sadness are making you feel so heavy you feel completely bogged down.

Take a deep breath and name something good in your life.

Adding more gratitude to your day will always be a good choice! 

I wish I had a secret to share on how I am staying happy and sane during this quarantine. But the truth is I’m not. Yep. You read that right.

I’m not staying sane. And I’m not happy every day.

I’m taking it day by day. Hour by hour. Sometimes minute by minute.

But I’m doing my best and riding the joy waves. That’s what these ideas are.

Joy waves. Grab one and take a ride!

Have any tips on how to find joy during challenging times? Drop a comment!

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How To Find Joy When Life Feels Hard

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